The worldwide economy has been suffering for the last two years because of COVID-19 and the months-long lockdown. However, the pandemic has given leeway to eCommerce in multiple ways. In the current market scenario, online businesses, the logistics industry, and packaging technology synchronize to fulfill orders on time and offer maximum satisfaction to buyers by providing the best eCommerce courier service provider in India.

Do you own an online store on any eCommerce platform in India? What questions did you ask your existing courier partners before hiring them? If you already know how a logistics partner works, we’ll assist you with the next step, i.e. finding the best courier services for eCommerce to minimize your product delivery costs. While you may get bulk orders and forward the requirement to your delivery partner, your customers will remain dissatisfied if the orders do not reach them on time. So, it’s vital to pay attention to which courier partner you should associate with for your business.

Let’s first go through the criteria to select courier services for eCommerce in India. It may help you in joining hands with the best logistics partners.

Criteria For Choosing The Best ECommerce Delivery Partner In India 

There are multiple courier partners available in the logistics industry for individuals and eCommerce platforms. Since the options are endless, there are certain aspects that you must consider while hiring a logistics partner.

  • Serviceability: You can confide in a courier partner if it covers your serviceable locations. Hence, you should always ask for legal documents and customer feedback to verify the serviceability claims.
  • Freight Cost: The logistics industry has always been competitive. Hence, you have countless courier partner options. A logistics company’s or service provider’s freight cost listing must always be transparent and calculated. Likewise, you should choose a courier partner that can offer you the lowest freight cost.
  • Delivery Speed: No buyer would visit your eCommerce store if your products get delivered in weeks or months. Therefore, you must ensure that your to-be courier service provider offers the fastest and safest delivery.
  • Insurance and Security: Suppose you ask a courier partner to deliver ten products in a week, and it fails to do so due to theft, damage, or other legit reasons. At this point, you could ask for security and insurance on the loss due to delayed delivery or no delivery. Logistics insurance protects you from heavy business losses while maintaining delivery standards.
  • RTO: A courier partner that does not help with RTO (return to origin) is of no good for your eCommerce business. Take your time and find the best courier partner to avoid bearing losses and getting to-be-sold products back.

Top 7 Best eCommerce Courier Service in India

According to a recent report, India has 120+ leading courier companies that may offer API features, lower RTO assurance, NDR support, and a shipping calculator. You only have to register and subscribe to a premium plan, if applicable, to streamline your order delivery process and business growth. Furthermore, the seven courier service providers listed below are the leading ones in the Indian Logistics Market.

1. NimbusPost

NimbusPost is an e-commerce logistics platform with 27+ courier partner options. It streamlines all the orders from your affiliated eCommerce stores on Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, etc. Besides, NimbusPost’s cloud-based call technology enables you to confirm the COD orders alongside features like a shipping rate calculator to estimate the delivery cost. Short-term COD remittance is another plus point of NimbusPost over its competitors.

  • Pin Codes Availability: 29000+
  • Pick-up Facility: Good
  • COD: Above Average
  • Service Quality: 9/10
  • Integration: Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, Prestashop, Unicommerce, etc.

2. IPS (Indian Post Service)

IPS also boosts the eCommerce industry via its maximum reliability and highest pin code coverage. It is a government-controlled logistics entity that charges nothing for up to 35kg orders. Besides, many eCommerce store owners prefer IPS in the initial business days.

  • Pick Up Facility: Above Average
  • Service Quality: 7/10

3. FedEx

Although FedEx has the fastest delivery speed and service, it does cover comparatively fewer pin codes than the two courier partners mentioned above. However, you can integrate your existing FedEx account for international courier services. In addition to this, FedEx’s international delivery services are unbeatable.

  • COD: Applicable with terms and conditions applied
  • Pick Up Facility: Average
  • Service Quality: 6/10


DTDC offers a wide pin code coverage across India to deliver couriers or products for individuals and eCommerce companies. It also has branches in 240+ countries. Contrary to its wide presence around the world, DTDC might not be the best-suited courier partner for small eCommerce businesses owing to the delivery expenses and services.

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  • Pick Up Facility: Average
  • Service Quality: 5/10

5. BlueDart

In India alone, BlueDart covers 35000+ pin codes and markets multiple payment packages. You can enjoy COD delivery, time-based delivery, water-proof product packaging,  and automated delivery fulfillment reports.

  • Pick Up Facility: Above Average
  • COD: Available
  • Service Quality: 8/10

6. Delhivery

Delhivery is known for its best eCommerce courier service in India in the country. Although it was incepted in 2011, it has secured the top ranking in the Logistics Industry within a decade. It has a 10000+ clientele base, out of which 75% are engaged in eCommerce. Moreover, COD services and reverse logistics make Delhivery a reliable courier delivery partner for eCommerce in India.

  • Pick Up Facility: Average
  • COD: Available
  • Service Quality: 6/10

7. DHL

DHL is a globally recognized courier company that owns well-facilitated warehouses. It optimizes the order supply chain by covering 26000+ pin codes in India. Furthermore, it uses the green packaging concept to reduce carbon footprint and waste amid the delivery process.

    • COD: Not Applicable
    • Service Quality: 7/10
    • Pick Up Facility: Beyond Average


Top 7 Courier Partners: Which One Is The Best?

Considering the pin code coverage limit, BlueDart and NimbusPost stand in the number two positions. However, NimbusPost has an edge over other courier partners as it presents a shipping calculator to adjudge the delivery cost. It also ranks for rendering the best eCommerce courier service in India.

Get your eCommerce stores integrated on NimbusPost, calculate delivery costs, manage orders at one place, and get IVR support and real-time access to the NDR panel at all times. In addition, consider the criteria listed above to select a reliable courier partner for your business.

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