Every business owner’s fantasy is to see his/her eCommerce firm soar to new heights. In the case of online retailers, the good news arrives in the shape of an unexpected inflow of orders. Every day starts with the prospect of a breakthrough, an unexpected influx of good news. However, as the age-old saying goes, “Be cautious what one wishes for, for they just could get it,” Therefore, we should exercise caution when making wishes. When it comes to online businesses, a courier aggregator can play a significant role in its growth.



Definition Of A Shipping Aggregator

Shipping aggregators are businesses that join forces with some courier companies ahead of time to streamline the integration process for eCommerce businesses. Although some aggregators have been around for over a decade, the number of these businesses has only increased in recent years.


Ecommerce enterprises in India have needed a mediator to hold their wheel while planning for future growth as more Indian customers switch to online buying. It is where courier aggregators come in because they help you keep your operations running to concentrate on developing a long-term strategy. Our upcoming list includes the top courier aggregators in India for an online store.


A shipping aggregator will be used to complete your customer’s order no matter how long your online business has been operating or how many e-commerce businesses you own. Here is a list of the top shipping aggregators in India for eCommerce enterprises as of the beginning of 2022, updated.



1. NimbusPost

NimbusPost is a technologically advanced and seller-centric logistics platform. To bring India’s most reputable 27+ national, local, and international courier partners together, it has created a shipping platform tailored to the demands of large and small businesses alike. The logistics partner offers you several ways to reduce your overall logistics expenses without sacrificing the quality of service you provide to your customers, including API integration, automated cloud-calling, and an advanced NDR panel.


Favorable Parameters

  • 27+ Courier Partners
  • Service across 29,000+ pin codes
  • Major clients among 40000+ sellers include Ajanta Shoes, Meena Bazar, KARAGIRI, Sleepy Owl Coffee, SUTA, IndianOil, and others
  • Tracking page customization is available
  • Integration with various eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce, Shopify, Unicommerce, Magento, etc.
  • Offers a 30-minute call-back option
  • Recommendation engine for courier services
  • Shipping rate calculator



2. iThink Logistics

The logistics aggregation industry’s rising star is iThink Logistics. Due to the low delivery costs, most clients consider their courier services remarkable in every way. The company has earned a good name for itself as a company that responds quickly to escalations.


There is no minimum order quantity with this shipping aggregator. Instead of charging a monthly fee, iThink Logistics charges for each shipment based on different other parameters. Their NDR management system provides regular NDR reports and updates.


Favorable Parameters

  • 12+ courier partners
  • Covers 25,856 Pin Codes 
  • Offers NDR Management and other Value Added Services
  • Zodiac, Upstox, and Fynd are some major clients
  • Personalized tracking page



3. Shiprocket

As one of India’s leading shipping aggregators, Shiprocket has a significant market share. According to customers’ feedback, its tracking platform is simple, and the dashboard includes a comprehensive range of criteria for in-depth information about the shipments. On the other hand, some customers have expressed dissatisfaction with its slow COD reconciliation and the lack of response from the customer service team.


Shiprocket offers three options based on the marketplace integrations, customer support, and serviceability needed when it comes to paying for services. The Lite plan, which starts at Rs. 29/500 gms and allows a single integration, is the first option. Besides, its Professional plan costs Rs. 23/500 gms and includes several international deliveries and marketplace integrations. While this plan is the most popular, it’s the most expensive of all plans.


Favorable Parameters

  • NDR management available
  • Founded in 2012
  • Has between 113 and 190 clients
  • Service across 16+ pin codes
  • Value-added services, including hyper-local delivery and COD delivery services







4. Shyplite

Shyplite makes shipment aggregation simple and cost-effective. Customers frequently praise the company’s responsive and professional customer service team and AI-generated recommendation engine. With Shyplite, you’ll pay a flat fee regardless of how much you ship or where it’s delivered.


Favorable Parameters

  • Have 16+ leading courier partners 
  • Service across 25,184 pin codes
  • Major clients are Amaara Herbs, Gadget Now, Gourmet Jar, Marche Riche, Gigabyte, etc. 
  • Custom tracking page available



How Can Shipping Aggregators Help Your Online Business?

Suppose you need to handle a substantially higher order volume in a short duration while using the same resources as previously. There is a growing demand for your products. You must find a courier aggregator to help you meet that need quickly and easily. In short, the shipping aggregator comes into play.


It saves time and effort to work with courier aggregators rather than with multiple individual courier partners. A sudden increase in orders may not give you the time and resources you need to select the proper courier partners based on your delivery plan and company requirements.


With a trusted courier aggregator in India, you can rapidly connect with various shipping firms, all while saving time and money by focusing on the most important factors, such as low shipment rates, and a vast pin code reach. It will free up your time and energy to focus on your core business operations, which is essential for any eCommerce business to be successful.







Prepared To Work With A Courier Aggregator?

When your e-commerce company’s monthly order volume exceeds 1000, you have officially made it big in the e-commerce world. To ensure that all orders are fulfilled, you will need more resources, such as several shipping partners. Courier aggregators can assist you in streamlining your work during the initial stages of managing huge order quantities. The correct courier partners can be selected based on their serviceability. You can benefit from pre-negotiated shipping rates with them. However, the aggregator you select is just as critical as the courier partner you select, as both will keep tabs on your supply chain. When it comes to delivery services, different aggregators provide different options, including efficient NDR and quick COD reconciliation service, which can either assist your business soar to new heights or unintentionally drag it to a standstill. It’s easier to determine which courier aggregator in India is appropriate for your needs when you look at these top aggregators.

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