Online product selling has become a new trend lately. It is not only boosting the industries but also supporting the Indian economy. With more sellers joining online marketplaces every day, the buyers get endless options to purchase. Subsequently, 2021 is becoming the growth-filled year for online businesses in India. You can also become an online seller in India because the registration process for a new business has become quite simple and fast nowadays.


In this blog, we will discuss how can you become an online seller on most of the eCommerce platforms out there. Details for becoming a Flipkart and Paytm seller are accessible here. In addition, we will focus on how to set up an individual online store or company so that you can make a difference between the two.


Become an Online Seller and Boost Your Business


Digital progression in India has helped thousands of SMEs to sell their products online and contribute better to the economy. As people have started shopping online, the eCommerce market is becoming more customer-oriented. In connection with the shopping trend, online selling is becoming easier and faster with each passing day.


We are listing some fundamental steps for you to become an online seller. Similarly, most eCommerce platforms have a standard registration process for all online Indian sellers. Let’s check out the steps now:


  • Find a suitable eCommerce platform like Shopify, Unicommerce, etc. to register and sell products.
  • Keep the business details ready like email address, contact number, GST number, etc.
  • Arrange and list your products for maximum customer visibility on the registered eCommerce platform.
  • Browse through the shipment options and choose the best logistics partner for your needs.
  • Register your bank details on the eCommerce platform to enjoy hassle-free payments.

How to Become Amazon India Seller

How to Become an Ecommerce Site Owner?

Sole proprietorship comes in multiple ways and the online world is no different. As mentioned earlier, you can always become an online seller on any eCommerce platform. However, the same does not apply when you register a business and solely control its operations. In addition, you would need to comply with eCommerce legislation.

The process of becoming an online seller or proprietor is elaborated on below. Besides, we also suggest that you take an expert’s advice before setting up your online store.


  • Purchase a domain name and its web hosting from a third-party platform to set up your eCommerce store.
  • Manage and customize the outlook of your new online store.
  • List and organize products for better audience coverage.
  • Link a payment gateway for smooth order processing.


You will also need a current bank account to make your online store legal and owned. Establishment license(s) and tax registration are other two aspects that make your business legit. At this point, you will need the following documents to become an online seller by owning an eCommerce site:


    • Canceled cheque or bank statement
    • Duplicate bills of water, landline, and electricity bill
    • Government-authorized ID card
    • A no-objection certificate (NOC)
    • Permanent account number card
    • Provision compliant declaration
    • GST number
    • Trademark registration




Things to Consider Before Becoming an Online Seller in India

Multiple online sellers in India are constantly expanding their product line on eCommerce platforms. It is not just fetching them profits but also taking their business to a next level. However, how do they strategize to stay on the top list? We will answer this question of yours.


It all zeroes into the initial business concept creation phase. If you take suitable measures to understand your market, audience, and other aspects, you can also become a successful online seller in no time. You should consider the below-listed things before starting to sell products online:


  • Payment Gateway Expense: Every business is intertwined with one another. Whether you are an online seller or have an e commerce store, you are liable to bear payment gateway expenses. Therefore, it is best that you select a cost-effective payment gateway option for your business.
  • Product Marketing: Whether you are a new seller or expanding your product portfolio, you will need marketing tools to promote the products. Ask yourself if you are prepared to invest in marketing or not. The online world is filled with premium and free stuff. You can initially start with free product marketing tools and then, switch to premium ones.
  • Product Packaging: How you wish to deliver your products to the customers is up to you. Hence, browse through the endless options of packaging materials and adjudge the cost of your product packaging.
  • Shipping Cost: You will certainly have to deliver products to the buyers’ doorstep. Hence, it is wise that you contact logistics service providers like NimbusPost to get an average estimate on shipping costs. Small, as well as established online Indian sellers who are leveraging the automated services of NimbusPost, enjoy benefits like 27+ courier partners to deliver across 29000+ pin codes.
  • Storage: Suppose you are getting bulk orders, where would you store the products until they go for final delivery? To avoid such situations, you can either own or rent a storage unit. In any case, cost matters the most.




Are You Ready to Become an Online Seller?


Business opportunities are endless when you see them from different perspectives. The same applies to selling online. The fundamental result of becoming an online seller, either for proprietorship or affiliation on e-commerce platforms, is always sales. Therefore, you should focus on serving your customers first instead of taking your business to a bigger level.


The process of becoming an Indian online seller has become simple with time. Even small and medium-scale businesses situated in remote areas are coming online to sell their products. Besides becoming an online seller, you can connect to NimbusPost to manage your deliveries in the most cost-efficient manner.

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