Pinterest is probably the most unconventional social platform today that has the potential to be the powerhouse for an eCommerce business. Don’t believe us? According to research by Hootsuite, 75 percent of the weekly Pinterest users are active shoppers. With over 200 million users of the platform, Pinterest eCommerce is on a boom.

Especially if your target audience is primarily women, then using Pinterest for eCommerce can be a game-changer for your eCommerce business.

If you’re still wondering – Is Pinterest effective for eCommerce? allow us to take you through some statistics of how Pinterest and eCommerce go hand-in-hand!

You’ll be amazed to know that 50% of the users on Pinterest purchase by seeing a promoted pin.

Did we talk too much about numbers? Here are a few pointers that will help you understand more about eCommerce on Pinterest and how it benefits your online store:

  • Great way to get discovered: Unlike any other social media platform, Pinterest users don’t mindlessly scroll over. They browse the platform in the search of some inspiration. With the right Pinterest eCommerce strategy, your brand can leverage this mindset and get discovered by potential buyers.
  • Simplifies the shopping experience: Pins on Pinterest can be directly linked to your product page. This platform is all about relevant visual content. If your pins are attractive enough, converting a regular searcher into a buyer isn’t that difficult.
  • Increases the website referral traffic: Pinterest is proven to strengthen your SEO just by pinning your pins correctly.

For an eCommerce business, getting brand awareness and authority is equally as important as driving real sales. So, let’s find out if Pinterest actually helps you do that!


Does Pinterest increase sales?

A straight answer to this is – YES! With the right Pinterest strategy for eCommerce, driving actual sales from the platform is pretty easy.

It is essentially a product-driven platform that statistically drives more sales than even Facebook. Interesting, right?

Simply put, we can say that incorporating Pinterest into your marketing strategy will increase your brand visibility, and incorporating good marketing and promotional strategies will increase your sales online.


How do I use Pinterest to promote my website?

To promote your website on Pinterest and make the best use of the platform, you first need to start by setting up a business account. We’ve curated the complete step-wise guide you can easily follow to gain traction from Pinterest.

Keep reading till the end for some bonus tips to kick start your Pinterest Marketing with the right approach.

To begin with, let’s understand how to create a business account on Pinterest.


Get Started with a Business Account

  1. Go to Pinterest and select “create a business account”.
  2. Enter the required details, like your email address and age. Set a password for your account.
  3. Then hit the “create account” button.
  4. Add all the details to build your profile.
  5. Next, complete the fields to describe your business.
  6. And then choose if you want to run ads.
  7. Finally, select where you’d like to start.
  8. Your new Pinterest business account is ready.


Claim your Website

Once you are done with the business account set up, it’s time to connect your website with Pinterest.

This is crucial because of the following reasons:

Get Access to Website Analytics – you can observe and understand which of your pins from your eCommerce store are the best performing.

Add Brand Logo – you can add your profile picture or eCommerce store logo to all your pins to create a recall value.

Utilize access to new tools and features – Pinterest prioritises its users who have claimed their website.

Good for Pinterest SEO – claiming your website improves your website rankings for users to search within the app.


Create Rich Pins

Using Rich Pins, you can make your posts more informational and relevant. You can include the price and seller information. Rich pins sync your product information automatically from the website.

Before you can start using rich pins, you need to enable and validate them on Pinterest. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Add rich meta tags to the webpages containing any of the product, article or recipe content on your website.
  2. Once the meta tags are added, go to Rich Pins Validator and validate any of the correctly marked-up content pages.
  3. You’ll receive an approval message if the webpage you applied with is marked-up correctly.

Applying the apt Pinterest strategy for eCommerce and putting out the right content on Pinterest can help you boost your eCommerce sales tremendously. Let’s understand how to do it.



How can I Boost Sales on my eCommerce Website using Pinterest?

Pinterest is full of special features that optimise your eCommerce and boost your sales. And we think you should know about it. So, here are some tried and tested ways to skyrocket your eCommerce website sale using Pinterest:


Create Product Pins

Pinterest provides you with the direct option to make your pins buyable. You can add real-time pricing, product description, availability, and even link your product webpage to make the shopping experience easier.


Get well-versed with Pinterest SEO

Like any other search engine, Pinterest searches are heavily based on relevant keywords. Pinterest also has its own keyword research tool to help you understand what your niche audience is looking for in the platform.

Pro-tip: Include relevant keywords in your pin titles and descriptions. Plus, don’t forget the high-value hashtags!


Design to Inspire

Don’t create the designs meant to sell a product, rather keep the shareability factor in your mind. Pinterest users come to the platform to get inspired – your audience must relate and resonate with your design.

You can focus on including beautiful subtle branding, popping colours, and, to the point, easy-to-read text overlays. These elements give your pins that extra edge over others.


Powerful Pinterest Advertisement

Want to drive sales through Pinterest within a day? Invest in Pinterest ads. Pinterest ads are extremely powerful – they help you reach your relevant audience in no time and amplify your content.

Intriguing graphics + Great content + Pinterest ads = Success Guaranteed!




Your eCommerce store can leverage this by implementing the right Pinterest strategy. It’s a great platform to get that first attention from your buyers. In marketing terms, it’s a powerful social media channel for brand awareness.

If executed correctly, Pinterest not only gets you a lot of exposure but also drives more website traffic. Try out the above Pinterest eCommerce strategies and let us know how it went for you!

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