Buying a product from Flipkart is an easy task of product research, a few taps of order processing, and payment via COD or online transfer. However, a lot of hard work goes into fulfilling every single order at the seller’s end. Many buyers purchase products from Flipkart regularly. And, every Flipkart seller India listed on the marketplace needs to fulfill the ship orders within the promised timeline.

A Flipkart seller is accountable for processing an order, printing an invoice, labeling the product, the packaging, and finally shipping. Considering the work-incurred in processing a single order, many sellers go for Flipkart logistics to ship multiple orders a month.

In India, Flipkart and Amazon are two major competing marketplaces with a small margin. These two are constantly lookouts for advanced and automated order processing and shipment technologies to stay in the competition. Now, let us understand what Flipkart Seller Hub is and how you can get on board to expand and promote your online business.


What Is Flipkart Seller Hub?

Flipkart Seller Hub is a product selling and listing platform owned by Flipkart. It invites sellers on board for selling their products to millions of Indian buyers. Moreover, this online selling hub also encourages new business owners or companies while guiding them through the online order management and shipment process.

How Selling on Flipkart Is Beneficial For You?

Flipkart is an Indian eCommerce platform that entertains both buyers and sellers on a business level. However, contrary to Flipkart buyers, the sellers cannot sell any products without registering on the platform. In brief, all Flipkart sellers need to register with their legit business credentials to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Growth: Flipkart currently has one billion buyers nationwide. You can also widen your business reach through Flipkart Seller Hub. After a smooth registration process, experienced Flipkart account managers and other professionals will help you manage the orders and selling portal.
  • Low business operational costs: Flipkart can provide details of listings of various Flipkart courier partners for fulfilling the orders and you can avail of the timely payment remittance benefit. Therefore, your online business operational costs come to a minimal range.
  • Ease: Flipkart does not set any minimum or maximum selling limitations on the existing and new sellers. Hence, you can easily become a Flipkart Seller just by submitting some legal business documents and a single product for listing.
  • Transparency: Regardless of your business size, experience, or reputation, Flipkart never differentiates between the partnered sellers. Likewise, all sellers get equal business opportunities time and again.

Know Flipkart Seller Hub Services!

You can procure two services and multiple packaging supplies on Flipkart Seller India Hub. We are deciphering the services and packaging as clearly as possible in the following points:

  • Flipkart Fulfilment: You can register for this service after becoming a Flipkart seller. Flipkart owns a fulfillment center where your products are stored. Moreover, the fulfillment experts perform quality checks on your products, pack them safely, and later put Flipkart Assured badges on them.
  • Smart Fulfilment: It is merely a program rather than a service. By availing of the Smart Fulfilment service, you allow Flipkart to manage your warehouse and inventory to deliver the products on time. However, depending on your choice Flipkart courier service or a third-party logistics partner process your product delivery and shipment in this program.
  • Flipkart Packaging Material: Suppose you have become a Flipkart seller and have not registered to any premium services. At this stage, you can purchase Flipkart packaging material to securely pack your products at the lowest prices. Festive Packaging, Cylindrical Rolls, Fragile Packaging Materials, Cartons, Flipkart Tapes, and Security Bags are available under the Flipkart packaging supplies list.

How To Create A Flipkart Seller Account?

You do not have to procure Flipkart Logistics listing or legal approval to register as a Flipkart Seller. The registration process is quite simple. However, you may need the following things to become a Flipkart Seller:

  • Submit your 10-digit mobile number to receive an OTP.
  • Enter your email address and full name to sign up.
  • Set a unique password to access the account later.
  • Submit the pin code of your product’s pick-up location.
  • Select the suitable options to submit your business details.
  • Prepare your bank details for submission. It will help you with fast payment remittance on Flipkart.
  • Add and list your products on Flipkart.
  • Manage and process your orders via Flipkart Seller Hub Dashboard.

How Sellers Process New Orders on Flipkart?

There’s a lot of technical work involved for Flipkart sellers to process new orders. Therefore, we are mentioning the entire roadmap of Flipkart order processing in the below points:

  • Sellers first need to login into their Flipkart Seller Hub account and visit the dashboard.
  • Active orders are checked in terms of quantity and location.
  • The selection of a warehouse location enables sellers to act on active orders.
  • Shipping labels are generated according to the package weight and dimensions. Besides, the labels are marked under the Flipkart entity.
  • Once the shipping labels are created, the active orders are placed under “ready to dispatch.”
  • Later, the active orders will come under the “Pending Handover” section until Flipkart Logistics partners pick up the order.
  • Before the orders are picked up, the logistics executives give a manifestation to the sellers. The manifestation illustrates the order details, pick-up location, and pick-up date.
  • In the final stage, the active orders shift to the “In-Transit” section, where order tracking is easily accessible for the sellers.

Best Time To Become A Flipkart Seller India!

Now that you know what steps need to be followed to become a Flipkart Seller, you can grow your online business by becoming one. Today’s post is all about Flipkart Seller India Hub, Flipkart Seller Registration, and Flipkart Order Processing. If you have a store on Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Amazon, and other e-commerce channels, NimbusPost can help you to manage and process all the orders in one place. Blue Dart, UPS, XpressBees, DTDC, Delhivery, etc., are some of NimbusPost’s courier partners to help you with bulk order delivery and management.

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