Any marketer will tell you that the secret to expanding your company is to meet your customers where they are. Hence, you’ll probably need to start exporting globally if you want to develop a well-known business on a global scale. You should work with an international courier service that can provide you with the cheapest shipping prices and the most dependable service.

In addition, international courier companies will help keep your buyers happy if you want to launch a global brand. There is a tonne of businesses that ship abroad. You may choose which courier provider can best meet the demands of your company. In addition, the convenience of shipping has a choice in which carriers you choose and for what. The best 10 international courier services for international shipping from India and tips on comparing them using NimbusGlobal’s shipping tools are listed below. Let’s get going!

How to Choose the Best International Courier Services Company For Your eCommerce Business?

While making any decision, the one thing that really matters is the in-depth research one needs to do to choose the right option. The same applies to the process of choosing the best global courier service to grow your business far and beyond. While the marketplace is flooded with multiple courier companies, all you need to do is run thorough research about some of the best international courier service providers in the industry and wisely compare their services, prices offered, coverage, features, and reputation in the market. 

Once you have shortlisted the top service providers, it will be easy for you to pick the right shipping partner which can cater to your current business needs. It is crucial for you to discuss and convey your business needs with your chosen courier partner so that they can prioritize what you require. 


Why Do You Need International Courier Services?

International shipping is a vast industry and one requires expertise and immense knowledge to efficiently sail the complexities it possesses. When you start afresh in international business, there are multiple core areas in the business that demand your attention and time. When you plan to handle shipping and logistics on your own, it drains a lot of time and resources which doesn’t let you focus on other core business operations. The global shipping process has its specific requirements which only professionals can handle.

When you tie up with an international courier service, you outsource your shipping operations to them and they handle everything from customs clearance to last-mile delivery on your behalf. With their extensive network reach, they can easily deliver your goods to diverse international destinations with ease. 

What is the Importance of Budgeting For International Shipping Services?

Budgeting is essential for international shipping services for several reasons:

Cost Control

Budgeting allows businesses to estimate and control their shipping costs effectively. International shipping charges can be expensive, and without a well-planned budget, companies may overspend, which can negatively impact their profitability.

Pricing Accuracy

It helps companies determine the appropriate pricing for their products or services, factoring in shipping costs. Accurate pricing ensures that customers are charged appropriately and that the business can cover its expenses while remaining competitive.

Financial Planning

Budgeting is a crucial component of a company’s overall financial planning. It helps businesses allocate funds strategically, ensuring that they have the necessary resources to support their global operations. 

Risk Management

International shipping involves various risks, such as currency fluctuations, customs delays, and unforeseen charges. A well-thought-out budget can include provisions for managing these risks, helping companies navigate challenges and unexpected expenses.

Performance Evaluation

Budgets serve as a benchmark for evaluating the performance of international shipping operations. Companies can compare actual expenses and performance against budgeted figures, identifying areas where they may need to make adjustments or improvements.


Cash Flow Management

Budgets help companies manage their cash flow effectively by forecasting when expenses related to international shipping will occur. This allows businesses to plan for necessary cash reserves and avoid cash flow problems.

Top International Shipping Companies in India

Depending on the location and requirements of your buyers, here is a list of the top international shipping firms to consider.

1. DHL International Shipping

DHL is one of the best international shipping companies, which provides quick and affordable shipping solutions alongside DHL international courier tracking. With an enormous logistical network, it is considered among the best international shipping businesses. DHL can deliver your items overnight to different locations across the globe.

Benefits of DHL International Shipping:

  • Deal in international small package rapid delivery
  • A top choice if your shipments come within the category of risky items
  • Options include ocean, road, rail, and air international standard shipping
  • Options for expedited air shipment
  • Delivery in remote areas
  • Does not deliver domestically in the US
  • Does not transport live animals


2. FedEx International

One of the biggest and most aggressive international delivery corporations is FedEx international. It can be your top choice when you need to transport products between India and other nations. It also provides users with a delivery parcel tracking feature.

Benefits of International Shipping with FedEx:

  • Transportation of delicate goods internationally
  • Services for perishable and temperature-sensitive goods in a climate-controlled environment
  • Cost-effective international courier charges and faster shipping options
  • Options for expedited and affordable freight shipment for LTL cargo
  • Tracking at the pallet level
  • The total shipping weight is limitless
  • High-end customer service
  • Deliveries on Saturday


3. DB Schenker

One of the biggest multinational businesses, DB Schenker, has more than 2000 sites globally with its headquarters in Germany. It is a great choice for your shipping requirements in Europe alongside worldwide international courier services since it provides land, ocean, and air freight and package delivery services.

Benefits of shipping with DB Shenker:

  • Parcel delivery over all of Europe
  • 720 branches offering LTL shipping services
  • Fastest alternatives for set delivery times for international ground freight
  • Worldwide shipment with ocean freight and air freight
  • Most affordable international shipment with budget air freight shipping
  • International parcel


4. NimbusGlobal

Headquartered in Gurugram, Haryana, NimbusGlobal offers international parcel services across 196+ countries. Backed by an advanced tech platform, the shipping aggregator offers comprehensive shipping services to ensure the fastest delivery across the globe.

Features & Benefits of NimbusGlobal

  • Advanced tech-enabled dashboard and hassle-free clearance to simplify international shipping from India for eCommerce sellers, e-tailers, exporters, importers, marketplaces, as well as individuals.
  • Single unified tracking removes the need for multiple tracking numbers and enhances the post-shopping experience for the clients.
  • Lowest shipping rates, starting with 215/50gm to facilitate a high margin on global sales.
  • Minimum documentation to fast-track international courier.
  • Two-day deliveries with global warehouse and fulfillment services.
  • 11+ service partners to ensure non-stop shipping.
  • Customized shipping labels to assist in better brand presence.

