Whether you own a business or not, sending parcels from one city or location to another is always challenging. This is because the transportation and shipping rates of logistics partners tend to differ with time.      

 As you already know DTDC courier partner has a large market in India, and online retailers massively trust its services. Considering the concerns that most of you face while calculating DTDC courier charges, we’ve listed some important details in this post.

Founded in 1990 as a Pvt Ltd company, DTDC changed the nature of its business to Public Ltd Company by 1994. Since its inception, the company gradually expanded its market, business, and services, mostly for online retailers. Currently, DTDC has an advanced logistics infrastructure to improve its operations and serve you with the best courier services.            


All You Need To Know About DTDC Courier

Today, the DTDC brand has evolved from a locally based courier, express, and parcel business into a well-known express logistics operator offering various integrated delivery options to retail customers and corporations. They offer a variety of solutions, including conventional pick-up and delivery as well as integrated warehousing and order fulfillment, enabling customers to maximize cost efficiency and time sensitivity.  

DTDC serves over 14,000 pin codes worldwide through a network of more than 14,000 physical customer access points, covering over 96% of India’s population. Through their international delivery partners, we offer shipping services to more than 220 locations worldwide.     

In 2013, they partnered strategically with Le Groupe La Poste’s express logistics division GeoPost. (La Poste). La Poste is a French state-owned multinational multi-business services corporation with substantial domestic and international operations both domestically and abroad, with a history spanning more than 600 years. With express road transport parcel delivery as its core business, GeoPost manages La Poste’s express operations on a global scale. With business operations in 48 nations other than France, GeoPost has a significant presence worldwide.  


Overview Of DTDC Courier Services 

Express Parcel

The Express Parcels Vertical provides a wide range of domestic products and services for documents and parcels of various sizes, including part-truckload shipments, to C2C and B2B customers. Their product line includes affordable ground express solutions and time-sensitive express services. You may easily send papers and packages of any size to practically any place in India thanks to their enormous delivery network, which presently encompasses 96% of the country’s population.  


International Courier Services 

By utilizing their partnerships with overseas partners and their own offices in significant commercial hubs worldwide, DTDC offers to ship to over 220 destinations. Their extensive range of international shipping alternatives is available to individuals and businesses, ranging from time-sensitive choices that emphasize speed to more economical deliveries that maximize speed and minimize cost.  

Under international shipping, they further offer premium express, priority express, import express, and freight forwarding services. 


Integrated E-commerce Logistics

Their integrated e-commerce logistics offer an end-to-end solution for e-commerce businesses looking to gain a competitive edge through swift and dependable logistics. 

They are equipped to handle every step of the order lifecycle for your company, from pick-up and delivery to fulfillment. They leverage technology to optimize your delivery so that you may provide rapid delivery to your consumers at the lowest cost.       

Under these services, they additionally offer:

  • B2C Pick-up and Delivery Services
  • Fulfilment Services 
  • Value-Added Services(VAS)


DTDC Courier Charges Per KG For Different Services In India 

The 2024 DTDC courier charges per kg are as follows:

  • Within the same city, courier charges are Standard INR 105, Premium INR 215
  • Moving between major cities: DTDC charges Rs. 265 for Standard and Rs. 515 for Premium.
  • Standard rates for sending parcel in remote areas by DTDC are Rs. 170 and Premium rates are Rs. 410.
  •  DTDC Premium U costs Rs. 2972, DTDC Premium F costs Rs. 3546, and DTDC Premium D costs Rs. 4806 for overseas destinations. (Estimated value for Commercial Courier from India to USA.) 



DTDC Price Calculator– How It Works?

DTDC’s courier time and price calculator is not new to the logistics industry. You can find a standard shipping price list on the official DTDC website. Nonetheless, you can register on the DTDC e-portal to find the price and time before sending the package to any place. The price and time finder are verbally explained below:  

  • Options: You get options for the domestic and international package price and time finder.
  • Required Fields: DTC covers four package aspects, such as origin, destination, booking details, and product details:
  • Origin: You must select the city from which you are sending the package.
  • Destination: The package’s destination’s city name and zip code are needed to find the estimated price and time.
  • Booking Details: Select a booking date and submit your package weight to proceed to the final step.
  • Product Details: You must select a delivery time and mode before selecting the DTDC service and shipment type.

After filling in all the fields on the time and price finder portal, you need to press the ‘calculate’ button. The new webpage will reflect the estimated price and time of any package based on its weight. Moreover, the total DTDC courier charges in India are based on standard tariff rates that include educational cress, applicable fuel surcharge, and service tax. Besides, the final price and time may change depending on the current logistics situation.


Are You Ready To Calculate DTDC Courier Charges?


