As per the latest survey in 2021 by ecommercedb, India is now the 8th largest e-commerce market in the world. From grocery to electronics, clothes, books, food, you just name it… Everything is available online today! With the ever-increasing demand and competitiveness in the e-commerce space, the value of managing logistics for business has increased many folds. None of the e-commerce businesses out there can sustain without efficient logistics software solutions. Wondering what logistics software does? And how can you leverage it?

We’ll get to all these answers but before that understand what logistics software is in the first place.


What is a Logistic Management System (LMS)? How do logistics software solutions support LMS?

Simply put, a Logistics Management System (LMS) is the set of processes involved to meet a buyer’s need. The processes involved in LMS are to plan, implement, and control supply chains to – store items, ensure safe freight, keep a check on inventory, track production, and efficiently transport it to the customer.

Taking everything into consideration, the LMS can become difficult to manage. This is where logistics software come into the picture!

These solutions automate the end-to-end processes to ensure more efficiency. They also make each stage time bound to keep the logistics and supply chain in check.

The software solutions are designed in a way that manufacturers, retailers, and even consumers can use them. They can handle both the forward and backward flow of goods and services.


Forward flow: This is when the goods reach the doorstep of the customer in the dedicated period in a good condition. Logistic software solutions help the LMS to sort, select, order, book, and deliver goods and services.

What if a customer returns a product? Worry not! Even that is taken care of by these solutions.


Backward flow: In case of product rejection by the customer because of some other reason, these software solutions ensure the hassle-free return of goods.

Let’s understand what are the key features of logistics software that can help in handling overall logistics for businesses.


Key Features of Logistics Software

Manage Transportation Efficiently

With good logistic software, you can easily strategise, and execute the efficient physical movement of goods. You can even keep a track of all the shipments, shippers involved, and vehicles.


Organise Warehouse

You can regulate and sync inventories with actions throughout the distribution center. Optimizing the pick-up and shipping is also easy with the logistic software.


Supervise Orders

You can easily capture the data of the orders, track them, and fulfill orders through multiple sales channels.


Handle Inventory

You can also keep a check on all the item information within the business. This ensures the accuracy of shipments and is good for double-checking both the quantity and quality of products.

Now that, we have answered all the basic queries about logistics software, let’s see some of the best logistics software solutions that you should know about!


Best Logistics Software Solutions for Your Business

LogixPlatform Software

Logix Platform is a cloud-based business management suite built to handle logistics, manufacturing, eCommerce, etc. It provides one platform to handle various types of vendors and track shipments in real time. Besides that, parcel service providers can also handle cash on delivery (COD) and pay on delivery (POD) processes within the same platform.


Tookan Software

Tookan is a delivery management solution that helps businesses with fleet management and automating dispatch operations. Some key features of Tookan comprise report management, regular alerts and notifications, scheduling and booking management, and more. It also comes with iOS and Android mobile applications for delivery executives to get customer information and update the task status from their location.



NetSuite provides an integrated system for ERP, HR, financials, PSA, commerce, inventory management, supply chain management, etc. They work to automate the core processes and provide real-time insights into operational and financial performance. It gives you a birds-ey view of your financial performance and cash flow analysis.


Dynamics TMS Software

Dynamics TMS Software has been in the transportation industry for over 30 years. They bring a “Best-Of-Breed” solution for shippers by giving them easy access to carrier freight rates. They leverage their advanced technology to replace manual processes and antiquated systems. This software provides clean, real-time, and structured information that helps in streamlining transportation management.



CarLo is a logistics software designed to make your transport management efficient by covering all the forwarding processes involved. This comprises entry planning, business intelligence, tour planning, fleet management, and freight invoicing. They have specific versions for the type of logistics your company is involved in. For example, air and sea freight, telematics, fleet management, warehouse management, trip planning, and toll cost calculation.



Appian Software

Appian is a customer-centric delivery solution that helps with fleet routing and scheduling, dispatch, and visibility to improve transportation operations. It’s a low-code platform to make your life easier. It makes asset management simplified for your business with its automated workflow. In each phase of the asset lifecycle, it improves frontline operations and ensures more value.



Route4Me provides a fleet management solution for small, midsize, and large businesses. Their primary features comprise route planning and routing guides. It’s easy-to-access optimisation software for efficient route planning.


Bonus: If you plan to enable logistics and supply chain software management, you must also incorporate real-time fleet management. A few other points in your checklist should include streamlining communication and ensuring better customer service.


NimbusPost is your one-stop solution for all your comprehensive logistic needs. It provides you with 27+ leading courier options in India. We are one of the most reliable logistics aggregators with a focus on the core operations of your business. Some of our key benefits include one-day COD remittance, cloud-based NDR management, lower RTO, and handling bulk shipments across the globe. So, start your shipping journey with a free sign-up and get all your logistics solutions at the most competitive rates while boosting your customers’ shopping experience.



Final Words

With the increasing dependency on technology advancements in every business aspect, it’s important to leverage them in the logistics sector as well. No business can prosper without an effective flow of products and supplies. Incorporating a coherent logistics software and model is essential to growing your business substantially.

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