The eCommerce and logistics industries have been progressing steadily since 2020. As per the industry experts, the eCommerce industry will experience approximately 80% growth, while the logistics industry may experience about 65% growth by 2025. Besides these statistics, many people are switching to online stores for selling and purchasing purposes. As every coin has two sides, buyers’ and sellers’ struggles are different. Having an online store on Amazon, Shopify, and similar eCommerce platforms may be an easy task. But handling the online business operations, mainly logistics, can be hectic for online sellers. Since most sellers prefer giants of the courier industry like DTDC and Blue Dart to ship their products to the end buyers, we compare these two for easy reference. Other than information on Blue Dart vs DTDC, we will also enlist a better option than these two to help online sellers handle their logistics operations.


About Blue Dart

Blue Dart is one of South Asia’s top integrated transportation, distribution, and express air companies. It ensures that the parcels get to 35,000+ pin codes in India safely and timely. The DPDHL Group gives Blue Dart access to the world’s largest logistics and express network, covering 220+ territories and countries. It includes air express, supply chain solutions, freight forwarding, and customs clearance.


The Blue Dart tracking and its team lead the way in the market because of its dedicated ground and air capacity, advanced technology, value-added services, and vertical-specific products. Blue Dart has also been named one of Fortune 500’s largest corporations and Forbes Super 50 Companies in India.


Blue Dart’s Services

1. Domestic Priority

Blue Dart values your time. That is why it prioritizes fast and secure delivery of your packages. Its Domestic Priority services provide time-sensitive enterprises like yours a competitive advantage.


2. Dart Apex

Dart Apex is a day-definite delivery service for 10kg or more packages in India. It is the best for time-sensitive shipments that require regulatory permissions or special handling.


3. Dart Surface line

A low-cost ground delivery service to 35,000+ Indian locations for packages weighing 10 kg or more is called the Dart Surface line. You may use it for less time-sensitive shipments with better Blue Dart customer care.


4. Dart Plus

Speed trucking with Dart Plus is affordable. It helps move time-sensitive cargo faster than the Dart Surface line. A day-definite delivery solution combines speed, handling, and security with added value.


5. Smart Box

In addition to easy packing, Smart Box and Air Express Ground Express come with free shipping in India.


6. Express Pallet

With the Blue Dart Express Pallet, you can ship products in India quickly and easily. It is a customized wood-free palletized packaging that can support 50-100kg shipments.


7. Airport-to-Airport

Blue Dart’s airport-to-airport service is offered in Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Ahmadabad.


8. Interline

Blue Dart Aviation is India’s only domestic express airline, with in-house ground maintenance and handling, bonded warehouses, and company-owned courier handling assets.



About DTDC

DTDC was founded in 1990 and is based in Bangalore. It has seven zonal offices, 20 regional offices, and 430+ operating facilities across India. The company name is now being changed to DTDC Express Limited as it tries to improve its logistics services as part of its Vision 2020 plan. The goal of repositioning the brand is to show that DTDC is a wholesome express logistics company that works worldwide. If you want to buy or sell something, you can buy it from DTDC Express Limited, which has a network of 10500+ franchisees. DTDC reaches 10,500+ pin codes and handles 12+ million couriers every month.


DTDC serves 240 international locations, including the United States, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, China, etc., through its operations, business partners, and joint ventures.


DTDC Services

1. Domestic Services

Domestic Cargo Services for bulkier shipments requiring larger trucks, material handling equipment, DTDC tracking, and specialized crew. It enables priority surface and air delivery at a low cost.


2. International Services

DTDC has been a significant supplier of express, courier and logistics services in India for 26 years. Along with domestic services, it has expanded its worldwide reach. Today, its product/service portfolio makes it a favoured service provider for both outgoing and inbound shipments.

3. Premium Express

Premium Express Product guarantees delivery to critical cities. It is designed for quick delivery of urgent shipments for online sellers.


4. Priority Services

DTDC has introduced an exclusive product called Priority Product to cater to a niche customer base that includes multinationals, large corporate clients, financial institutes, insurers, and banks.


5. Supply Chain Solutions

DTDC aspires towards supply chain solutions. A sophisticated infrastructure, network, and technology provide an efficient supply chain platform.


6. International Freight

DTDC’s International Freight Forwarding prioritizes supply chain and DTDC courier tracking optimization. Its network of modes and carriers helps it manage products, customs, compliance, and documentation. DTDC’s worldwide reach and network provide value-added services and end-to-end transportation.


7. New World Retail

DTDC New World is part of DTDC Retail’s portfolio. It aims to create a world of convenience by offering many services to make the sellers’ life more manageable. Numerous value-added services are DTDC’s mission to give unsurpassed comfort. It aims to build long-term connections with the clients by providing all services at competitive costs.



Blue Dart vs DTDC: The Better Option

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