Calculating shipping charges has never been easier before. With the DTDC e-portal, you can find the estimated package time and price for your successful business. You can refer to the above headers to understand the simple and easy DTDC price/time calculator application. Nonetheless, if you want options for more courier providers, you can sign up with Nimbuspost. It is a shipping aggregator that is associated with 27+ leading national, local, and international courier partners, including DTDC and Delhivery. Its delivery reach across 29000+ locations in India is among other major advantages for e-commerce sellers.

How To Track DTDC Courier?

To track your DTDC courier, you can follow these steps:

    1. Go to the DTDC website (www.dtdc.in) and click on the ‘Track Your Shipment’ tab on the top right corner of the page.
    2. Enter your consignment number in the ‘Enter Consignment No.’ field.
    3. Select the ‘Go’ button.
    4. The website will display the current status of your courier, including the date and time of dispatch, delivery, and any intermediate transit points.
    5. You can also opt to receive updates on the status of your courier via SMS or email by entering your mobile number or email address in the SMS/Email Notification field and clicking on the ‘Subscribe’ button.

What are DTDC courier charges in India per kg?

DTDC courier charges in India per kg start from 105 INR within the same city, these are their standard domestic courier rates and for premium services, it is 215 INR. For sending a courier from one metro city to another, DTDC’s courier charges per kg are 265 INR for standard delivery and the premium delivery costs 515 INR.


How to Send Courier via NimbusPost?

To send a courier using NimbusPost, you can follow these steps:

  1. Go to the NimbusPost website at www.nimbuspost.com.
  2. Sign up for an account by providing your name, email address, and phone number.
  3. Enter the details of your shipment, including the destination address, weight, dimensions, and value of the package.
  4. Choose a shipping service from the available options and select the preferred carrier.
  5. Pay for your shipment using your preferred payment method.
  6. Print the shipping label and attach it to your package.
  7. Schedule a pickup or drop off of your package at the carrier’s location.
  8. Track your shipment using the tracking number provided by NimbusPost.

If you have any issues or questions regarding your NimbusPost shipment, you can contact their customer support team for assistance by calling their toll-free number or by emailing them at support@nimbuspost.com. They also have a live chat option available on their website.



How does DTDC calculate weight?

DTDC calculates the weight of a package based on its actual weight or volumetric weight, whichever is higher. Volumetric weight is calculated by multiplying the length, width, and height of the package in centimeters and dividing the result by a volumetric factor of 5000. The volumetric weight is then rounded up to the nearest whole number. This method of weight calculation is used to ensure that the shipping charges are fair and accurate, as packages with a large size but low actual weight can take up a significant amount of space on the delivery vehicle and incur higher handling and fuel costs.

How To Track DTDC Courier?

  1. To track your DTDC courier, you can follow these steps:
  2. Go to the DTDC website (www.dtdc.in) and click on the ‘Track Your Shipment’ tab on the top right corner of the page.
  3. Enter your consignment number in the “Enter Consignment No.” field.
  4. Select the “Go” button.
  5. The website will display the current status of your courier, including the date and time of dispatch, delivery, and any intermediate transit points.
  6. You can also opt to receive updates on the status of your courier via SMS or email by entering your mobile number or email address in the ‘SMS/Email Notification’ field and clicking on the “Subscribe” button.

What happens if DTDC is not delivered?

In case of non-delivery of your parcels, DTDC offers a money-back guaranteed feature via DTDC Ship Assure for all express premium shipments. Through this, they provide the Expected Date of Delivery (EDD), and if the parcel fails to reach your doorstep beyond EDD, they offer a 100% refund of your shipping charges.


What is a Shipping Bill?

A shipping bill is an official document that is used by exporters to declare the goods being shipped out of a country. It is a legal document that contains details about the goods being exported, including their description, quantity, value, and destination.  The shipping bill is a key document that is required by the customs authorities in the country of origin to verify the export transaction and process the shipment.  


How to Send Shipment from Home?

To send a courier from home, you need to pack your shipment, choose a courier service, book a pickup, make payment, and wait for the pickup. You can track your shipment and receive delivery confirmation. It’s important to follow the courier service’s guidelines and ensure proper packaging and labeling of the package.


What are the Courier Charges from India to Canada?

The courier charges from India to Canada depend on various factors such as the weight and dimensions of the package, the shipping method, and the courier service provider. It’s best to check with different courier services to get an accurate estimate of the charges.


How To Write The Address on Courier Parcel?

To write an address on a courier parcel, start with the recipient’s full name, followed by the building or house number and street name. Include any directional information if necessary. Write the name of the city or town, followed by the postal code. Finally, write the name of the country in capital letters on the last line. Make sure the address is legible and written clearly and concisely to ensure timely and accurate delivery.


Is DTDC cheaper than speed post?

Indian Speed Post is cheaper than DTDC couriers but people opt for private courier partners over the government’s Indian Speed Post because of the ease of courier booking and better tracking facility available at DTDC and pay higher charges.

Which is better DTDC or speed post?

