As an online seller, have you ever struggled with delivering the products on time to the end-users? Unfortunately, you are not alone who is experiencing this predicament. Many Indian online sellers fail to address their delivery needs on their own and eventually hire a courier partner. Since FedEx vs DHL is the worldwide famous topic about courier partners, most online retailers procure their logistics services. However, do they genuinely meet your product delivery needs? If you also have the same query, you will undoubtedly find your answers in this post.


The upcoming comparison of DHL vs FedEx will help you determine which courier partners are suitable for your eCommerce deliveries.


FedEx has long existed in the logistics business since 1971. It has a headquarter in Tennessee, United States. FedEx has multiple courier services to render to online sellers, corporates, individualism, etc. It has an average of three million packages a day. In addition, it can carry 3175146.59 kilograms of products per day on a ship.


The company never ceases working for the betterment of its delivery practices and meeting the diverse user needs. FedEx has over 140000 workers who maintain both online and offline drop-off and pick-up service outlets. In addition, they can render international and national delivery services. You can either select standard or customized, or priority delivery plans to boost your online business.





Insurance Coverage

No matter which package you choose for eCommerce delivery from FedEx, insurance coverage is always complimentary. In this way, your products and online capital in the eCommerce platform are always secured in case of a product return or loss.



FedEx always sets new practices to retain its clients. However, the discount strategy alongside high-end delivery services always works for online sellers. You can alternatively procure up to a 20% discount on all eCommerce delivery packages.



Apart from streamlining your eCommerce product deliveries, FedEx can also pack your products. In addition, you will have a FedEx tracking number for every product that you ship via FedEx.



FedEx understands the impact of one-on-one and in-person assistance. Therefore, it sends its logistics executives to your places for proper guidance of logistics and FedEx service packages.



Many logistics companies do not work on weekends. Sometimes, it hampers your online selling practices due to the non-delivery of products for two consecutive days. However, with FedEx, you can always deliver products on weekends and improve your sales.




Established in 1969, DHL placed its headquarters in Germany. It has multiple DHL service points from where you can drop your products and procure express delivery services. In addition, the DHL executives can even visit your warehouse or place to pick up the product orders and deliver the same on time.


DHL also owns airline subsidiaries with five different agencies. Therefore, it enables fast delivery of your products via air. However, the shipping charges of both DHL’s on-road and airline delivery packages are moderate. It handles over two billion packages in a year.

Apart from having a massive presence in India, DHL also has coverage of 220+ countries. So, it implies you can extend your eCommerce business across international lands as well, with DHL.



You are sure to get confused with DHL’s eCommerce packages. Although they are economical, the options are unlimited. DHL courier can deliver your products within the appointed time via road, air, and sea. In addition, it has tie-ups with multiple agencies or subsidiaries to fulfill your commercial delivery needs.



When you select a pick-up facility while signing a logistics contract form, you become bound to pay some underlying charges. But, DHL charges nothing for sending delivery partners to your door for picking up the products. Probably, it is the reason that DHL is continuously improving its global market presence.


Help Desk

Whether you have procured DHL services from an Indian or foreign branch, DHL’s help desk is 24×7 open for your assistance. You can even dial the international customer support number if you have sent any product to international locations. The customer care executives are all humble, polite, skilled, and patient.


DHL eCommerce

Although many logistic partners help eCommerce businesses with their product delivery services, only some have a specialized portal for them. DHL is different in this aspect. It has a designated web portal for eCommerce businesses to seek help or services directly from it. You can even manage your inventory, track products, and integrate your eCommerce platform without any hassles.





DHL vs FedEx

Although DHL and FedEx are competitors, each has a distinctive pricing model structure, USPs, and other fortes. The direct comparison has been established on the following parameters:


Fastest Shipping

Apart from standard shipping plans, both DHL and FedEx can render you the fastest and same-day delivery services for all your online orders. Besides, you may need to consult the respective representatives to understand their logistics plans.


Industry Preferences

Although FedEx and DHL entertain delivery for all products, both courier partners prefer different industry types. For example, if you deal in the following products, you can choose FedEx for smooth and efficient product deliveries:

  • Electronics
  • Food
  • Groceries
  • Home and garden
  • Jewelry
  • Sports goods
  • Wine


DHL prefers some specific industries over others. Of course, you will get unmatched courier services, but it will give you an edge over dealing with the following products.

  • Apparel
  • Documents
  • Fragile articles
  • Gifts

Every courier company has a forte that makes it competitive and unique. Similarly, both FedEx and DHL have some organizational strengths that help them lead the global logistics market.

Fed’s strengths are expedited to 2-3 days for product deliveries and overnight shipping. On the other hand, DHL shows environmental concerns and holds a strong global market presence.


DHL vs FedEx: Any Alternatives?

Although many leading logistics companies are working, one can still lookout for alternatives to save cost and time. Similarly, you can trust NimbusPost if you search for an alternative logistics partner of DHL and FedEx.


As NimbusPost is a shipping aggregator, both DHL and FedEx are among its list of courier partners available at your disposal. With coverage of 29000+ pin codes and a specialized shipping rate calculator, you can find your right courier partner for sure. Up to a 10%* reduction in RTO and NDR reports is another important factor to consider NimbusPost for your eCommerce shipping needs.


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