Nowadays, Indian buyers shop online because of the speedy product delivery and convenience to their doorsteps. However, most customers are becoming increasingly impatient with e-commerce companies these days, and even slight delivery delays might make them dissatisfied. In this way, delayed deliveries have a significant impact on your sales and customers’ experience. To overcome such shipment challenges, you should partner with the fastest logistics service providers in the market, such as XpressBees and Delhivery. You can also read the basic considerations needed to hire the right delivery service provider.

Delhivery VS XpressBees- A Comparison

The most well-known courier partners in India are XpressBees and Delhivery. However, we frequently observe that online retailers are perplexed to choose which options are best for them. According to the recent logistics trends, Delhivery is more popular than XpressBess in India. However, these statistics are insufficient for drawing any conclusions, and we must conduct a thorough investigation into the courier partners. Here, we will compare XpressBees and Delhivery to determine which delivery service provider is the greatest fit for your business needs.


Delhivery provides a wide range of logistics services for varying weights. The company facilitates air courier services. However, if you want to ship goods of more than 2kg, the air courier option will not be cost-effective. Because of the weight difference between ground and air transportation, Delhivery also offers ground delivery, which is more affordable and takes approximately one-two days longer than air transport. However, there is no need to be concerned because this service will still transport your heavy shipment!

XpressBees, the country’s fastest-growing delivery service partner, provides flawless air and ground delivery services. Although they currently offer surface mode, given their rapid expansion, we anticipate that they will soon begin offering air mode as well! In addition, because their charges are lower than those of Delhivery, they are a more appealing option if you are searching for a dependable courier partner that is reasonable to associate with.

After including the courier and COD charges, Delhivery costs approx. INR 90, and XpressBees costs INR 81. Thus, Delhivery Air appears to be expensive in contrast, but fortunately, XpressBees costs a far lower price.

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Delivery Speed

Most shipping firms have nearly comparable delivery timelines, although the delivery speed differs based on picking up the shipment. Pickup location is critical in this case because some courier services are only available in metro areas. Nevertheless, some logistics providers may provide you with delivery services in the remotest parts of the country. Considering the delivery time and speed challenges, it is always difficult to judge the delivery speed of any courier provider based on a single indicator.

Delivery services offered by Delhivery are the fastest, with an average of 1-2 days’ delivery time in cities. The company also provides you with 2–3-day delivery services for metro areas alongside 3–5-day logistics services for non-metro areas, depending on the location.

In terms of delivery speed, the closest competitor to Delhivery courier is XpressBees Surface, which takes an average of two days longer to complete intercity deliveries than Delhivery.

Support For Customers

Delhivery is a billion-dollar estimated logistics company with operations in various Tier 1 cities. However, it no longer has a customer service phone or email address. With the absence of this important resource, it may not be easy to get responses fast, where Delhivery’s headquarters are located and where the majority of its customers dwell.

XpressBees, on the other hand, has offices in several Tier 1 cities. They have a dedicated phone number and an email address. For questions or concerns regarding an order or a service, the easiest way to get in touch with XpressBees is by email or phone, which is fast and desired by most.

User Experience

If you want to provide the best service possible to your consumers, customer experience is an important consideration. Before we go into detail, there are a few things that should be considered. First, most delivery partners have franchise office facilities in India that the same company owns. Hence, your customer’s delivery experience may differ from that of other customers who live in different locations.

In other words, someone living in Mumbai may have a quite different experience from someone living in Pune. As a result, it differs greatly from location to location. In most cases, courier partners have little control over these franchises or the delivery agents who work on the ground.

However, based on online reviews, discussions in various forums, and opinions expressed by Facebook groups, some delivery service providers like DHL and FedEx have more honest and wise people on board than XpressBees and Delhivery, respectively. However, when XpressBees and Delhivery are compared, the former has better delivery staff on the Ground. Read DHL VS FedEx here!

COD Management

COD management is an acronym that stands for Cash On Delivery. Some Indian online sellers have reported up to 70% of RTO percentage, which can easily transform their large revenues into negative profits if not managed properly. The following conclusion can be reached based on opinions obtained from various organizations and customer reviews:

XpressBees COD management is better than Delhivery. XpressBees Surface delivers at a higher percentage, with a lower RTO rate, as compared to Delhivery.

People shipping with Delhivery have reported more RTOs when compared to XpressBees. The primary reason for Delhivery’s failure in this aspect is the neglect of their staff and delivery boys on the ground level.





Which Delivery Partner Would You Choose- XpressBees or Delhivery?

After doing in-depth research on both courier partners, we concluded that Delhivery is a far superior option to XpressBees in terms of value. Delhivery wins the race by two points; however, it does not imply that XpressBess is less efficient. While both delivery service providers are equally capable, there is only one winner when it comes to comparison, and that is Delhivery.

Even though XpressBees and Delhivery both provide competitive delivery services, you do not need to choose only any of these two providers. If you require greater flexibility in selecting your courier partner as well as the benefits they provide, you may consider signing up with NimbusPost. Essentially, a shipping aggregator brings together more than 27 courier partners to provide online sellers with several courier options.

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NimbusPost has associated with many courier partners apart from XpressBees and Delhivery, including Gati, FedEx, Shadowfax, DTDC, DHL, and Blue Dart. Nonetheless, you can also use the XpressBees tracking and the Delhivery courier tracking feature on NimbusPost. You may easily compare the shipping charges of each courier partner using the shipping rate calculator that has been provided to you for the most appropriate solution.

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