Skyrocket sales and exceptional customer fulfilment are the two main goals of most working professionals and business owners. Are your monthly orders increasing but are not fulfilled on time? Do you dream to have smooth product shipment management but do not know how to recognize the best shipping aggregators? Well, you need to evaluate your existing shipping service provider to improve logistics operations for your business. Sound shipping and warehousing operations enable any ecommerce business to accomplish the daily set goals. So, it’s time you have the same to accomplish your product shipment and business productivity goals.

An online business is always unpredictable because it can receive bulk orders today and may receive a lesser average tomorrow. Therefore, most business owners bring innovation and advanced services to curve the success rate line upwards. Besides, some people always watch out for low-investment business ideas to match the steps with potential competitors.

Ecommerce businesses with bulk orders rarely get a grace period to fulfil them, which can affect their relationship with customers and eventually their market reputation. A shipping aggregator with comprehensive logistics services can help online sellers deliver within the stipulated time, and at competitive shipping rates. Leveraging the advanced technology of these logistics partners, businesses can make a huge difference to their customers’ shopping experience. Now let’s understand what a logistics aggregator is and how it can help your business.

What Is A Shipping Aggregator?

Shipping Aggregator  AKA Logistics Aggregator or Courier Aggregator, generally partner with multiple courier companies to assist online sellers in optimizing their logistics operations. NimbusPost is one such company based in India that offers the most cost-effective courier solutions and facilitates a free shipping calculator among other important features.

The shipping aggregators tie up with third-party courier partners to provide online sellers with multiple courier options. Regardless of the industry type, the business associates or partners need to have a written agreement to work within the legal boundaries. The same applies to shipping service providers to secure the customers from losses or potential frauds.

Where Can Shipping Aggregators Work For You?

Suppose your business gets a monthly order volume of 500-1000 products, and a local courier service provider cannot fulfil your requirement in a reasonable budget. At this point, a shipping aggregator can help you out with multiple options of courier partners. Moreover, a shipping aggregator helps e-commerce companies with the following features and benefits:

    • Wide pin code reach
    • API integration with ecommerce channels and marketplaces
    • Instant selection of courier partners in India
    • Reduced RTO with fast shipping
    • Multi-carrier management on a single platform
    • Multiple payment options
    • Competitive shipping charges
    • Quick COD remittance

How Important Is A Shipping Aggregator For An Ecommerce Business?

The logistics industry is progressing for the last 10 years. Hence, shipping aggregator can be a new courier terminology, but it is progressing in multiple ways. Many logistics aggregators provide you with a database of courier partners. Meanwhile, some aggregators like NimbusPost offer warehousing and distribution centers.

By associating your business with a shipping aggregator, you head towards the peak of ecommerce order fulfilment. Besides, shipping courier services help you focus on the current NDR for your business. It also saves you from hassles in dealing with RTO (Return of Origin) losses.

Advantages Posed By Shipping Aggregators!

Now that you understand how logistics aggregators hold importance for your business, you can refer to the upcoming advantages. The below points cover major solutions that Indian shipping service providers can offer to your underlying shipment issues.

  • Broad Pin Code Reach: If your existing courier partner does not cover a remote area for product delivery, you still have multiple options on a shipping aggregator platform. In simple words, a shipping aggregator enables you to expand your business or cover remotest areas at reasonable prices.
  • Endless courier partner options: Visit the shipping aggregators’ platform to procure a listing of integrated courier partners. The interface filters your search for the specific needs to match courier partners. Besides, it also showcases results contingent upon the delivery and pickup locations.
  • Marketplace and Website Integration: You can connect your marketplace or website with the API of shipping aggregators. It helps the API platform to register your site and sync orders directly from it.
  • Return Order Management: You can manage the return orders by redirecting or reprocessing them through an aggregator platform. Pin code inaccessibility will never be an excuse for your unsuccessful product delivery.
  • Access to a multifunctional platform: The shipping services by logistics aggregators help you to manage the return and forward order processing at a single platform. Furthermore, you can instantly process the orders without anyone’s assistance.
  • Multiple Payment options: Shipping aggregators facilitate multiple payment modes like prepaid and cash on delivery. Hence, you can enjoy business success and multiple payment collection opportunities with courier aggregators.
  • Setup Fee: Most logistics aggregators with warehouse and storage facilities give you a no-cost setup platform. In this way, you solely pay for shipping charges and improve buyers’ e-commerce shopping experience.
  • Inventory Management: Some aggregators offer inventory management through their fulfilment services. From there, you can locate and manage bulk orders instantly.

More Features of Shipping Aggregator Platforms!

  • Shipping Recommendation Engine: The shipping aggregator platforms analyze your search to suggest the most suitable logistics partners for you. Besides, the platform analysis is based on return order management, COD remittance, delivery performance, and pickup location.
  • COD Reconciliation: Local courier partners facilitate quarterly or half-yearly COD remittance, making it challenging for you to manage finances and customer orders. However, shipping aggregators generally highlight weekly or monthly COD remittance, enabling you to manage the finances and work for better sales.
  • Data-Backed and AI Platforms: Many shipping services in India come with artificial intelligence-based shipping aggregator platforms. It helps you in making informed business decisions and improves the shopping experience for your customers.
  • Business Analytics: When your orders, sales, revenue, and profits are balanced and managed, your business will only see success. Shipping aggregators help you procure detailed shipment analytics to make logistics strategies and improve your business.
  • Automated NDR: Courier Aggregators help you track NDR reports and act instantly to reduce the undelivered orders’ processing time. Consequently, you can save money on RTO orders up to 10%*. (T&C apply).

Do You Need A Shipping Aggregator?

The shipping service industry is nowhere near a recession in the upcoming decades. Hence, it is wise to partner with a suitable courier aggregator. NimbusPost is readily available to connect you with leading courier partners to ship across more than 27000 pin codes in India. Besides, remotest areas can now come under the radar of your sales with a shipping aggregator assisting you.

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