Do you want to create a memorable post-purchase experience for your customers? Well, all you need to ensure is fast, reliable, and consistent delivery. A great delivery experience builds customer loyalty and helps brands stand out among their competitors. You may think that getting control over your delivery process is only a distant dream. However, in today’s fast-growing industry, you’ve got endless ways to ensure efficient delivery management. So, let’s see how you can improve your delivery strategy to surpass your customers’ experience.



What is Delivery Management?

Basically, delivery management is the process of transporting ready-to-sell goods from one location to another. When it comes to eCommerce, it involves optimizing the last-mile delivery process.


Nowadays, consumers expect fast deliveries, which sometimes mean same-day delivery. Therefore, proper delivery management becomes essential for successful eCommerce order fulfilment. Here, you must note that inventory management and order fulfilment are interrelated, and play a vital role in shipment deliveries as they can either improve the swiftness or slow down the entire process.







Key Benefits of a Delivery Management System

Since customers expect real-time information about their package, it’s important to stand true to their expectations. Without a proper delivery management system backing your business, ensuring successful deliveries can become a distant reality with abandoned carts. By investing in your delivery process, you can improve both your sales and delivery success rate. Following are the key benefits of implementing a solid delivery management system.



Access to real-time information

Real-time order tracking facilitates you and your customers with higher visibility into the distribution process. You can send your customers automated updates on when they can expect their orders. Some of the strongest delivery management systems also let you track shipping history, estimated delivery dates, preferred shipping methods of your customers, and other details for better delivery performance.


With data available right at your fingertips, you can make informed decisions and improve your shipping strategy as well.



Reduced operational costs

Reducing shipping costs is vital to improving your profit margins. And, many factors can influence your shipping costs, one of which is not sticking to a single courier partner for all your shipping needs. Depending on the location of your customers, and the courier partner that has a higher success rate in that area, you can pick the most appropriate logistics partner for your business.

The way you fulfil your orders is another important factor that can impact your shipping costs. For example, you can avoid the common packaging mistakes that may lead to higher dimensional weight, and so on.



Quick delivery options

In today’s fast-growing environment, customers don’t wish to wait for a week to receive online ordered products. In fact, receiving orders within 24 hours is now the new normal. A lot of factors can impact the delivery speed of your shipments. Unlike earlier, delivering faster is now possible for any seller. Here, you must know that storing inventory near your customers plays an important role in delivering faster and it also saves you a lot on your delivery expenses.


A shipping aggregator with worldwide fulfilment centres like NimbusPost can be highly useful in storing inventory near your customers and delivering the fastest, mostly within 24 hours. Using high-end warehouses not only helps in cutting down on the delivery speed but also in reducing the shipping expenses.



Improved supply chain action

A lot of data related to products, warehouses, quality checks, orders, and shipments needs to be shared throughout the supply chain. And, this data needs to be maintained thoroughly and timely. An advanced delivery management system can improve the supply-chain communication between third parties involved in the shipping process.





Ways to Improve Delivery Management System


Meet your customers’ expectations without fail by using the best ways to improve your delivery management process.


  • Pick a delivery management system that offers easy integration with other platforms and marketplaces to improve your delivery process. Your DMS should have the right technology to ensure real-time order tracking, advanced data and analytics, and route optimization.
  • Optimize your inventory management as it plays a crucial role in the delivery process. You must have real-time insights into inventory levels which gives you the ability to create and manage SKUs.
  • Go for automated shipping technology as it allows faster delivery by automating time-consuming tasks like packing, managing shipping labels, etc., and helps you with reduced manual work and improved accuracy.
  • Use countrywide/worldwide fulfilment centres to fulfil orders from different warehouses and save on shipping expenses. It also promotes faster shipping which is foremost to today’s consumers.
  • Set up a proficient return management process to enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Offer real-time order tracking to your customers for an improved delivery experience.
  • Set the right expectations with your customers with a clear shipping policy and other policies useful to your customers.


With the right intentions set for your customers and business, you can offer your customers the best delivery experience and enjoy maximum profits simultaneously.

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