The customer is the most important thing you have for your business. Almost all your policies and strategies revolve around your customers and their experiences. Thus, your customers need a document that lets them know about their order shipment. A POD (proof of delivery) is among the documents that help you do it in an organized way. To learn more, keep reading this blog as our guide comprises the definition, importance, and advantages of POD.


A Brief on Proof of Delivery

Proof of delivery can be a physical document, which you can also send via email. POD is called Proof of Delivery, a receipt that shows that the person who got the package signed for it and confirmed it was in good condition. It includes information about the customer who got the product where and when it was delivered, among other shipping information.


Importance of POD – Proof of Delivery

  • When a product leaves the warehouse and is completing its journey to your customers, the person who has it is now responsible for it. Then, it’s up to your customers to look over the package and ensure there aren’t any problems with it at the time of accepting it.
  • Check the outside of the package to see if it has been torn, the cover has been opened, or if there has been any leakage before it leaves your premises. Customers should inspect the goods to acknowledge that the delivered goods are intact. They should note any issues right away as the damage claiming process gets difficult at a later stage.
  • Your customers can say no to your product if they do not like how it looks. Before signing the POD, your customers ensure that your product is in good condition and meets their needs. If your customers ignore following this process, your logistics provider cannot be held accountable for the damaged delivery.


Types of PODs- Proof of Delivery

There are two popular types of POD- proof of delivery. They are listed as:


1. Paper Invoice

A paper invoice asks the person who gets the product to acknowledge the delivery of goods. It is one way to keep track of proof that an order was delivered. You can also keep track of POD through an app. It is what most customers do.


2. e-P.O.D.

E-proof of delivery is what this document talks about. The logistics agent usually brings a device that asks the receiver to e-sign a document confirming the delivered product. Many experts think that e-POD is better than paper invoice POD because it has other features, such as real-time updates and geotagging. It also saves paper in the POD process, which is good.

If the proof of delivery is sent to your customers’ e-mail, the customers will get a copy of it. They can get it from a link given by the logistics company.



Proof of Delivery- POD Advantages

We can list many benefits of POD for eCommerce and general businesses. However, the below-listed ones are the most common and essential in the industry.


1. Prevents Customer Disputes Over Delivery

When you send ordered products to your customers, your need to show them that you sent them; in this way, your customers can see that their orders are delivered to their place. You can see that the right customers receive the orders with proof of delivery. To ensure your package doesn’t get lost, the point where the mistake happened can be found, and your parcel can be quickly tracked down and found again.


2. Stops Customers from Being Unhappy with the Delivery

Proof of delivery (POD) helps to keep businesses and customers from getting into trouble. It can help protect enterprises when their products are sold on third-party websites.

Some logistics providers also send the sender a picture of the item when it’s delivered to the address, giving them more peace of mind. The image also shows how the parcel looked when it was drop-shipped to the person who got it.


3. Helpful in Tracking Delivery Performance

People who work for you can see how well their deliveries are going with the help of e-POD (electronic proof of delivery). POD improves both off and on-the-field experience. You can be sure that your drivers took a break to make the delivery in the area, and you can see that they did.


4. Reduces Fraud, Double Pay-outs, and Fees for being Late

There is less fraud if there is proof that the item was delivered to your customers. It also helps to cut down on late payment charges for products that haven’t been delivered.


5. Improves the Ability to Keep Track of What You Do

Having an e-POD system makes your logistics simple. It improves the traceability of shipments across the distribution network, enabling you to track them in real-time. Businesses can now better track their deliveries to find problems before they become bigger problems.


6. Get Rid of Unnecessary Paperwork

Paper PODs (proof of delivery) can be damaged or lost. E-PODs save money and time compared to paper-based PODs. It doesn’t need any paper records because it sends an e-mail when it’s done.


7. Customers have a Better Experience

Customers like e-PODs because it makes their lives better. Using this tool can enhance your brand image, customer service, and customer loyalty.



What Can You Take Away?

The most important thing is to teach your customers to check the condition of the package before they accept it. If the proof of delivery is damaged when the RTO (Return to Origin) is delivered, make a complaint about it.

If it is damaged, your customers should either ensure that the proof of delivery has a comment about it or do not accept it. This way, they can make a claim and receive the right product.

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