The eCommerce industry has experienced tremendous growth in recent years, but with this success come several eCommerce problems. As the online marketplace continues to expand and evolve, retailers face increasing pressure to develop innovative strategies that will keep customers coming back for more. From managing inventory and customer service to staying on top of the latest technological advances to beat the competition, the complexity of running an eCommerce business can be overwhelming. While business incorporation, trademark security, privacy, and copyright protection are some legal issues faced by eCommerce, there are several technical, ethical, and managerial issues in eCommerce too.

Today, businesses must invest in effective marketing strategies, develop a secure payment gateway and ensure their website is easy to navigate. Plus, they must work on differentiating their business from competitors while still offering an attractive price point that will keep customers engaged. To succeed in the eCommerce industry, e-businesses must have a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of the online marketplace. And, with the right mix of creativity, technology, and strategy, they can ensure successful eCommerce operations that will last for years to come.


What problems do eCommerce owners have?

Targeting the right customers

Targeting the right customers is a critical challenge for an eCommerce business. Successfully identifying and understanding the target audience is essential to success, as it helps shape all decisions made in terms of product selection, pricing, marketing campaigns, and customer service. With the right data and insights, companies can tailor their services to meet the exact needs of their target customers while also staying within budget constraints.


Customers’ ever-rising expectations

In today’s competitive market, meeting the needs of customers is essential for surviving and thriving in the world of eCommerce. Customers’ ever-rising expectations have become a major challenge for eCommerce businesses. With the prevalence of online shopping and easy access to information, customers are becoming increasingly educated on product offerings and price points.


Cyber security and fraud

Cyber security is a major e-business issue. With the increase in online transactions, businesses must ensure that their customers’ data is secure and protected from malicious attacks or unauthorized access. Companies need to have a comprehensive understanding of the latest developments in anti-fraud technology as well as strategies to detect fraudulent activity quickly and efficiently.


Converting visitors

Converting visitors into customers is a major eCommerce problem for online businesses, especially newly established ones. There could be several reasons behind a reduced conversion rate like mobile unfriendliness, lack of proper CTA, irrelevant product descriptions and recommendations, annoyingly slow web pages, and so on. However, with the right strategy in place, you can overcome the conversion challenge.


Omni-channel experience

In today’s integrated world, the lack of an omnichannel eCommerce experience can put your business behind your competitors. With an omnichannel eCommerce platform, you can provide your customers with a seamless experience across multiple channels such as online, in-store, and mobile. However, you must ensure that your website is easy-to-navigate, secure, and up-to-date on the latest developments in technology to provide an omnichannel experience.


Cart abandonment

eCommerce shopping cart abandonment is one of the biggest challenges for online merchants. Unsatisfactory customer experiences, rising expectations, security concerns, and a lengthy checkout process can all contribute to customers leaving with items in their cart without completing their purchase.


Efficient order fulfillment

From picking and packing orders to shipping and delivering them to the customers’ doorstep, order fulfillment is no less than a challenging process for eCommerce merchants. Fulfilling orders on your own may be suitable while starting an eCommerce pilot, but not for a full-fledged business. Manual errors, moving damage, etc. are some key fulfillment problems with eCommerce websites.


Managing returns and refunds

Handling eCommerce returns and refunds is a challenging task because of complex return order flows, customer knowledge gaps, tracking, inventory management, cost of returns, etc. Customers expect fast and easy returns, and if these processes are too complicated or take too long, customers may not return to the same store.


What are some eCommerce solutions?

Target the right customers

By taking the time to thoroughly research and understand their target market, eCommerce businesses can stay ahead of the competition and maximize their online presence.  This will enable them to effectively reach out to new customers while also nurturing relationships with existing ones. Besides, a strategic approach to target the right customers can help eCommerce businesses achieve long-term success.

By following these tips, eCommerce businesses can effectively identify and target their ideal customers while also staying one step ahead of the competition.

  • Analyze customer data to gain insights into buying behaviors and trends. This will help determine which products resonate with your target audience.
  • Utilize marketing strategies such as SEO, email campaigns, and social media ads that are proven to be effective in reaching the right target audience.
  • Stay up-to-date on changing consumer trends and use data to inform decisions related to product selection and pricing.
  • Create incentives for customers such as discounts, loyalty programs, or free shipping to encourage repeat business.
  • Focus on customer satisfaction by providing top-notch customer service and offering an easy and secure payment gateway.
  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of the online marketplace to ensure your eCommerce business is well-positioned in the market.


Keep up with customers’ expectations

In today’s highly competitive world, eCommerce businesses need to step up their game by offering superior product selection, viable pricing, and personalized customer service. They must understand customers’ needs to fulfill them without fail. Plus, it’s important to offer an improved customer experience through an easy-to-navigate and secure website, and a reliable delivery system in place. By staying ahead of customer expectations, eCommerce businesses can ensure that their customers are satisfied with their purchase experience and continue to come back for more.


Convert visitors into buyers

eCommerce businesses must meet the needs of their customers and invest in the right technology to ensure success. By understanding customer expectations, creating a secure environment for shopping, implementing efficient fulfillment methods, and offering easy returns, businesses can establish successful operations that will last for years to come. Ultimately, this will help them convert visitors into loyal customers and boost their revenue.


Cyber security

Businesses must keep up with changing data security regulations and ensure that all transactions comply with these requirements. By investing the necessary resources into cyber security and fraud prevention, eCommerce businesses can create a secure environment for their customers to shop in while also protecting their reputations from malicious acts. Ultimately, this will help them build trust with their customers and become successful in the long run.



Reduce cart abandonment rate

Since cart abandonment is among the major problems faced by eCommerce companies, you must take proactive steps such as providing targeted discounts, optimizing the website experience, and offering personalized customer service. You can also integrate with a one-click checkout platform to boost the checkout experience for return customers.


Order fulfillment with a logistics service provider

Traditional fulfillment methods can easily lead to delays and errors in orders. By partnering with a prominent shipping aggregator like NimbusPost, you can leverage the latest tech to automate your fulfilment process and also offer an excellent customer experience. Store your inventory in NimbusPost’s well-equipped domestic and international warehouses and leave the rest to be handled by their team. The use of automated fulfilment facilities and a tech-enabled shipping platform will help you provide better customer service, establish trust and loyalty, and ultimately increase sales.


Easy returns and refunds

The first step to getting over the return challenges is to introduce a smart return policy. As customers expect quick and easy returns, automating returns can help save time. Depending on your business requirements, you could make your return policy flexible during the festive season to draw more customers to your online store. Apart from returning an order, collecting feedback for the same is an important part of an efficient return process. Logistics partners offering reverse logistics can be a great choice to handle it all in a hassle-free manner.


Creating omnichannel eCommerce

To become omnichannel, eCommerce businesses need to have a clear understanding of their target market and the latest developments in technology. By investing in security measures, automated fulfilment solutions, and customer service strategies, eCommerce businesses can create an engaging shopping experience and provide customers with a seamless shopping experience across multiple channels. This will help them increase conversions and ultimately, allow businesses to remain competitive in the online marketplace.



As eCommerce is the key growth engine of the retail sector, it’s the best time to dive into the sector. There may be multiple social, ethical, or technical issues in eCommerce, but entrepreneurs can get over any problems of e-business with the right strategies and investments. By partnering with the right solution providers to streamline and automate processes, online merchants can always remain competitive and profitable in the business.

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