While many eCommerce companies are adopting omnichannel approaches that include both online and offline infrastructural and logistical challenges, it is posing a roadblock for them. Many logistics experts critic and predict the effects of technological and materialistic transformation of the supply chain. Hence, it is high time that online sellers start materializing their logistics supply chain to fulfill the changing customer demands with third-party logistics.


Since logistical operations are imperative for any eCommerce seller, it should connect with efficient logistics companies that can reflect on their promised agreements. In 2021, third-party logistics software is readily available for Indian online sellers to streamline their online orders and deliver the same promptly. Currently, NimbusPost is ranking on top of the best shipping aggregators’ list because it has more than 27 courier partners on its platform. This shipping aggregator also covers 29000+ pin codes, making it the fastest-growing logistics company in the industry.


NimbusPost as a Logistics Software


Outsourced supply chain operations, including transportation and warehousing, are managed by NimbusPost’s advanced logistics software. Companies that do not want to run their truck fleets or warehouses might hire it to do the same. The company leverages a technically-advanced software to plan, monitor, and arrange supply chain activities on behalf of its clients, who should always have access to the software to promote supply chain transparency.


NimbusPost’s warehouse management software and transportation management software work as a suite of supply chain management solutions for online sellers. Furthermore, online sellers are increasingly using the advanced shipping aggregator, which necessitates interaction with eCommerce platforms.


NimbusPost meets the following criteria as a third-party logistics software:

  • Manage service level agreements and SCM outsourcing contracts
  • Allows for inventory and multi-warehouse management functionality
  • Provide shipping and transportation management
  • Keep track of all outsourced supply chain costs
  • Maintain a database of supply chain service suppliers
  • Allow sellers to see inventory availability and other information
  • Include measurements and KPIs that users may use to track their progress


Courier Partners Under One Roof


NimbusPost is an Indian logistics aggregator or a third-party logistics software with a 29,000+ pin code delivery network. 40,000+ online sellers use this platform to carry out shipping operations. Every day, NimbusPost handles over two million transactions, proving its industry dominance. The online sellers can also choose from over 27 courier partners for hassle-free deliveries. Some of them are:



Delhivery acquired and UAE-based eCommerce courier business; Aramex has been exporting and importing since 1997. It can deliver the domestic orders of online sellers quickly. It is a major logistics provider in India with smooth order monitoring, COD orders, packaging, and bulk orders.


Blue Dart

Since 1983, Blue Dart has been a renowned worldwide courier. It covers over 35,000 pin codes internationally and offers different payment alternatives. In addition, it provides slot-based/time-based delivery, COD, expedited, waterproof order packing, and automated delivery proof.



Founded in 2011, it is a significant logistics firm. It has 10,000 Indian clients 75% of which are major online sellers. Its wide variety of services is usually commended for COD and reverse logistics. It focuses on fast delivery, with options for next-day, same-day, and on-demand.



It is another prominent courier service provider for Indian e-commerce. Your supply chain may be optimized with its worldwide distribution facilities in over 220 countries. In addition, DHL covers approximately 26000 pin codes in India to decrease waste and environmental impact.



It is a global logistics giant and provides rapid delivery, COD, collects on delivery, shipping, bulk shipping, and heavyweight shipping choices. You may also pick between interstate and intra-city delivery options.





Ecom Express

It is an Indian eCommerce courier service. Businesses that deal in high-value goods like gems use it since it covers over 27000 pin codes. 72-hour customer delivery and return warehouse guarantee are also included.



It is another global eCommerce logistics service company that entered India to assist online businesses. FedEx is one of the top eCommerce service providers since it can convey dangerous, heavy, valuable, and fragile goods.



It must be on the list of reputable logistics services in India. It was formed in 1989 to help both brick-and-mortar and internet retailers. Gati now covers India’s pin codes and districts. It also provides warehouse and transportation services for eCommerce enterprises. It also accepts COD orders and allows for bespoke warehouse pick-ups.


Safe Express

It has been in the logistics sector for over 20 years. Supply chain solutions are its specialty for eCommerce enterprises. It connects delivery vans to smart devices for real-time tracking. It also helps transportation units plan delivery routes.


Features of NimbusPost

  • Its courier recommendation engine lets you choose the most appropriate courier partner for your specific shipping needs.
  • With a 30-minute call-back feature, you do not need to queue up for hours to get in touch with customer support representatives.
  • It gives its customers complete control over correcting the non-delivery of their shipments via its NDR panel.
  • It assigns a relationship manager to help you throughout the shipping process.
  • It has launched its global fulfillment solutions to help you bring down overall logistics costs.





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India’s most dependable delivery service providers can assist you in delivering things on time and in the correct area. Additionally, the courier partners listed have all been in operation for years. Consequently, they have developed a solid reputation for providing high-quality and expedited delivery services throughout India. As a result, hundreds of online sellers have relied on NimbusPost to keep up with customer demands.

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