“Good ideas start with brainstorming. Great ideas start with coffee.”


India, mainly a tea-drinking nation, is slowly and steadily rooting for coffee. As cafes are increasingly becoming the meeting place in India, it’s leading to new coffee consumers in the country. While most consumers have their go-to coffee variants from the usual latte, cappuccino, and espresso, many people are moving out of their comfort zone to try something new.


These days, you can find coffee in different kinds of foods, ice creams, and frozen desserts. So, coffee lovers aren’t limited to just one variety of coffee. Besides, coffee drinkers today aren’t just trying new flavors but brands too. When it comes to the fastest-emerging coffee brands in India, Sleepy Owl Coffee has become a prominent name in a short time.


How Was Sleepy Owl Coffee Founded?


Sleepy Owl was founded by the trio Arman Sood, Ajai Thandi, and Ashwajeet Singh in 2016. With a professional background in law and banking, the trio wanted to offer Indian consumers something better than instant coffee.


Aiming to introduce good quality cold brew in India which was a hit in the US, the three friends decided to create a product that could be easily consumed at home without getting into brewing complications. As they realized that most of India’s best coffee is exported, they started brewing coffee at a small apartment in Dwarka, owned by Ashwajeet’s parents.


As cold brew is 70% less acidic, less bitter, and naturally sweet, the product of Sleepy Owl founders had good enough reasons to become a hit among consumers. Presently, Sleepy Owl’s ready-to-drink signature cold brew in different flavors like classic, hazelnut, mocha, and others are a hit among its consumers.


As the company sources single-origin Arabica beans from Chikamaglur, steeps in cold water to extract the brew and filter it before packing it, the complete procedure creates a product that widely appeals to the Indian palate. Their products became a huge success, and retailers started approaching them within six months of their launch online.



Business Challenges and Solutions


Though Sleepy Owl’s ready-to-drink coffee products became a hit among millennials, the company had to face several challenges while growing. One of the major challenges was regarding the delivery of the products. For every eCommerce business, the quality of the product is important but the customer’s delivery experience is even more important.


Like every business, Sleepy Owl managed the deliveries smoothly in the initial phase as there were a few orders to fulfill. They had partnered with individual courier partners. As the business grew, they decided to deliver the products pan India. They continued the partnership with their previous courier partner.


As Sleepy Owl Coffee’s number of orders grew, so did their difficulties. Often, their customers wouldn’t receive their orders in time. Many times, customers wouldn’t receive their orders at all. On the other hand, the brand would get fake delivery reports from the courier partner. All this put an alarm for the business as the brand’s well-earned trust with customers started shaking.


At this point, the coffee brand needed a solution that could support its growing business. Soon after, Arman, one of the co-founders of Sleepy Owl Coffee, got to know about NimbusPost from one of his mentors. They signed up to NimbusPost, and one of our executives got in touch with them to proceed further.


By signing up with our advanced logistics platform, Sleepy Owl successfully got back everything on track. Leveraging our AI-enabled shipping platform, they not only managed to tackle the shipping hassles but also got many other benefits like 27+ leading national and local courier partners to expand their delivery reach across 29000+ pin codes.



NimbusPost offered several important features like an NDR panel, AI-based courier recommendation engine, an advanced rate calculator, and cloud-calling for COD orders to ease Sleepy Owl’s logistics operations. Further, using the real-time order tracking feature, the brand gets to see each order’s shipment status in real-time. They also offer time-to-time order updates to their end customers. The end-to-end feature-packed shipping platform resolved each shipping hassle of the fastest-growing eCommerce start-up.


In Arman Sood’s words, “Ever since we’ve partnered with NimbusPost, all our delivery issues started being resolved. And, their trust with customers started to rebuild. Our order fulfillment rates have also improved significantly in the past two years.”

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