Speed post is more trustworthy and efficient in big cities. Compared to private courier services, which can take up to 10 days to deliver 92 percent of letters, the postal service delivers 99 percent of mail via priority mail in 1 to 9 days. But DTDC courier provides express delivery in usually 2-7 days, depending upon the mode of transport and destination.

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Does DTDC pick up from home?

Yes. DTDC provides home pick-up services. Via its mobile application My DTDC app, it is possible for businesses and individuals to initiate a pickup request by providing all necessary details about your package. Schedule the home pickup after completing your online payment and registry, and they will arrange for field executives to pick up the parcel from your chosen address at the agreed time.

How long does DTDC take to deliver?

Depending upon the mode and destination of shipments and the type of service you choose, DTDC takes 2-7 days to deliver parcels. DTDC standard and DTDC premium offer wide-ranging time-sensitive services via multi-modal logistics.

Which is better Blue Dart or DTDC?

Blue Dart’s domestic priority services and dart surface line delivery service are some of the premium services offered by them which makes them a preferred choice of e-commerce businesses. While DTDC’s advanced supply chain management solutions and domestic cargo services for handling bulker shipments make them ideal for facilitating priority air and surface delivery at low costs. Read our blog post, Blue Dart vs DTDC for a detailed comparison.

Which DTDC service is the fastest?

DTDC premium delivery services are the fastest. Via this, DTDC offers day-definite and time-definite services for urgent shipments. They collaborate with major airlines to meet tighter delivery schedules.

What is the alternative to DTDC?

There are many alternatives to DTDC in the e-commerce delivery market such as Delhivery. Shadowfax, Blue Dart, Xpress Bees, Ecom Express, etc. All these respective e-commerce logistics and fulfillment providers have names in the industry for the premium services they offer

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Can I courier the laptop through DTDC?

Yes, you can. In order to ensure the quick and secure delivery of laptops and other commodities, DTDC offers special packaging and services for electrical devices like laptops. The courier fees for shipping electronics are the same as those for non-document parcels. Nevertheless, it varies according to the laptop’s dimensions and weight.

What is DTDC’s full form?

DTDC stands for Desk-to-Desk Courier & Cargo.

How do I pack for DTDC?

Use good packaging material, add bubble wrap for safety, use good-quality adhesive tapes to ensure the safety of shipments during transit, and label the package with all necessary details to avoid any kind of confusion during the shipping.

Does DTDC move household items?

DTDC’s Packers and Movers are a trusted and reliable name in the industry for moving and packing services for household items, vehicles, commercial goods, office equipment, cars, etc. They offer highly professional services for moving and packing, loading and unloading, labeling, storing, etc., with the help of skilled professionals.

Is DTDC safe for mobile phones?

MyDTDC app is a mobile-friendly application that lets businesses and private individuals infinitely pick up their parcels from anywhere with chosen time slots. For domestic bookings in MyDTDC, you can select any service from Air Cargo, Ground Express, Premium, and Standard. You can select between Express and Premium, services when making international reservations. The services that are offered are determined by the content type (Document/Non-Document), the pin codes for the origin and destination, and the consignment’s weight.

Does DTDC deliver after 6 pm?

The delivery hours for DTDC couriers are 8 AM to 6:30 PM from Monday to Sunday.

Is DTDC private or government?

Founded on July 26, 1990, DTDC Express Limited is an unlisted public corporation. It is based in Bangalore, Karnataka, and is categorised as a public limited company.

Does DTDC provide door-to-door service?

DTDC’s B2C pickup delivery services encompass 14,000+ pin codes which cover more than 96% of India’s population.

Does DTDC offer cash on delivery?

DTDC provides flexible cash-on-delivery services across India.

Can we courier clothes via DTDC?

Yes. You can courier clothes via DTDC. Make sure to use waterproof packaging material with a good-quality adhesive to seal the package before shipping.

Can DTDC deliver the next day?

Under its premium express services, DTDC enables day-definite and time-sensitive shipments across India for urgent consignments.

Will DTDC pack my laptop?

Under its express value-added services, DTDC provides premium packaging solutions for common consumer electronics like laptops, tablets, mobile devices, etc.

How many attempts does DTDC take?

DTDC gives three free delivery efforts with every shipment to guarantee the delivery of the packages to the customer or final destinations.

What is the difference between DTDC courier and Speed Post?

DTDC is an unlisted public corporation offering courier services to diverse businesses and individuals, including services like handling and shipping of packages, documents, and money from one place to another.

Whereas Speed Post is a swift postal service offered by the postal service that ensures the timely delivery of essential documents, packages, and letters around the globe. In India, India Post, which falls under the government’s postal department, offers speed post courier services.

What is transit in DTDC?

In transit refers to the status or condition of a package or shipment as it is being transported from the sender to the recipient. It shows that the item is in the process of being moved or transported from one location to another, typically from the pickup point or the courier company’s facility to the delivery address.

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