In today’s hyper-competitive market, you must always be on top of the e-commerce game. Besides, the distinction between offline and online buying is blurring.

The selection of a logistics partner can make a huge difference to your order fulfillment experience. FedEx is a well-known courier company in India. Its network is diverse and it offers exceptional logistics services. Here is a quick overview to help you determine whether FedEx charges in India are best or not.




FedEx lately reported that it had integrated its acquired UFL and AFL companies in India. In addition, it has strengthened its supply chain and domestic transportation capabilities after the business acquisition in 2011 to fulfill the needs of Indian e-commerce enterprises. This logistics partner provides comprehensive logistics services, including domestic and international air express, supply chain management, warehousing, and domestic ground transportation.



FedEx Now Has The Following:

  • Increased service reach in India from 4K to 19K postal codes.
  • Increased strength of the ground transportation service
  • A fleet of 1K+ tracks connecting villages and cities throughout India.
  • Increased capacity of its hub and office area from 300K to 1000K square feet.
  • Premium inventory management services across the country/territory via 900,000 square feet of warehouse.


You can now take advantage of shipping applications to create waybills for multiple-piece or single shipments. Additionally, you may track outgoing and incoming packages, receive status updates, and track them in real-time. Businesses with a high volume of transactions enjoy powerful online integration for speedier processing. FedEx domestic supply chain and ground services provide a competitive advantage to industries with complicated supply chain requirements, including high-tech, retail, medical equipment, and consumer durables.



FedEx Charges In India

FedEx has divided India into six zones for which its charges are based on the weight of the package. Thus, we are listing only the standard rates here. For more details, you may visit here.


  • It charges INR 83 to INR 215 per Kilograms for any package.
  • The flat chargeable amount can vary between INR 415 and INR 1075.


Generally, FedEx price list per kg is available and a rising business earns higher. But, relying only on ROI will not work for it in the long haul. A business must first win its clients’ trust by providing high-quality products and upgrading their purchasing experience. Whether you ship via FedEx or any other courier partner, there are a lot of other factors to consider other than the shipping rates.





NimbusPost’s Role In Assisting You To Make An Informed Decision

When it comes to making an informed decision, a logistics partner like NimbusPost can play a strong role. NimbusPost, a tech-enabled shipping aggregator has brought India’s top 27+ national, local, and international carrier partners on a single platform. You can use the courier recommendation engine to ensure you ship with the most suited carrier partner across 29000+ pin codes. Some other major benefits of the shipping platform are:


Integrations of Channels

NimbusPost enables you to integrate your e-commerce store on Unicommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, or Amazon store for automatic delivery in the shortest time.


Instant Help

With NimbusPost, there is no need to wait hours to speak with a customer service representative. NimbusPost provides you with a call-back service to ensure that your inquiries are resolved. You can also contact the customer care executives immediately via the chat feature.


Advantages of COD

By utilizing the automated cloud-calling service, you may confirm COD orders, hence decreasing RTO. As a shipping aggregator, NimbusPost also offers early COD remittance to assist you in maintaining a consistent cash flow.


Key Account Manager

NimbusPost assigns a dedicated account manager to you to assist you throughout the delivery process. You can contact him/her at any moment to have your shipping queries resolved immediately. Besides, you can also discuss whether FedEx charges in India are best or not at a specific time of the year.


Shipping Calculator 

If you do not believe that FedEx gives the best shipping rates in India, you can find many other cost-effective shipping options in one place. NimbusPost is associated with leading local, national, and international courier providers that can give you the most affordable shipping rates based on delivery distance and package weight.


Cheaper Options

The courier recommendation engine at NimbusPost enables you to select the most suited courier partner(s) for your shipping requirements. By utilizing this advanced feature, you can prevent excessive charges, delayed shipping, and other issues.





Do you now believe FedEx’s rates are reasonable?

With all the key comparison criteria outlined above, you can find the logistics solution most suited to your eCommerce business. Before deciding on any one option, experience NimbusPost’s login experience to understand and experience its usability.

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