Ever wondered how logistics is one of the major factors defining the success of your online apparel store? Well, customer satisfaction is the core of any business. If you fail to provide a good shipping experience, your business would attract negative feedback, and ultimately a bad customer experience. Whether shipping apparel or your product is not shipped in time or is delivered in a bad shape or packaging, it will lead to a poor experience for your customers. Repeated poor shipping experience may make it challenging for you to retain customers.

Therefore, apart from maintaining the quality of your products, it’s imperative to focus on the quality of shipping as well to enhance your customers’ overall purchasing experience. If you successfully meet your customers’ demands without delay, you can expect repeated orders and new customers. Hence, it’s important to partner with one of the top courier partners in India to optimize your shipping operation.

Nowadays, presentation matters a lot for any business. The buyers purchasing from your online clothing store expect to receive the product in a well-packaged condition. While you may take good care of the product inside the box, do you take enough care of the box itself? Following are some aspects you should take care of while shipping clothing material.



Factors to Consider While Shipping Apparel

It’s important to consider the following factors when you ship apparel to the customers.

Wrinkle-Free Shipping

Shipping wrinkled apparel can greatly affect your customer’s product experience. Regardless of the quality of the fabric or the design, wrinkles can make a cloth appear non-desirable by the customer. To evade such an embarrassing situation, it’s important to ship ironed apparel and then pack them carefully in a tidy box. You could try using plastic wrap to additionally protect the apparel from dust, water, etc.

Perfect Packaging

Yes, you read it right. The packaging does matter to your customers. Buyers love it when they receive merchandise packed in an attractive box. Packaging works both ways as you can use it for advertising and promoting your brand while offering an excellent experience to your customers. Thus, ship across India and international locations using attractive packages that would encourage word-of-mouth which is the oldest form of attracting new customers.

Tape it Well

The tape has a good role to play when it comes to packaging apparel. You can cover all the possible openings and cracks by using good quality tape that is pressure-sensitive and water-resistant. Here you have another chance of your brand’s promotion as you can have your store’s name printed on it.

Correct Labelling

It can be an awful feeling for a customer as well as the seller when an order is delivered to the wrong address. To avoid such circumstances and delay in shipping, use correct information on the shipping label and cross-verify it as many times as you need to.

Good courier service

Apparel may be just another product for a logistics company, but you need to find a courier partner that gives due importance to the apparel while shipping them.





Top 10 Logistics Companies In India

Following are some of the local and national courier partner options that can help you deliver apparel in excellent condition.

Blue Dart

It’s a global carrier partner and has been one of the preferred courier companies among eCommerce sellers. With a reach of 35000+ pin codes in India and worldwide locations, the courier company offers various services including COD delivery, express delivery, and time-based delivery. Blue Dart is a safe courier partner to go for shipping apparel as it offers weather-resistant packaging for orders.


Serving over 10,000+ customers across India with most of them from the eCommerce sector, Delhivery is an excellent choice for shipping apparel in India. Rated among the top carrier partners in India, it offers multiple courier services to meet every seller’s specific needs.


You can customize the shipping as per your preference while using DTDC for shipping apparel across the world. The company offers inter-state, as well as intra-city delivery options, to maximize customers’ order fulfillment experience.


Aramex has become one of the prominent names in the logistics industry in India in a small duration. Though Aramex is a UAE-based courier partner, Delhivery has acquired the Indian business of the company. You can use this courier partner to ship clothes safely via its website or mobile app.

Ecom Express

Ecom Express is among the most favored carrier partners for shipping high-value goods like jewelry, etc. Shipping products across 26000+ pin codes in India, the company offers exemplary shipping experience to eCommerce businesses. You can trust Ecom Express to ship apparel and any other products in the safest manner and at the earliest.


Managed globally with coverage of 26000+ pin codes, DHL has the most efficient supply chain management. You can safely choose DHL to ship clothes to any location across the world.


Starting back in 1989, Gati is among the top courier services in the country. As it serves across 19000+ pin codes within India, you can cater to customers in many locations easily. You get multiple delivery options, warehousing solutions, and transportation mechanisms with Gati, which makes it a good partner for shipping any product including apparel.


A reputed name in the global logistics industry, FedEx is a well-equipped shipping partner that you can pick for your shipping needs. Whether you need a courier partner for shipping clothes, fragile items, high-value products, or something else, FedEx will is least likely to disappoint you.

Safe Express

Much like Gati, Safe Express is among the oldest courier companies in India. As the company offers secured delivery with a receipt of proof-of-delivery on order fulfillment, you can trust it for shipping clothes via this carrier partner.


NimbusPost is the most suitable shipping partner because you can find most of the above-listed courier partners on the platform. The major benefit of picking NimbusPost over others is that you get to compare the shipping rates of 27+ courier partners in a single place. Leveraging the shipping rate calculator feature, you can enjoy shipping at the lowest rates. In addition, there are several features and benefits that NimbusPost offers to make your shipping experience hassle-free and cost-effective.

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