Does product shipping seem challenging to you for your business? Are you looking for cheap courier services in India? If yes, read on to find out the most-suited shipping solutions for your business. Experience and expertise alongside the management skills of a businessperson adjudge the success rate of his/her business for the upcoming years. To boost up such businesses, including yours, we are putting forth some practical tips for procuring the cheapest courier services. You can use the resources of your local or popular courier service providers, like NimbusPost.

Nobody can deny that the ongoing pandemic has destructed most of the global economy because of massive unemployment, business loss, and other reasons. However, it has also given a smooth passage of flourishment to various industries like Medical and Healthcare, Logistics, Food, and Beverage, etc.

You still have time to bring your physical store online using an eCommerce platform like Shopify, Magento, and others. If you think that running an online business is more troublesome and challenging than a physical business, then you must understand the eCommerce future aspects. Currently, the apparel business is boasting success in both online and physical markets. We have already shared some light on the selling differences between offline and online apparel businesses. You can refer to the same and create unique business ideas for your future.


Why Are Courier Services Important For Your Business?


Do you remember the academic history chapters where goods transportation was always a time-consuming activity? You can also relate those chapters to the standard of the cheapest courier services in India around the 1990s. Besides, even millennials have waited for weeks and months to receive their online orders. Hence, affordable courier services are a commercial need until the gap between the goods and consumers lessens to a bare minimum.

Although the goods transportation history is enough for you to look out for courier service providers, we can also help! You can refer to the below-mentioned aspects and decide accordingly whether your business needs a delivery partner or not.


1. Goods

As a business owner, associating with a shipping partner is crucial to deliver the products to end customers. While you can manage the sales and other business operations on your own, only a courier partner can help you with the distribution of goods. Since there are limited options for cheap courier services in India, sign up for NimbusPost and use its shipping rate calculator to pick the most economical courier option available.


2. Time

Hire a professional delivery person, then assign him/her and one of your employees simultaneously to deliver a particular product. Who will return with the successful delivery report before the other? We guess you know the answer! An expert delivery partner can minimize the product delivery timeline by up to 50% for your business.


3. Cost

Carrying out logistics operations seems easier said than done. The cost of establishing a logistics unit is higher than hiring a few delivery professionals. Nothing can beat the shipping costs of registered courier service providers. As professionals, they offer you the most affordable shipping plans that best suit your budget and business requirements.


Tips To Choose The Cheapest Courier Services In India


Now that you understand the need for hiring a courier partner, start searching for trusted and affordable courier service providers in your locality for better business prospects. The upcoming list will help you understand how you can save on the delivery costs of goods without compromising on the quality of shipping services. Furthermore, you can rely on a service provider that meets the below essential variables!


1. Reliability

You can select the cheapest courier service in India if you think the company can deliver your goods on time. It will not only help in establishing trust with your courier partner but also in solidifying your brand value among your customers.


2. Speed

Ask the potential service providers whether they have speed-shipment options or not. You may receive short-term and bulk orders that can make or break the record of your daily sales. Hence, speed delivery should always be available for your business.


3. Workforce

Does the potential service provider have adequate employees to fulfill your bulk or diversified order requirements? Consider this question while inspecting the courier service companies in your neighborhood or online. As of now, NimbusPost is ranking high for bringing together India’s top 17+ courier partners on its platform. Hence, you have an option that is trustable by numerous leading brands like Meena Bazaar, Khadi Global, Shopclues, and more.


4. Pricing

If you are going for a delivery partner, the shipping cost should be lower than your average incurred cost. It will give you an edge over the competitors in fulfilling the orders on time while counting on the profits.


5. Order Tracking

It’s important to understand the significance of receiving timely order updates to retain existing buyers while attracting new ones. Therefore, go for a courier service provider that can give you a real-time order tracking feature. Today, most industries use advanced technologies to enhance the standard of their service, and the logistics sector is no different. Besides, you can easily find a delivery partner that offers an end-to-end order tracking facility.


6. Inventory Management

Most businesses partner with delivery service providers because they need to ship products in bulk quantities. Nonetheless, such entities also confront warehousing and delivery issues. Hence, joining hands with a logistics partner that offers inventory management assistance would be the best way to optimize your order fulfillment process.


7. Insurance Coverage

Many delivery partners pose insurance plans that differ with business nature, product type, order weight, etc. Therefore, take your time in analyzing the service providers. Besides, try to select comprehensive insurance coverage to stay prepared for inadvertent situations.


Time To Select Your Courier Partner!


You can use the information mentioned above to hire a reliable courier service provider for upcoming product shipments. You can register on NimbusPost for free and ship at the cheapest rates while sitting at home by leveraging its shipping rate calculator. Cheap courier services in India are merely a call away to remove the underlying delivery or shipping hurdles instantly. Get started with your research or check the delivery pricing list for your business needs!

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