Having clear goals can help online sellers make the upcoming year their best in terms of eCommerce sales, customer retention, and more. The 2022 resolutions of eCommerce businesses should be appealing and aspiring for the people to act and support them. There can be some ideas on your list for 2022 if you are an online seller because the eCommerce industry is expected to see significant growth. From a business point of view, we have noted down the most workable ideas that you can use to improve your eCommerce business in 2022. The upcoming ideas are not challenging to adapt. In addition to that, you can also implement and act upon the listed ideas all year long.


Some New Year Resolutions to Boost eCommerce Sales in 2022


As stated earlier, the eCommerce industry is predicted to have a stable growth rate in the upcoming years. It is because most buyers prefer online stores over going outside and buying the same products. You can take benefit of this new buying trend and make progressive resolutions every new year. Some of our listed ideas are:


Know the Buyers


Most people make business resolutions for the new year in different ways. There are resolutions that your business can achieve, such as increasing sales target by 10%, launching offers to clear outdated inventory, and so on. From the roughly created business resolutions list, you can also implement those that change your business behavior towards understanding your buyers.


According to eCommerce experts, companies that build long-term customer relationships and understand their customers better and easily adopt a habit to accomplish their resolutions.


You can understand your buyers by asking them to review your products or services. Customer care executives of your eCommerce business can also routinely interact with your customers. All your efforts will eventually become a habit that will bring profits and new customers to your business.


You can also create a schedule to achieve your resolution of knowing the buyers better in 2022 to improve the eCommerce sales.


Respond Quickly


An eCommerce company that is smart, quick, and small can compete with big companies. Competitive advantages often have to do with the shopping experience of your buyers. Now the question comes- “How to improve the experience?”  The answer is simple. You can improve your customer experience by giving better service to your customers.


In this way, your resolution for 2022 should make your response time better for the customers. You can also set a 30% or 50% target to bring this change to your business. In general, the businesses that respond quickly to their customers have better customer relationships, retention, and reviews.


Speed Up Shipping


Reduce the time it takes for your customers to get their orders by 10% by delivering them faster. Most Indian buyers now use Amazon to get products quickly and at zero shipping cost! You can also offer the same product delivery experience to your buyers by making immediate and small changes in your shipping process.


Most online buyers now expect their orders to come in a few days. They want faster and better products than an eCommerce business with good ethics.


So, in 2022, you can focus on making small changes to your shipping timelines. It could include speeding up order processing by using multiple courier partners of tech-enabled shipping aggregators like NimbusPost.


Use Eco-Friendly or Less Packaging


Every business will have to think about being more environmentally friendly in the upcoming years. Do not be surprised when buyers set their carbon budgets in 2022 and choose eCommerce businesses that take good environmental initiatives.


Being an online seller, you can be ahead of the game and prevent your buyers from shifting from your products because of the packaging materials. If possible, you can use recycled or environment-friendly packaging materials for all your orders. If you find it expensive, you can use less packaging for your products because eco-friendly packaging in any term attracts smart and decisive buyers.


Some small brick-and-mortar shops in Kerala and Tamil Nadu are becoming famous because they use banana leaves and newspapers as their packaging materials. You can find many social media posts on eco-friendly packaging options or ideas that you can use for your improved eCommerce sales and better business.





Cut Down Supply Chain


You can reduce 20% of your supply chain to save money and time for other business operations. One of the lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic is that eCommerce supply chains are not always safe. This is why, you can try making them shorter to some extent in 2022, either by reducing the distance or time.


Some businesses are reducing their supply chains by 20%. Still, it is all up to you because your eCommerce sales target may be different from theirs. The decided percentage can also be changed as required for your eCommerce business with time. The fundamental key to this 2022 eCommerce business resolution is to pay attention to where your products come from. Are there suppliers of the same product near your business and the customers? Is there any chance that the delivery process can be sped up?


Say No to Outdated Software


Outdated software is like having knickknacks in your attic. Obsolete software tends to build up in the corners of all businesses. Many SaaS apps do similar operations before anyone even notices them. In 2022, you can get rid of all the extra and outdated software because it increases your business expenditure and keeps you from investing in the future. You have to review all the licensed SaaS programs and find out how they are used and why. Once you have all the needed details, you can combine or get rid of existing software with them.







These are some new year resolutions that can help you boost eCommerce sales in 2022. You can also add more resolutions to your list because being an online seller and staying connected with customers is a challenging task. Since most of the resolutions can be achieved with help of a competitive logistics partner, speed up your delivery process and cut down on shipping expenses with NimbusPost. It will not only assist you to compare every courier partner’s shipping rates but also help in increasing your serviceability locations.

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