 5. UPS Worldwide

You shouldn’t let UPS go unnoticed. This international courier service provider ranks among the top courier companies. In addition to being well-known in the US for its excellent domestic services, it has a broad logistic network in 220+ territories and nations globally. In addition, UPS is adaptable enough to accommodate practically all shipping requirements.

Benefits of Transporting with UPS Worldwide

  • Best for transporting live household animals and dangerous products
  • All packages will be delivered within five days after being received
  • Optional two-day and overnight deliveries are available for a fee
  • Transportation of international freight via ocean and air
  • Online tools to assist with scheduling shipments and filling out customs documentation
  • Sophisticated tracking abilities



6. YRC Freight 

YRC Freight is a competitive choice to consider if you need to move substantial amounts of freight internationally or locally within North America. Although its freight services are only available within North America, they are good for LTL shipping.

Benefits of YRC Freight

  • Best for two-day/overnight delivery alongside shipments with a regulated temperature
  • Ideal freight rates for shipments
  • Options for expedited air freight for timely and essential shipments
  • No constraints on size or weight


7. DTDC International

With its headquarters in Mumbai, DTDC has a sizable network that allows it to provide international courier services to more than 240 nations globally. So you can’t go wrong with DTDC if you’re searching for the finest international courier to serve your buyers in India.

Benefits of Opting for DTDC International

  • Quick mail and parcel delivery across India


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8. R+L Carriers

International courier service with a fleet of over 13,000 tractor-trailers, excels at less-than-truckload (LTL) and full truckload (FTL) transportation. Additionally, it offers worldwide shipment through ocean and air.

Benefits of R+L Carriers:

  • Best handling of risky or expensive shipments
  • Suitable for shipments requiring temperature regulation
  • LTL shipping from the US to Mexico
  • Rapid delivery of foreign freight with accelerated shipping services


9. PostNL

PostNL, an international and cheapest courier service provider based in Europe, provides its services in nations like the Netherlands, Germany, UK, and Italy. PostNL is among the top shipping carriers if you want to provide your clients with an efficient delivery experience in the Eurozone.

Benefits of PostNL

  • Best for small shipments, mail in the size of an envelope, and eCommerce
  • Shipping between European nations


10. Royal Mail

The UK government owns the multinational shipping firm Royal Mail. Due to its superb, open worldwide courier services, founded in 1516, it is recognized among the most prominent and safest international carriers.

Benefits of Royal Mail

  • Transport in the UK
  • Delivery every day, except bank holidays and Sundays



Which International Courier Service is the Best?

There are only so many factors to consider when choosing the best international parcel services in India. Here’s a detailed guide for international shipping in case you are considering global shipping for the first time.

Once you’ve considered the reach and delivery timelines of different courier partners, it’s crucial to compare the shipping rates as well. Take a look at the list of cheapest international shipping services available out there to save some time comparing the prices.

NimbusGlobal, as a tech-enabled shipping partner, uses advanced tools like an AI-enabled courier recommendation engine, to help make decision-making easy. Leveraging these tech features, you can evaluate shipping costs, a courier partner’s delivery success rate, and other factors all together to ensure fast delivery from any carrier.


Do I need any documentation for international shipping?

Yes. The specific documents required can vary depending on the destination country, the nature of the goods being shipped, and the shipping method used. These documents include commercial invoices, bills of lading or AWB(Airway Bill), certificates of origin, customs documentation, import-export licenses, insurance certificates, and documentation for restricted goods, if any. 


Do I need to pay GST charges on shipping?

Whether you need to pay Goods and Services Tax (GST) charges on shipping depends on the tax laws and regulations in your country or jurisdiction. GST, or its equivalent, is a consumption tax imposed on the supply of goods and services, and it varies from one place to another.   


What if I want to ship with more than one cheapest international carrier?

As per your business needs, you can ship with more than one international courier via tying up with NimbusGlobal. We collaborate with 15+ top global courier partners like DHL, FedEx, UPS, dpd, Aramex, TNT, etc. 


Which Is The Cheapest International Courier Service Provider Shipping From India?

While international shipping is usually a little costly, shipping rates offered by courier services largely depend on the weight and destination of your shipment. Some of the affordable international courier services are DHL, Yodel, dpd, Aramex, UPS, etc. 


Which Are The Best International Courier Service Providers?

Some of the top companies for international shipping from India are  DHL, FedEx, UPS, dpd, Aramex, TNT, Yodel, USPS, DB Schenker, etc.   


Is DHL good for international couriers?

With a team of 600,000 working professionals and a presence in over 220 countries and territories, DHL is a global leader in shipping and logistics. With their multiple business segments like DHL Express, DHL Global Forwarding, DHL Supply Chain, etc., they are trusted by leading business leaders around the globe.     


Does DTDC deliver internationally?

DTDC has ground business operations in 21+ nations and an extensive delivery network across 240 countries and territories.  


How do send an international courier?

Sending an international courier involves several steps to ensure that your package reaches its destination safely and efficiently. These steps include:

  • Selecting a courier company 
  • Preparing your package
  • Labelling 
  • Preparing customs documentation 
  • Scheduling a pick up and drop off
  • Declaring the value of the content of your shipment to customs
  • Delivering and tracking your shipment 


How much does it cost to send a 1 kg parcel to the USA from India?

To ship from India to the USA, the average shipping charge is 2903 INR/1 KG parcel. 

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