The eCommerce industry in India is growing exponentially. Every year we see many retailers taking their businesses online to cater to a larger audience. Therefore with the rise of eCommerce in India, logistics is also gaining mainstream attraction. Today, many significant logistics players and well-funded startups are organizing the unorganized logistics ecosystem of the country. Two prominent names in the logistics industry are Delhivery and DTDC Express. They both are experts in delivering fast delivery and making their customers happy. As a result, eCommerce retailers often need more certainty in choosing the best option. In this blog, we’ll compare both Delhivery and DTDC Express to help you make a sound decision.


Delhivery vs. DTDC India – Which is Best for You

Delhivery and DTDC India are two of the most prominent logistics companies in India, and they both offer a wide range of services to meet the diverse needs of their customers.



Both courier partners offer competitive pricing for their services, but DTDC may have an edge due to its scale and volume of shipments. Here are the DTDC courier charges per kg:

  • Metro Cities- INR 95
  • Rest of India- INR 105
  • South India- INR 70
  • Special Locations- INR 155
  • Tamilnadu- INR 60


DTDC also launched its e-portal, which comprises a price and time finder. Through e-portal, online sellers and customers can register and avail themselves of the DTDC services – domestic, international, premium express, priority services, supply chain solutions, and new world retail.

Delhivery offers a wide range of logistics services varied by weight. Their courier charges per kg are:

  • North East- INR 135
  • North India- INR 125
  • South India- INR 115
  • Tamilnadu- INR 99


Delhivery charges 2% of the product bill of cash on delivery of products. The company also offers air courier services. However, their ground delivery service is more economical than air and takes approximately one to two days longer than air transport.

By looking at the charges of both the courier partners above, DTDC offers more economical rates than Delhivery.


Delivery Speed

Delivery speed matters a lot nowadays. It can make or break the customer’s experience. Therefore speed is a major performance indicator when it comes to choosing a courier.

Delhivery can offer same-day, next-day, and 48-96 hours (for long distances) for the 10 kg consignment. Also, they launched “guaranteed same-day delivery” in 15 major cities of the county, enabling D2C brands to offer same-day delivery to their customers. Delhivery has a larger fleet of delivery vehicles and a widespread network of delivery partners, which allows them to offer faster delivery times for some areas. In addition, they have a strong focus on technology and automation which allows them to optimize delivery routes and reduce delivery times.

On the other hand, DTDC India also has a strong network of delivery partners and can offer competitive delivery speeds, but it may be slower than Delhivery in some areas. DTDC usually takes 2-7 days to deliver the consignment. It highly depends on the delivery mode and origin/destination.


Support for Customers

Both companies have a dedicated customer support team to assist with any issues or queries. Delhivery has a robust customer service infrastructure that offers 24/7 customer support and multiple communication channels such as phone, email, and chat. You can ask shipment-related queries, complaints, and return-related queries. However, you may see many bad reviews of customers regarding their customer support on the internet, which can’t be ignored.

DTDC India also provides customer support. You can directly phone any of their city centres established in 15 cities. The company support executives are readily available for your sales-related and service-related queries. In case you’ve any problem, you’ve to fill in the form with the required details, and their representative will revert to you.


User Experience

The customer’s experience while interacting with your services is crucial to gaining their trust and loyalty. Nowadays, customers notice every single detail while adhering to your services. Therefore, everything should be on point, from using your website to taking your services. Talking about user experience, Delhivery has more points than DTDC Express. Delhivery’s website is more interactive and user-friendly than DTDC- which looks outdated and cluttered. Moreover, customers find Delhivery’s mobile app relatively more useful. It provides users with a consolidated tracking experience for all orders shipped with Delhivery.

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COD Management

COD management means managing cash on delivery by a delivery partner. Cash on delivery allows customers to collect amounts up to Rs. 50000 at the time of package delivery. Cash on delivery accounts for 28% of eCommerce orders despite Covid-19 and social distancing. Both companies offer Cash on Delivery (COD) services, which allow customers to pay for their orders upon delivery.

When a customer pays cash, Delhivery’s delivery executive immediately updates the app about the payment. The company handles the cash on delivery effortlessly and in real-time, and you can track all your cash remittances through Delhivery’s dashboard. On the other hand, DTDC Express considers COD a value-added service and charges additionally over and above freight charges without any liability on DTDC’s part.



Which Delivery Partner Would You Choose- Delhivery vs DTDC India?

Net net, after comparing both the delivery companies, Delhivery is a better option than DTDC Express in terms of speed, customer support, user experience, and COD management. However, Delhivery is slightly costlier than DTDC, but it’s worth the price. Both companies are great and add value in some or other ways, but these two are not the only options. Suppose you want a broader spectrum and more flexibility in choosing the best courier for your eCommerce business. In that case, consider signing up with NimbusPost– one of the best logistics aggregators. With the help of a shipping aggregator, you get an expert overview, more metrics to choose a partner, and a pool of 27+ courier company options to select the best one.



Who is the No. 1 courier company in India?

DHL is the current No. 1 courier company in India. Their delivery services are by far the best in the country at competitive prices, and they provide domestic delivery service to 220 countries in the world. Customers have reported that DHL provides efficient and timely delivery of packages with a reliable and well-coordinated logistics network. In addition, they have a user-friendly website and mobile app that allow customers to track their packages in real time. They also offer additional services, such as value-added logistics and customs clearance.



Is Delhivery a Chinese company?

Delhivery is an Indian delivery company based in Gurgaon. It was founded in 2011 by Sahil Barua, Mohit Tandon, Bhavesh Manglani, Suraj Saharan, and Kapil Bharati.


What if DTDC delivery failed?

If DTDC fails to deliver a parcel on time, it is returned to the sender generally. However, if the sender refuses to accept the return, DTDC will store it for a while and wait for any claim by the owner.


What if DTDC lost my parcel?

If DTDC loses any parcel, they will provide a COF (certificate of facts) on request. The COF charge of 0.2% of the invoice value shall be charged.


Does DTDC have home delivery?

DTDC offers two services for home delivery:

  • Domestics Express Services: for delivering documents and small parcels.
  • Domestics Cargo Services: for delivering heavier consignments that require special arrangements.

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