Shipping is one of the most perplexing elements of running an eCommerce business. It often has a direct effect on how customers perceive your business. Keeping a well-organized process flow improves customer loyalty and your store’s reputation. As the store grows, you should consider automating various parts of the shipping process. In this post, we’ll discuss the benefits of the automated shipping system process, including how you can save time and money.


Shipping Methods That Incorporate Prices From Third-Party Carriers


Integrating the delivery charges of third-party carriers has become a required component for many online retailers. The shipping cost you display to your customers will be directly related to the rate charged by the courier service providers. USPS, UPS, and FedEx – all offer a range of pricing alternatives. You can always consider working with multiple shipping companies based on the locations you wish to cover.


Use Distinctive Shipping Carriers Concurrently


If you are integrating several courier partners, you must be able to retrieve current rates for each carrier. It will ensure that you are getting the best possible deal. Additionally, you may wish to employ business accounts and volume-based shipping discounts. NimbusPost is an excellent choice if you require automated shipping on various levels. It enables you to take advantage of its advanced features like the shipping rate calculator that lets you compare courier prices from multiple courier service providers. Additionally, you might look into discount schemes given by logistics providers.


However, an exclusive shipping plugin that includes popular shipping carrier rates and allows business owners control would significantly simplify matters.


Automatically Print Invoices, Shipping Labels, And Packing Lists


When it comes to shipping, automating the printing process of packing lists, invoices, and shipping labels is a time-saving method. This automated shipping method is applicable regardless of the type of store you operate. Through invoices, you may easily communicate critical policies and order information to customers. Packing lists assist you in determining the things required to complete an order, whilst pick lists to provide an assortment list of many orders.


Automated integration of packing lists and invoice printing will assist you in managing your store’s invoices, packing lists, and pick lists. With it, you can effortlessly print these papers from the orders page, either individually or in bulk. Simultaneously, your clients can access the invoice via the ‘My Account’ tab. With it, your store’s fulfillment process becomes swift and precise. If you wish to print shipping labels in addition to other things, you can use NimbusPost’s Print Invoice, Delivery Note, Packing Slip, and Label integrations.


NimbusPost, a tech-enabled shipping aggregator, enables you to create and print labels in bulk or individually. You may easily customize the size of the basic address and label based on your requirements. Additionally, this automated shipping method is capable of creating invoices, delivery notes, and packing lists. You can begin with the trial version.






Provide A Tracking Link For Shipments To Increase Client Satisfaction


After making an order, your consumer will be excitedly awaiting the product’s delivery. The delay will be considerably more comfortable if the customer is aware of the product’s whereabouts. It is where shipping tracking is useful. Your customer will have access to tracking information, including the estimated delivery date.


The NimbusPost Shipment Tracking enables you to track orders placed in your store. It will be displayed in the emails that you usually send to the customers as a notification. Additionally, customers can get tracking information via the view pages and order tracking. It produces an instant tracking link for all shipping providers as you enter the tracking number. You must give the URL to the company’s tracking page for custom providers.


Apart from the standard capabilities, NimbusPost includes an on-time status update for select carriers. Your customers can monitor the tracking status of their orders on the ”My Account” page’s order information section.


Warehousing And Lead Generation


Some marketplaces allow you to specify a lead time for back-ordered or out-of-stock products. However, they do not allow you to specify a lead time for back-ordered and in-stock products. They allow you to inform your customers when the products will be available for purchase. In an ideal world, this information would be provided on the single product page, allowing customers to make an informed decision about whether to place an order or wait for the item to become available once again.


You may successfully streamline your fulfillment process by utilizing NimbusPost’s automation shipping option. The result will be an increase in your productivity as well as increased customer satisfaction. To set a shipping estimate for each product, you may use the Estimated Shipping Date Per Product plugin or integration.


With several settings, including minimum delivery date and a variety of date formats, NimbusPost integrates eCommerce marketplaces like Shopify, WooCommerce, Unicommerce, and others. It allows your customers to select a delivery date for their orders. Hence, it is a full automation option in this respect.


You also get the option to restrict distribution for specified periods and specific places. You may streamline your checkout process by using address validation. Address validation is another shipping process automation solution that can help you save both time and money.




Automation In Shipping – Are You Ready?


When you use shipping automation that assists you with this capability, you can forget about the inconveniences of invalid or inaccurate addresses. You are required to sign up on NimbusPost to link your store to an address verification service. You will be able to geocode or verify addresses in this manner. Some service providers also provide an option for auto-completion of the customer’s address entry.


Using the Google Maps API, NimbusPost gives its clients address suggestions throughout the checkout process. Because it uses the API, the address validation feature is completely foolproof.

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