The Coronavirus pandemic has proved to be devastating for many businesses, putting workers out of jobs, cutting revenues, and stalling operations. Nonetheless, the pandemic became an excellent opportunity for eCommerce businesses. As per an IBEF report, the online Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) of the Indian eCommerce industry is expected to get a boost of 100-120 billion dollars by 2025.

The market advancement began with a massive rise in increased consumer wealth, high-speed internet, and smartphone penetration. As a result, many SMEs and MSMEs have started setting up eCommerce websites to enjoy the maximum benefits of the new digital India.

No matter how moderate the prices are or how good the products are, everything will fail for online sellers if they cannot deliver their products to the buyers on time. The struggle of online sellers to deliver the products safely and timely to their buyers is constant and driving many SMEs to bear high logistics costs.

Therefore, an online seller should always thoroughly study the market to find the best delivery partners for shipping electronic items. It will help online sellers to meet customer demands at competitive rates. This blog got the Indian online sellers to look for the best six delivery partners for shipping their electronic items.




Best Six Delivery Partners to Send Electronic Items Through Courier in India

1. Blue Dart

BlueDart is a leading distribution, transportation, and express air company based in South Asia. Established in Chennai, India, this delivery courier partner is worldwide famous for low-cost deliveries, immaculate customer satisfaction, and the fastest delivery track record. It even has six Boeing aircraft to provide the online sellers with timely and safe product shipment in various Indian states or pin codes.

Popular Services

  • Doo-to-door services in all Indian cities
  • Efficient deliveries even on festivals days and Sundays
  • Expedited delivery for time-constrained shipments
  • Low-cost international and national shipping


For every 500 milligrams package, BlueDart may charge approximately INR 50.

Associated Partner(s)

  • Flipkart




Delhivery courier is among the reliable and fastest-growing Indian delivery partners for shipping electronic items. Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Haryana, it has a vast delivery network across 2300+ Indian cities. With more than 11000+ partner centers, 3000+ delivery centers, and 70+ hubs, Delhivery is one of the best delivery partners in India for shipping electronic items.

Popular Services

  • Door-to-door delivery services in 850+ Indian cities
  • Entertain worldwide shipments
  • Manage replacements and returns via reverse logistics
  • Next-day, same-day delivery, and time-based delivery services
  • Real-time delivery control and monitoring


For every 500 milligrams package, Delhivery may charge around INR 30 to INR 50 based on the city.

Associated Partner(s)

  • Amazon
  • Flipkart
  • Jabong
  • Snapdeal



Since 1990, DTDC has become the most popular delivery partner in India for shipping electronic products. It is a Bangalore-based company that has 6000+ channel partners all across India. In addition, it offers delivery services to eCommerce businesses in 10000+ Indian cities and 240+ global countries.

Popular Services

  • Domestic cargo services for large or high-weight packages.
  • Express delivery services for small or low-weight packages.
  • Intracity drop-and-pick services in the cities.


DTDC may charge for a package based on the location, shipping type, and weight. However, it does not have any fixed pricing structure for the shipments. ( Calculate DTDC courier charges per Kg )

Associated Partner(s)

  • Flipkart

4. XpressBees

XpressBees is a renowned brand in delivery services for eCommerce businesses in India. In a short period, this delivery partner is now ranking among the five top Indian logistic partners. It has 2800+ service centers and offices in 1900+ cities. In addition, it has been recorded for handling 2.5 million packages per day without compromising on reliable and faster delivery services for electronic items.

Popular Services

  • Express delivery in 13000+ locations
  • Offer BFSI compliant delivery services
  • Reverse delivery services for package replacements and returns
  • A vast network of vendor and warehouse pick-ups


XpressBees may charge online sellers based on the location, shipping type, and package weight.

Associated Partners

  • Bira
  • Flipkart
  • Myntra
  • Netmeds



If online sellers are searching for the best delivery partners in India for shipping electronic items with moderate delivery pricing plants, GATI is highly preferred. Founded in 1989, this delivery partner has pioneered in express supply and distribution chain management. Gati has a strong foothold in the SAARC countries and the Asia Pacific area. It covers 19000+ pin codes in 670+ Indian districts.

Popular Services

  • Exchange pick-up and reverse services.
  • Express logistics services.
  • High-speed and moderate pricing surface cargo services.


GATI may charge online sellers for the package based on its type of delivery selected, distance covered, and weight estimated.

Associated Partner(s)

  • Amazon


6. NimbusPost

NimbusPost is an automated logistics platform that brings the leading 27+ national and local courier partners in India together. It offers strong API integration to import and sync orders direct from different eCommerce stores to ship them in a short duration directly. The online sellers can enjoy inventory storage services to reduce their shipping charges and effectively store their products nearby their customers’ locations. In addition, NimbusPost covers 29000+ pin codes, including the remotest areas.



Popular Services

  • Al-powered Fraud detection
  • Cloud-based support solution and call center
  • Fastest COD Delivery support and remittance
  • Order filtering
  • Plug-and-Play integrations
  • Smartest shipping automation

Associated Partner(s)

  • Amazon
  • BlueDart
  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • Unicommerce
  • WooCommerce


Which One Is Best For The Indian Online Sellers Dealing With Electronic Items?

Reputation is everything for which the online sellers should always work to achieve immense success. Therefore, hassles should not be made while delivering the products to the customers regardless of the product quality or pricing. Consequently, we suggest NimbustPost and BlueDart to online sellers enjoy their electronic items’ smooth and efficient delivery. Choosing the right delivery partner allows online sellers to improve their brand reputation among sellers and improve their benefits as well.

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