Serving a bigger customer base is always a blessing for any business. But meeting the huge market demand isn’t as easy as it may sound to some. Fulfilling the order demands involves a lot of factors that help in streamlining the entire order fulfillment process. Contrary to the popular belief that a business just needs to hand over its order fulfillment activities to a third-party courier partner, it’s important to pick the right logistics partner to expect good returns. Choosing a logistics partner is always the hardest task as you give someone else the authority to shape your customer’s experience. To give a fair idea of different logistics platforms’ features and services, today we’ve come up with a detailed comparison between Shyplite and NimbusPost.


A Brief Introduction of NimbusPost and Shyplite



NimbusPost is a seller-centric, technologically advanced logistics platform to bring India’s most reputed 27+ local and national courier partners on a single platform. We’ve designed a shipping platform that fits the specific logistics needs of SMEs and large enterprises. With our strong API integration, NDR panel, automated cloud-calling feature for COD delivery, and many other features, you can cut down on your overall logistics costs without compromising on your customers’ experience.



Shyplite is a Gurugram based logistics service provider to offers logistics services across 26000 pin codes within India.


Feature and Service Comparison


Pin Code Reach

NimbusPost Shyplite
29000+ Pin Codes 26000 Pin Codes




NimbusPost Shyplite
Courier Integrations 27+ including FedEx, Blue Dart, DTDC, Delhivery, etc. 23
Channel Integrations 10+ including Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, Unicommerce, etc. 8
Integration with Amazon Yes Yes



Seller Support

NimbusPost Shyplite
Chat Support Yes No
Call Support Yes, Call-Back Feature Yes
Email Support Yes Yes


Shipping Rate

NimbusPost Pricing Shyplite Pricing
Rs. 21/500gm Rs. 21/500gm


Platform Features

NimbusPost Shyplite
Courier Recommendation Engine Yes No
Shipping Rate Calculator Yes Yes
NDR Panel Yes, Real-time Access No
AI-Based Fraud Detection Yes No
Cloud-calling for COD order confirmation Yes, IVR Calling No
COD Remittance Thrice-a-week Once-a-week
COD Remittance (Within one day after order delivery) Yes* No
Custom Branded Tracking Page Yes Yes
Order Tracking Yes, Real-time Tracking Yes
Email & SMS Notification Yes Yes
RM Provided Yes No
Fulfillment Solutions Yes, Worldwide Yes, Domestic



Why NimbusPost is a Better Choice?

A growing business usually generates more revenue. But, purely focusing on increasing the ROI doesn’t work for any business in the long run. A business needs to first earn the trust of its customers by offering quality products and enhancing the shopping experience of customers. NimbusPost helps businesses add value to their market repute by fulfilling their orders in the minimum time, at the lowest rates, and in the best condition. We’ve got your back with India’s top 27+ local and national carrier partners to help you serve even to the farthest customers across 29000+ pin codes. Let’s take a look at the strongest points of NimbusPost.




Maximum Pin Code Reach

Limited pin code reach can limit your business growth as well. You need a logistics partner that enables you to reach even the farthest customer. The wider pin code serviceability you get, the more customers you’ll be able to serve. NimbusPost gives you the ability to ship orders to customers across 29000+ pin codes and increase your customer base, giving you the perfect reason to sign up for free.


Channel Integrations

Integration to leading marketplaces and e-commerce channels plays a major role in streamlining your shipping process. If your logistics partner doesn’t offer the integration facility, you will have to manage the entire shipping process manually which is a much more time-consuming activity. NimbusPost lets you integrate your Amazon store or a store built on Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Unicommerce, or other e-commerce channels for automated shipping in the fastest duration.


Instant Support

Getting in touch with customer support persons may take the longest time especially when you need it urgently. With NimbusPost, you don’t need to queue up for hours to get in touch with customer support representatives. We enable our clients with a 30-minute call-back feature to resolve their queries at the quickest. You can also connect to us via our chat feature to connect without waiting at all.


Courier Recommendation Engine

NimbusPost’s courier recommendation engine lets you choose the most appropriate courier partner for your specific shipping needs. You can avoid delayed shipping, high charges, and other issues using this advanced feature.


NDR Panel Access

NimbusPost gives its customers full control over correcting the non-delivery of their shipments via its NDR panel. By accessing the NDR panel in real-time, you can act immediately to resolve the queries related to undelivered orders or orders marked as RTO by the delivery partner. This way, we protect you from becoming the victim of high RTO due to fake deliveries marked by delivery partners.


COD Advantages

By using our auto cloud-calling feature, you can confirm the COD orders in advance which ultimately helps in reducing RTO. Being a seller-friendly logistics platform, we also offer you early COD remittance to help you with regular cash flow.


Relationship Manager

NimbusPost assigns a relationship manager to e-commerce sellers to help them throughout the shipping process. You can connect with your relationship manager anytime to get your queries resolved without waiting.


Global Fulfilment Solution

NimbusPost has launched its global fulfillment solutions to help e-commerce sellers bring down overall logistics costs. You can store your inventory near your customers in our worldwide located fulfillment centers and ship directly from there to save huge shipping costs and time.





With all the major comparison points highlighted above, we hope you can choose the most-suited logistics solution for your business. Before you decide to go for either option, do compare the Shyplite login experience with NimbusPost’s as you will get a fair idea about the usability of both platforms.

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