Shipping packages is easy, but oversized shipping packages are tricky. Regarding large parcel delivery in India, sellers’ affordability is a primary concern. And this can be expensive for the company.

Nonetheless, plenty of carriers on the market offer simple, inexpensive, and quick shipping of large and bulky packages. This article will answer some frequently asked questions about shipping oversized packages and large items.

What are Considered Large Parcels?

Large and oversized package goods are commodities that are too big or heavy to ship via regular mail. Instead, oversized products are typically massively shipped by truck, train, ship, or plane.

These figures may differ based on where you’re shipping to and from. Some countries could well have various axel weight requirements. To properly determine if your parcel can be considered heavy and oversized, you must seek the requirements in your zone and the area in which you are shipping.

The following are some examples of common oversized packaging shipping methods:

  • Less-than-truckload (LTL): Less-than-load (LTL) is intended for smaller volumes or shipments, varying from 150 pounds to 15,000 pounds. Numerous businesses needing to ship smaller volumes of goods can use these services to meet their shipping requirements. Shippers of less-than-truckload shipments provide economies of scale to reduce the overprized goods costs of individual shipments.


  • Full truckload (FTL): The term “full truckload” (FTL) denotes the use of a specific truck for a single shipment. Businesses looking to transport heavy loads over long distances and bulky items frequently need full-truckload services (good weighing more than 15000 pounds). Even though it’s expensive, your goods will arrive early with all safety measures.


  • Partial truckload (PTL): PTL (Partial-Truckload) shipping makes it simple to ship items from multiple clients on one truck. It’s a cost-effective way to ship goods because it enables numerous couriers to share their stack and charge for the specific storage that they occupy. If you’re shipping 5,000 to 38,000 pounds of cargo, you can typically choose PTL.


  • Expedited: With expedited shipping, goods arrive more quickly than with standard transit times. Most commonly, trucks or planes are employed to move one’s cargo. Shipments that are sped up go straight from pickup to delivery.


How do Shipping Carriers Define Oversized Packages?


The shipper will be given special parcel rates for larger packages shipped via USPS. The weight and size of each overly large package individuals have to ship might very well, in both situations, influence the price of one’s shipment.

A firm will be required to negotiate a specific rate with USPS if a package is any relatively large than 130 inches in both length and girth.

Shippers must pay higher than the normal oversized rate if the packaging is heavy. Other restrictions might also be in place, such as the requirement to dispatch packages via USPS Retail Ground, which doesn’t offer shipping guarantees.



If a package weighs more than 150 pounds, has a length greater than 165 inches, or has a girth greater than 108 inches, it is considered oversized and will be subject to Over Maximum Limits charges. You can calculate these and other costs on UPS’s freight site.



According to FedEx, if a package measures more than 96 inches in length or 130 inches overall, it is deemed to be oversized. FedEx notes that even though it uses its dimensional weight calculation on one’s package, the user will still be required to deal with a minimum billable weight of 90 lbs.



When a package weighs over 154.3 pounds or has a specific aspect that exceeds 120 centimeters, DHL deems it to be oversized.

Although DHL lists all the size and weight specifications for each service on their official site, they ask businesses to get in touch with them before packaging oversized packages.


How to Ship Large Items and Oversized Packages

Load One’s Goods Securely

This is the initial phase in properly shipping large items. For large packages, use strong and durable packaging and ensure the contents are cushioned to protect them.

Measure Items

Their measurements heavily influence the prices you expect to be paid to ship large items. You must, therefore, accurately assess your shipments. You can get more precise rates if you know the packages’ length, width, and height.

Identify Your Package

Attach the printed packing slips and customs paperwork to the body of one’s delivery once you’re ready to deliver it. Use high-quality, transparent adhesive tapes, and don’t forget to use them.


Ship with a 3PL

It is the responsibility of 3PLs to find solutions to package all of one’s packages, along with oversized items. Then, they deliver your products to your customers on time. As a result, many growing businesses prefer third-party logistics service providers.


Why 3PLs Can be the Best and Cheapest Option for Shipping Large Packages

A good 3PL collaborates on your behalf to solidify packages, either within your agency or with a matching company. They furthermore understand the various aspects of your package, like how to handle heavily loaded goods.

The direct route may not be the most cost-effective, given time constraints. Therefore, a 3PL evaluates and optimizes accessible routes regularly and tries to negotiate quantity prices with select carriers.

They have exposure to the channels and closely supervise every parameter to customize the best solution for each package.

Bottom line: You can save a lot of money if you’re adaptable to transportation modes, routes, and carriers.

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Shipping heavy items will forever be one of the business’s most challenging and tricky parts, eroding the profits, whether you’re a local firm or a multi-chain corporation. Shifting shipping costs can have a significant impact on some businesses. The best way to protect yourself from those rising costs is to research and find a suitable carrier for your company.

Managing your shipments is much easier when you work with a reliable shipping partner like NimbusPost. Our fast shipping calculator helps you prepare your shipment queries regarding the cheapest way to ship large packages to ensure the quickest deliveries at the most affordable prices.

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