Ways to Reduce Package Delivery Time in eCommerce?

As an eCommerce business owner, you understand how fast package delivery impacts customer satisfaction. If any device exists that reads the customer’s mind, you will get to know they would want to receive their product before they place an order.

Yes, you cannot fulfill all their dreams, but you can satisfy their urge to get their delivery fast.

However, to reduce package delivery time, you need to overhaul the logistics chain, which is not easy because it depends on factors like carrier efficiency, warehouse location, and packaging process. Also, fast shipping correspondingly increases cost. For example, express package delivery ensures fast delivery but incurs higher charges than standard shipping.


How Does eCommerce Delivery Work?

eCommerce delivery comprises a chain of events from receiving orders to shipping packages. The delivery process would look like this:

    • First, receiving and processing the order
    • Checking the availability of the item in the nearest warehouse
    • Confirming the delivery location and customer address
    • The item will be packed and prepared for shipping
    • Finally, your carrier partner will pick up the product and deliver it to the customer


Store Inventory Close To Customers

From click-and-collect retail models to local delivery options, customers don’t necessarily care where their product comes from as long as they get it quickly and conveniently.

To succeed over the long term, you must find the best locations for your warehouses near customers. However, finding the best services in a prime location can be difficult.

NimbusPost offers tech-enabled fulfillment services that help you get an edge over your competitors and achieve your business goals. Our warehouses are equipped with cutting-edge technology and are located worldwide to enable last-mile delivery to your customers. In addition, we are certified with Amazon flex to assure reduced in-transit damage and smooth delivery.

Different Ways To Reduce Package Delivery Time

Hire Reliable Carrier

Be it fast or regular, shipping depends heavily on your courier partner. Delivery time is the element (including product quality and support) on which most customers decide whether to buy from your store or move to another website. Therefore, before choosing your courier partner, analyze their past delivery records, policies, and commitments, and explain your criteria and standards before entering into any contract.

This search can be hectic, especially if you have other important work. Nonetheless, you can transfer this duty to logistics aggregator platforms like NimbusPost – a one-stop platform for optimizing all logistics-related operations.


Use Express Package Delivery

Express package delivery is the fastest way of delivering products. However, the cost of express delivery is also higher than a regular one because the mode of transportation here is railways or airways. Therefore, it could be surprising that most people are willing to pay a premium price for express package delivery to get one-day delivery.

Express shipping notifies customers that you are committed to offering the best services and respecting their time. It is a win-win situation from both ends.


Do Not Promise Impossible Delivery Commitments

Even if you have a robust logistics system and links with a reputable shipping company, there is a good probability of late package delivery. There are inevitable hiccups like bad weather and climate conditions, road blockage, transportation strikes, and public protests where you cannot do anything. In such situations, predict the delivery delay and update the customer with appropriate reasons for the impediment.

Do not falsely commit anything if you cannot fulfill it for any reason. It is worse than telling the reason for the delivery delay.

Instead, use tools and tracking systems to forecast delivery time. These AI-based systems analyze unprecedented conditions and tell you when your package will be delivered.


Manage Your Inventory

It is the basic rule of thumb in eCommerce, do not let your business go out of stock.

Out-of-stock inventory is one of the prime reasons for not delivering products to customers. And retailers do not give much significance to inventory management as they should.

There is inventory management software for eCommerce businesses to avoid human errors in managing stocks.



How To Minimize Shipping Costs?

Bargain With Multiple Carrier Companies

Bargaining with multiple carriers will help you find the best company. Shipping companies change their terms, policies, and price every year, so sticking to one is a bad decision. While negotiating, express your delivery standards, size and weight of packages, and destination, and ask for any discounts and offers for your business.


Get Third-Party Insurance

Shipping insurance is necessary to safeguard your package, especially if you’re in the international eCommerce business and frequently do cross-border shipping. Most eCommerce retailers buy insurance from carrier companies, but it incurs a high cost compared to third-party insurance companies. The difference is minimal, but these little savings will minimize shipping costs.


Use The Shipping Cost Calculator

A shipping cost calculator is an AI-based tool designed to reflect the overall cost of shipment. For accurate outcomes, one must include correct information about when and where items must be shipped. If you have no basic knowledge of logistics, a shipping cost calculator will significantly assist you in subtracting high costs.


Get Assistance From Shipping Aggregators

Shipping aggregators can be your solution to deal with every shipping problem. From finding the best carrier to insurance sanctions to ensuring your customer gets package delivery on time, a shipping partner can supervise it all without fail. Aggregators like NimbusPost, partner with multiple courier companies to encourage eCommerce sellers to choose one cost-efficient courier partner. Also, there’s much more, free shipping cost calculator, delivery tracking, and performance engine, to name a few.



Conclusion: Find The Best Courier Partner Today

An eCommerce business is full of uncertainty; it is more like a hit-and-miss. At one point in time, you may receive bulk orders (like in festival seasons) that you need to double your inventory and, on the other hand, may receive fewer orders than you usually get.

Small and medium businesses generally try to manage everything manually. Hence they lack efficiency in handling logistics and bulk orders, whereas large eCommerce stores get assistance from shipping aggregators who efficiently look after all their logistic operations.

NimbusPost is one such shipping aggregator that offers the industry’s best shipping automation. We’ve aligned with 27+ courier companies and channels to offer hassle-free shipping and integration. We are a comprehensive platform that deals with 3600 logistics operations.

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