If you think that starting an e-commerce business is easy, you are taking it wrong. No doubt, you don’t require land for setting up your business physically. However, you need to consider a lot of things including customer satisfaction. It is possible only when you take care of every vital step included in e-commerce selling. From warehousing and shipping to order fulfillment, your business reputation depends on a combination of different factors, so make everything count. As a business owner, you always want to increase your sales, but it is possible only when the product ends up in customers’ hands without complaint. All the e-commerce services are essential, but let’s talk about eCommerce fulfillment services in this post.


What Is The Need For eCommerce Fulfillment Services?

  • 95% of customers blame retailers for poor delivery service.
  • 37% of online shoppers drop the idea of buying the order because the delivery may take longer than the expected time.
  • 90% of shoppers believe that fast delivery is essential for a great shopping experience.
  • Consumers check their order tracking page more than three times per order.


What Do These Statistics Tell You?

The statistics clearly state that handling an eCommerce business is a lot more than just selling a product. If the customer is not happy with the delivery, you can not expect increased sales. Therefore, e-commerce fulfillment becomes the most vital aspect of your business. The package you provide to your customer becomes the first physical impression of your brand. So, make sure the fulfillment of your product is never hampered.



What Is eCommerce Fulfillment?

E-commerce fulfillment service is a significant part of your e-commerce operation. It is a third-party warehouse that handles, prepares, and ships your orders to the customers. This entire process takes place from a fulfillment center. If you are unsure about shipping the order to your customers, the most convenient way is to go for e-commerce fulfillment services.

Generally, the nodes of a distribution network include factories, warehouses, distribution centers, transit points, and retail stores. When it comes to dispensing inventory, distribution centers are used for order processing and order fulfillment (lower level of inventory) and also for receiving returning items from clients. Typically, distribution centers are way stations for products to be disbursed further down the supply chain. They usually do not ship inventory directly to customers, whereas fulfillment centers do.


What Does A Fulfillment Center Do?

Every fulfillment center operates differently. However, they all act as a command center where your orders are prepared and shipped. Fulfillment centers also serve as warehouses where you can store products for later use. There are many fulfillment service providers with multiple fulfillment centers, which allow faster and affordable delivery.






Some Facts About Ecommerce Fulfillment Services In India

You can come across several myths regarding fulfillment services; therefore, it is essential to know some related facts.

1. Fulfillment Service Providers Offer Multiple Benefits To Businesses

Starting your e-commerce business will not make you a fulfillment expert in a day or two. To run your business smoothly, earn a profit, and grow it in the future, the best way is to outsource your storage, packing, and shipping to an expert. An experienced fulfillment center has skilled employees along with advanced software and equipment for better assistance. So, instead of trying everything on your own, it’s better to partner with a reliable fulfillment service provider.



2. Fulfillment Services Help Extend Your Reach

According to a data report, there are over 2 billion global digital buyers in 2020, which is more than 25% of the total world population online shopping. Therefore, you must also extend your reach and go global. By taking the help of a fulfillment center with an international network, you can easily take your business to the next level.


3. Your Customer Service Improves Largely

Finding a new customer is not easy, so ensure your existing customers are happy. Several companies face huge losses each year because of poor customer service. Moreover, there is tough competition in every current market, so only excellent customer service can protect your business. 

Therefore, the best way is to take fulfillment service from an experienced fulfillment service provider. You will get 24*7 support through phone or mail, return, exchange, and refund. You can also expect fulfillment centers to deliver orders on the same day or the guaranteed date, ensuring your customer experience will undoubtedly improve.


4. Fulfillment Service Contributes To Business Growth

Many small business owners like to do multiple business operations on their own. It includes manufacturing products, building marketing strategies, attending customer calls, and contacting suppliers. But to grow a business continuously, it is essential to allow professionals to handle tasks like packaging and shipping. This way, you can focus on growing your business.


5. Enhanced Scalability

Many small e-commerce business owners try to manage their order fulfillment on their own. But everyone aims to grow in size, so there is a need for someone to handle this essential task. If you are not able to manage your orders, you can disappoint your customers. Therefore, outsourcing e-commerce fulfillment services take care of their part, whereas you can focus on increasing demands.


6. The Service Lowers Your Shipping Cost

Many small business owners are unaware of the fact that fulfillment service providers have extensive national and global facilities. It reduces the cost of bulk delivery. By taking the assistance of fulfillment service providers, you can lower your shipping cost and pass the savings on to the customers. It eventually results in customer retention.


7. Fulfillment Service Proffers Customized Packaging

When you work with a reputed fulfillment service provider, you get a customized packaging option. It helps you impress and attract customers who have placed an order for the first time. Also, it upgrades your eCommerce packaging and makes it more exciting for the customers. You can earn customer loyalty and retain a customer for a long time.


8. There’s A Noticeable Reduction In Operating Cost By Outsourcing Fulfillment 

When you decide to rent space and maintain the entire shipping process on your own, you may end up increasing your operating cost. However, a wise businessman outsources fulfillment services to eliminate overhead costs. When you hire eCommerce fulfillment services in India, you have to pay one flat fee only for the service you use.


9. Fulfillment Centers Use Advanced Technology

When it comes to taking advantage of technology, expect a significant financial investment. But the fact is, with fulfillment centers, you don’t have to worry about a learning curve in your business. Many fulfillment service providers have state-of-the-art technology and access to the most cutting-edge software for a minimal cost.





Get Ready To Improve Your Customer Experience With Fulfillment Centers

Considering all the facts and the bigger picture, you can gain a competitive advantage only by outsourcing fulfillment services. When your order is delivered on time with customized packing, you cannot expect anything but a happy customer forever. 

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