Whether you own a business or not, sending parcels from one city or location to another is always a challenging task. It is because the transportation and shipping rates of logistics partners tend to differ with time.


As you already know that DTDC courier partner has a large market in India, online retailers massively trust its services. Considering the concerns that most of you face while calculating DTDC courier charges, we’ve listed some important details in this post.


DTDC – India’s Top Courier Partner


Founded in 1990 as a Pvt Ltd company, DTDC changed the nature of its business to Public Ltd Company by 1994. Since its inception, the company gradually expanded its market, business, and services, mostly for online retailers. Currently, DTDC has an advanced logistics infrastructure to improve its operations and serve you with the best courier services.


DTDC’s Latest Tech-Related Innovations And Research

  • Call management application
  • Delivery updates via SMS
  • Fleet management software
  • Franchise ERP
  • Franchise portal
  • GPRS software solutions
  • Help desk management
  • Safe integration of ERP of customers, and you
  • SFA and human resource management application
  • Tech enablement
  • Warehouse and logistics management application
  • Web-based proof of delivery (Scanned-imaged)


DTDC Services


  • Domestic services
  • International services
  • New world retail
  • Premium express
  • Priority services
  • Supply chain solutions


DTDC Charges VS Delhivery Charges


When it comes to the courier companies with the best shipping rates, Delhivery has carved a prominent name for itself. It’s a 2011-founded courier partner based in Delhi, India. Having only one decade of experience, Delhivery is competing with 3+ decades experienced courier companies.


Here, we will discuss DTDC courier charges per kg in comparison with Delhivery courier charges per kg. However, you must understand that logistics partners charge based on package origin location, destination, weight, and size.


DTC Courier Charges per kg in 2022:

    • Metro Cities- INR 95
    • Rest of India- INR 105
    • South India- INR 70
    • Special Locations- INR 155
    • Tamilnadu- INR 60


DTDC –Express Air mode Courier Charges – (100gram to 2kg)

(W.E.F 01.08.2018)

Destination STATE 100 -500 gram

(1/2 Kg)

1 kg 600 gram 1.1 kg -2kg
  •  Tamilnadu
45 60 60 120
South India
  • Kerala, Karnataka
  • Andhra Pradesh
  • Pondicherry
45 70 70 140
Metro Cities
  • Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai
60 95 95 190
Special Destination
  • Arunachal Pradesh
  • Assam, Manipur § Meghalaya, Mizoram,
  • Nagaland, Sikkim,
  • Tripura, Andaman
  • Himachal Pradesh
  • Jammu and Kashmir
85 155 155 310
Rest of India
  • All Other Cities
65 105 105 210


Note: The above courier rates are applicable for DTDC express services. DTDC also renders cargo services. However, your package should be at least 3 KG and 5 KG for air and surface modes, respectively.


Delhivery Courier Charges per kg in 2022:

  • North East- INR 135
  • North India- INR 125
  • South India- INR 115
  • Tamilnadu- INR 99


Note: Delhivery charges 2% of the product bill value or INR 50 (whichever is highest) for online sellers’ cash on delivery services.


With the above analysis on courier charges of DTDC and Delhivery, the former courier partner significantly stands out. The above-given list comprises standard shipping rates based on the selected delivery services.


DTDC has recently launched an e-portal where online sellers and customers can register and avail themselves of the DTDC services. The DTDC e-portal comprises a price and time finder that is easy to use and does not require many inputs. This portal’s feature is highly beneficial for you if you are an online seller.


Is DTDC cheaper than speed post?

Indian Speed Post is cheaper than DTDC couriers but people opt for private courier partners over the government’s Indian speed post because of the ease of courier booking and better tracking facility available at DTDC and pay higher charges.

At DTDC, the volumetric or dimensional weight is calculated and compared with the actual weight of the shipment to ascertain which is greater; the higher weight is used to calculate the shipment cost.





DTDC Calculator- How It Works?

DTDC’s courier time and price calculator is not new to the logistics industry. You can find a standard shipping price list on the official DTDC website. Nonetheless, you can register on the DTDC e-portal to find the price and time before sending the package to any place. The price and time finder are verbally explained below:


  • Options: You get options for the domestic and international package price and time finder.
  • Required Fields: DTC covers four package aspects, such as origin, destination, booking details, and product details:
    • Origin: You must select the city from which you are sending the package.
    • Destination: The package’s destination’s city name and zip code are needed to find the estimated price and time.
    • Booking Details: Select a booking date and submit your package weight to proceed to the final step.
    • Product Details: You must select a delivery time and mode before selecting the DTDC service and shipment type.


After filling all the fields on the time and price finder portal, you need to press the “calculate” button. The new webpage will reflect the estimated price and time of any package based on its weight. Moreover, the total DTDC courier charges in India are based on standard tariff rates that include educational cress, applicable fuel surcharge, and service tax. Besides, the final price and time may change depending on the current logistics situation.






Are You Ready To Calculate DTDC Courier Charges?


Calculating shipping charges has never been easier before. With DTDC e-portal, you can find the estimated package time and price for your successful business. You can refer to the above headers to understand the simple and easy DTDC price/time calculator application. Nonetheless, if you want options for more courier providers, you can sign up with NimbusPost. It is a shipping aggregator that is associated with 27+ leading national, local, and international courier partners, including DTDC and Delhivery. Its delivery reach across 29000+ locations in India is among other major advantages for eCommerce sellers.