Do you know that there are underlying differences between an eCommerce platform and a marketplace? If not, today’s blog will illustrate why Amazon, Flipkart, etc., are called online eCommerce marketplaces. Once you understand the difference between the two terms, identify your needs, business preferences, along with the target audience to make your pick. So, stay tuned to understand the differences! and know the best eCommerce marketplaces in India.


Marketplace V/S Ecommerce

A marketplace is a web-based platform where countless vendors sell their services/products while directly invoicing their end customers. Besides, a marketplace owner solely provides a platform without owning an inventory or authority to invoice the customers. In short, an online market imitates the selling and invoicing mechanism of a physical market.

Ecommerce is fundamentally a webpage that one or more people can own. You will find specific products or brands on an eCommerce store. Also, such online stores generally have an inventory, they directly invoice the buyers and pay VAT (value-added tax). Moreover, you also cannot register on an eCommerce platform as a seller but as a buyer.


Let’s Understand Ecommerce Marketplace Now!

The concept is an amalgamation of marketplace and eCommerce. Besides, the distinction between the two domains is zeroed to provide a valuable platform to both buyers and sellers. On an eCommerce marketplace, you can find endless brands and products from nationwide vendors. It helps you to stream the manufacturing process via a single platform. Furthermore, you can directly sell the products to online buyers.

Most eCommerce marketplaces in India implement the Omni Channel model that delivers a personal, consistent, and open user experience. Besides, you can shop or sell on such online marketplaces as per your choice instead of following blind-marketing strategies.


Best Six Ecommerce Marketplaces In India [2021]

According to worldwide online market analysis, 95% of Indian buyers select the “Cash on Delivery” option. The stats suggest that the marketplaces in India are user-friendly for both sellers and buyers. Also, the worldwide marketplace has progressed because of the Indian buyers.

You can check out the top e-commerce marketplaces in India in 2021 by referring to the below-listing. You can also check out our listing of the top 15 products to sell in India while sitting at home. It will give a good kick-start to your business or potential business ideas.

1. Amazon

Today, even a ten-year-old knows what Amazon does. Amazon India is an online marketplace that sells accessories, fashion items, electronics, etc. It receives over 323.3 million monthly visitors. Hence, you can now anticipate the level at Amazon India can help your business.

  • Alexa Ranking: 5
  • App Downloads: 100 Million
  • Category: Online Indian Marketplace


2. Flipkart

You can fulfill your needs as a buyer or others’ needs as a seller on Flipkart. Multiple payment options and discounts are its interim ritual. In India alone, Flipkart receives over 230.5 million visitors in a month. In short, it has everything that you can ask for on an online e-commerce marketplace.

  • Alexa Rank: 10
  • App Downloads: More than 100,000,000
  • Category: Online eCommerce Marketplaces in India



3. Snapdeal

You name any shoes, kitchen appliances, electronics, or clothing and find it readily deliverable on Snapdeal’s website. You can grab amazing discounts, offers, or regular deals on all your purchases. You can either buy or sell products in bulk at minimal or no shipping charges. Alike Amazon Prime, Snapdeal Gold is a premium application for the Indian online audience.

  • Alexa Rank: 84
  • App Downloads: 50 million
  • Category: Online Marketplace in India


 4. Myntra

Myntra is a fashion-niche e-commerce marketplace. It ranks third on the 50 best online markets in India. On this platform, you can find standard to luxury clothing, accessories, and makeup. Earlier, Myntra opted for extensive advertising and sales events to increase its marketplace ranking. A user-friendly interface, organized product categories, easy returns, fast refunds, and quick grievance redressal make Myntra the number one Fashion marketplace in India.

  • App Downloads: 50 million
  • Monthly Indian Visitors: Over 44.3 million


5. Shopclues

It is a multi online seller eCommerce marketplace in India with over 28 million products and 6 lakh retailers. Although Shopclues sells low-priced products, the quality is never compromised. Nonetheless, practically you can find about any product on Shopclues at heavy discounts.

  • App Downloads: Over 5 Lakh
  • Category: Online Low-Price Market
  • Monthly Visitors in India: 8.7 million
  • Worldwide Site Rank: 4182


6. Paytm Mall

It has a user-friendly interface for an online marketplace. Paytm Mall is famous for catering to users at all times. Besides, this marketplace’s concept is based on physical markets and malls. Hence, you can find endless products from multiple sellers on this platform. Paytm Mall coupons can also earn you some cashback and extra discounts.

  • Monthly Indian Visitors: 3.2 million
  • Products Available: 30+ million
  • Registered Vendors: 3+ Lakh



Know Your Preferred eCommerce Marketplace!

The marketplaces mentioned above receive more than 3 million visitors in India regularly. Hence, these are the top Indian online marketplaces in the current scenario. Moreover, Pepperfry, Limeroad, and Ajio are some other leading eCommerce marketplaces that rank after the top six.

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