Reverse logistics is an important process of moving goods from their final destination to either their original point or some other designated location. It’s a process that takes place after a product is delivered to the end customer which may include returns and exchanges. Optimizing your reverse logistics helps increase the business revenue by improving customers’ overall experience and increasing efficiency. Though you can choose not to indulge in reverse logistics, the exchange and return of products are inevitable in today’s eCommerce setup. Lack of reverse logistics process can drive away your potential buyers. Since the process includes some costs, it’s important to choose courier partners for reverse logistics smartly.


What Can The Reverse Logistics Companies Do For Your Business?

Usually, third-party logistics companies offer the following services as a part of reverse logistics.

  • Pick up the return orders and bring them back to the seller’s warehouse or other assigned location
  • Inspect the product’s quality and repack it for future orders
  • Manage inventory by stocking products in their storage area
  • Handle customer refunds

Reverse logistics partners can offer all of these or just a part of the reverse logistics process, depending on your specific need.


Categories of Reverse Logistics


This is the largest section of reverse logistics. This is when the end customer requests to return or exchange the order due to the mismatch of expectations.

Reselling of Returned Products

Several companies in the country are dedicated to this section of reverse logistics.


Since more and more companies are trying to reduce the inventory keeping costs by keeping returned/faulty products, this segment of reverse logistics in India is increasing at a rapid pace.


With a growing emphasis on industrial sustainability, recycling has become a major component in companies’ supply chain management process.


This segment includes returning the products to the original source/manufacturer.



Best Courier Partners for Return Shipments

Here is a list of the most reliable courier partners for reverse logistics in India.



India’s leading shipping aggregator serving across 29000+ pin codes within India, NimbusPost is the most suitable shipping partner for reverse logistics in India. Backed with a smart automation logistics management system, the platform fulfills the comprehensive shipping requirements of SMEs, as well as large enterprises like Meena Bazaar, Sleepy Owl Coffee, Suta, Khadi Global, and others. Offering shipping at the best price, starting at ₹21/500gm, multi-functional dashboard, real-time access to NDR panel for maximum transparency, automated cloud calls for COD order confirmation, early COD remittance, and many other benefits make NimbusPost the most trusted platform for shipping. As NimbusPost has a network of 27+ courier partners, you get the option of choosing your preferred shipping partner based on their shipping prices.



Blue Dart

Blue Dart has proved its brand name time and again with fast shipping services at reasonably low prices. The company offers domestic priority services especially to suit the time-critical business needs of the sellers. The household courier name also offers reverse logistics services to enable the sellers to receive return orders from end customers. Their advanced logistics model helps in the efficient pickup and processing of return shipments.


A prominent name in the logistics industry, FedEx offers hassle-free shipments across the world. Services like free packaging, an effective customs clearance system, and more make it one of the most preferred choices for courier services in India. FedEx offers an easy reverse logistics process that the customers can do by finding a drop-off location, QR code locations, barcode locations, or by creating a shipping location.


Widely known for offering the fastest domestic deliveries, Delhivery has become a renowned name for offering the quickest deliveries at the lowest shipping rates. The company offers same-day delivery, time-defined delivery, returns management shipment services among its other delivery services.


Offering logistics services to eCommerce, pharmaceutical & healthcare, food & groceries, and other industries, XpressBees efficiently handles a high volume of shipments daily. Offering advanced performance dashboards, XpressBees offers same-day delivery, next-day delivery, delivery re-attempts, flexible payment options, reverse logistics among its shipment services.


This 2015 established logistics partner has become a trusted name among eCommerce companies. With a specialized logistics fleet for high-value products, Shadowfax has set its standards high. Be it reverse logistics solutions or other shipment services, Shadowfax’s foolproof deliveries ensure unmatched customer satisfaction benefiting online sellers in a valuable manner.

With so many trusted courier partners available with reverse logistics services, don’t overlook this source of untapped business potential. Leveraging the benefits of return and exchange services by leading courier partners, you can always stay ahead of the competition without incurring a loss.

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