The USA and India are considered among the strongest allies in the world. Both countries have a dynamic and ever-evolving relationship that reflects trade, technology, and education. In 2021, overall U.S.-India bilateral trade in goods and services reached a whopping $157 billion. This shows that the United States is India’s most important export market, and it’s no wonder many entrepreneurs are seeking to tap into it.

But, to make a splash in international shipping, you’ll need to find the best courier service from India to the USA. With goods like butter, gems, jewelry, and pharmaceuticals from India in high demand in the USA, choosing the right courier service can make all the difference in your venture’s success.

In this blog, we’ve compiled a guide to top international courier services for shipping from India to the USA and tips to help you navigate the process smoothly and cost-effectively.


Best Courier Services for Shipping from India to the USA



With the mission to make international shipping hassle-free and accessible, NimbusPost focuses on providing seamless experiences for eCommerce sellers, e-tailers, marketplaces, and individuals looking to ship products across the globe. NimbusGlobal, the international shipping service offered by NimbusPost, allows customers to ship across 196+ countries with ease. This cutting-edge service provides comprehensive features and benefits, ensuring smooth and cheapest shipping from India to the USA and the world.



DHL Express, a renowned logistics company, was established in 1969 and has since been a pioneer in the international courier services industry. They provide a comprehensive suite of services, which includes cargo shipping, parcel shipping, and all kinds of enterprise logistics solutions designed to meet the needs of businesses and individuals looking to ship products worldwide. Some key features include reliable delivery, flexible options, and excellent customer support.


Blue Dart

With its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra, the company has built a strong network spanning over 35,000 pin codes within India and offers international delivery services in more than 220 countries worldwide. Blue Dart is known for its fast, reliable, and value-based shipping solutions, making it a popular choice for handling cross-border orders.



FedEx, founded in 1971, has become a globally recognized brand for international shipping. With a mission to connect people with goods, services, and ideas, FedEx operates under the belief that a connected world is a better world. Some of their key services include FedEx International Economy, FedEx International First, and FedEx International Priority.

The company has an extensive network, reaching more than 19,000 pin codes within India and serving over 220 countries worldwide. FedEx is known for its reliability, speed, and diverse range of shipping services tailored for businesses of all sizes.



With a strong commitment to innovation and customer service, Aramex has expanded its reach to over 240 countries, serving start-ups and established eCommerce businesses. In India, Aramex operates in collaboration with Delhivery, offering a vast range of shipping services to cater to various customer needs.

Aramex ensures a strong international presence for businesses looking to ship globally. Their services– Export Express, Air & Ocean Freight Shipping, Express Logistics, DDP (Delivered Duty Paid), and DDU (Delivered Duty Unpaid) suit different needs of businesses and can be their competitive advantage.



As a homegrown logistics giant, Delhivery has garnered a strong reputation for its effective domestic and international courier delivery services. With a focus on innovation and technology, Delhivery has implemented an integrated system to provide seamless and efficient shipping solutions via air and sea freight to over 17,500 pin codes nationwide.

Delhivery offers a wide range of international shipping services which includes:

  1. Global B2C and B2B Shipping:
  2. Sea and Air Cargo Shipping:
  3. Air Express Shipping:
  4. International Fulfillment
  5. Cross-border
  6. International Channel Integration and Management:



As a technology-driven logistics company, Ecom Express has deployed intelligent automation and data-driven solutions that cater to the growing demand for fast and reliable international logistics services required by small, medium, and large online businesses. By leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning, Ecom Express can forecast order volumes, decode unorganized addresses, and optimize international delivery scheduling based on past deliveries.



United Parcel Service (UPS) is a well-established global logistics company with a strong presence in the United States and worldwide, including the Indian eCommerce industry. Founded in 1907, UPS has built a reputation for handling diverse freight, including live animals and hazardous goods. As a trusted international courier service provider, UPS is known for its efficient and expedited shipping solutions that enable seamless doorstep delivery from India to the United States.



India Post

India Post is an initiative of the Ministry of Communication and Technology and the oldest and most reliable postal service in India, managed by the Department of Post. With its extensive network and affordable rates, India Post has become an essential partner for many eCommerce businesses looking to ship their products domestically and internationally, like from India to the USA.



Committed to timely and reliable deliveries, DTDC is an India-based courier company established as a prominent domestic and international service provider. With a strategic network of offices and distribution centres spanning over 240 countries, including numerous SAARC countries and parts of China, DTDC has earned its reputation as one of the best international courier services. The company has also partnered with various global logistics providers to expand its reach and offer exceptional service at competitive rates.


Tips you would Require when Shipping from India to the USA


Don’t leave your items loose inside a box

When shipping from India to the USA, it’s essential to pack your items securely. Loose items can shift during transit, leading to damage or breakage. To avoid this, use bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or other cushioning materials to fill empty spaces within the box. Also, ensure the items do not move when you shake the box.


Take into consideration public holidays and any unforeseen circumstances

Shipping times can be affected by public holidays in both India and the USA. Be aware of holidays and potential delays, such as severe weather conditions or labour strikes that might impact delivery. Plan your shipments accordingly, and communicate any potential delays with your customers or recipients to manage their expectations.


Know the size and weight of your package

Accurate measurements of your package’s size and weight are crucial for calculating shipping costs and ensuring timely delivery. Incorrect information might lead to additional charges or delays.


Exploring cost-saving strategies

Compare rates from various courier services, and consider using a shipping consolidator to take advantage of bulk discounts. You can save costs by choosing slower shipping options or consolidating multiple orders to the same destination.


Separate your items and protect them individually

When shipping multiple items, it’s essential to protect them individually by wrapping them in bubble wrap or other protective materials. This will prevent them from bumping into each other and causing damage during transit. Additionally, using dividers or partitions within the box can help keep items organized and secure.


Being aware of potential delays due to customs clearance

Familiarize yourself with the import regulations in the USA and ensure that your package complies with them. Fill out all necessary customs forms accurately and include proper documentation, such as invoices or packing lists. You can also opt for freight forwarding services by your shipping partner that will help minimize potential delays and ensure a smooth customs clearance process.




Shipping from India to the USA can be a breeze when you choose the right courier service. With the thriving trade relationship between these two countries, it’s no surprise that entrepreneurs are eager to tap into this lucrative market. Therefore, by using the best international shipping services like NimbusGlobal, you can make a lasting impression on your customers and grow your business across borders.

So, now you know about the best courier service from India to the USA, but it is important to know about the process, the criticalities, and the requirements. You can look at a step-by-step manual on How to Start an Import and Export Business in India.

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