Courier services are becoming the preferred shipping method for eCommerce retailers, primarily because of speed, availability, traceability, and cost. However, postal services are still reliable for specific parcel sizes.


According to a survey, three out of four consumers prefer retailers using a secure courier service to deliver their packages. And, 53% said they would abandon their shopping carts if a courier was not offered as an option. In comparison, only 19% were prepared to wait longer than two days for their goods to arrive, and over half of those surveyed said they would be unhappy waiting three days or longer.


So, it’s vitally important for an eCommerce business to choose a shipping service that provides them with the best benefits.


This blog will look at the key differences between courier firms and postal services to determine which option is best suited to your business. So, let’s get started.


Courier Services vs Postal Services-Which is Better?

You need to consider several factors while deciding between courier or postal delivery. Speed, cost, reach, and trackability are vital attributes crucial for eCommerce businesses, hence this comparison. We have summarized below these differences in an easily understandable format that will give you a good idea of which option is the best for your business. Take a look.


1. Speed

As with all deliveries, courier delivery is almost always faster than mail delivery. While speed is not always critical for certain deliveries, particularly those of high-value items, the difference in time between courier and post is significant.


For example, many parcel carriers will deliver packages within one to three business days of shipping them out. Parcels sent via postal service can take up to five weeks or more.


Since the customer journey is all about making it as short as possible, courier shipping is considered better.


Winner – Courier Services


2. Availability

Courier services are also more accessible than postal services because of their widespread availability and the ability to schedule a pick-up time that works for your business. While pretty much everyone can receive mail at their home or office, couriers are much more flexible regarding when you can receive your delivery.


For example, retailers have the option to choose between a ‘standard pick-up,’ which usually occurs during regular business hours at their place of business, or an ‘evening pick-up’ that is scheduled for the convenience of their customers.


Postal services are still reliable, but scheduling a time when you will be available to receive a package can be difficult.


Winner – Courier Services


3. Traceability

The popularity of courier services is also partly due to the increasing number of customers who value speed and traceability. Generally speaking, courier services are more traceable than postal services.


With courier services, customers can use tracking software to monitor their delivery in real-time and locate their delivery on a map once it has been sent out for delivery. Trackability allows you, customers, the peace of mind that they will receive the items they paid for quickly and efficiently.


For example, UPS has a Track and Trace system that notifies customers of where their package is at all times. As soon as the customer receives the tracking number through delivery confirmation, they can take advantage of this service to check on their parcel.


With postal services, you can request a tracking code after your parcel has been shipped out but can only track the delivery through the postal services’ website, not through a third party. This can make it difficult for businesses to track the progress of their delivery accurately.


Winner– Courier Services



4. Cost

Cost-effectiveness is another factor that has led to the increasing popularity of courier services over postal services. Compared with other shipping methods, courier services are generally cheaper for businesses because they are preferred by customers who trust and use them.


For example, FedEx Express and UPS Next Day Air are both used by businesses because they offer highly cheap rates to cut costs and save money. Since customers see these options as reliable and fast, they tend to order more from businesses that take advantage of their services.


While postal services offer a wide range of pricing options, they are still more expensive than courier services as a whole.


Winner – Courier Services


5. Reach

Courier services offer a greater reach than postal services. While postal services can deliver to all destinations domestically and internationally, courier companies provide more options and flexibility for international and same-day delivery.


One of the main issues with sending parcels internationally via postal service is that it takes longer than expected because you have to book in advance and make additional payments. You also do not have the option to schedule a pick-up time for international delivery.


For example, when you want to send packages internationally, many restrictions and limitations affect your delivery speed. The time it takes for a package to be delivered is often much longer than initially expected because of long customs clearance times and international shipping delays.


On the other hand, Courier services usually offer more flexible options such as door-to-door delivery and drop-off deliveries, allowing customers to dictate how they want their parcel delivered rather than force them into standard pricing plans that are not always convenient.


Winner – Courier Services




The popularity of courier services is on the rise as technology continues to advance and companies continue to look for ways to outdo their competitors.


While postal services offer a range of shipping options that are still dependable enough for most businesses, courier services provide no denying the benefits over their counterparts.


Therefore, couriers are not only more affordable than postal services, but they also offer greater reach, speed, availability, traceability, and traceability. Combine these benefits with their competitive pricing rates, and it is easy to see why courier services are becoming the preferred choice among eCommerce businesses.

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