The role of a TMS in the retail industry is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’ but rather a critical piece of the puzzle in seamless, efficient, and cost-effective supply chain management. In fact, companies that have implemented TMS have seen a reduction in freight expenses, underscoring the undeniable value it brings to the table.

However, the road to TMS implementation is not always smooth. Potential challenges lurk around every corner, from integration woes with existing systems to the task of selecting the perfect TMS that aligns with your unique business needs.

Taking all these challenges and addressing them, we’ve constructed a comprehensive guide on transportation management systems. We bring you the lowdown on what a Transportation Management System is and a definitive ranking of the top 10 TMS systems tailor-made for the retail industry.


What is the Meaning of a Transportation Management System?


A Transportation Management System (TMS) is a software solution designed to streamline the process of shipping goods from origin to destination. But it doesn’t stop at merely transporting your goods. A TMS oversees and manages every moving part of your supply chain, from route planning and carrier selection to order visibility and delivery confirmation.

It’s the ultimate taskmaster, ensuring that every parcel, package, and palette reaches its destination on time, every time.

In the retail industry, customer satisfaction is king and a key player in delivering this satisfaction is a TMS. By efficiently managing inbound and outbound logistics, a TMS reduces transportation costs, improves delivery times, and enhances service quality. In today’s demanding retail environment, where customers expect fast, accurate deliveries, a TMS is a ‘must-have’ to stay competitive.


Top 10 TMS Systems for Retailers


Oracle’s E-Business Suite is a go-to choice for many e-commerce businesses in need of a robust Transportation Management System (TMS). The suite is a comprehensive system designed to manage and optimize logistics and supply chain operations. It excels in offering a full array of logistics capabilities. It manages everything from order-to-cash, procure-to-pay, and make-to-order, facilitating an end-to-end coverage of business processes. This comprehensive tool enables businesses to improve their operational efficiency, streamline their supply chain model, and effectively meet customer demands.




IBM Sterling TMS package


IBM Sterling TMS is another powerful solution on the market that offers a comprehensive set of features designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your transportation operations. Noteworthy for its advanced analytics and AI-powered insights, it offers unparalleled visibility into the supply chain, aiding in predictive and prescriptive decision-making. Its order management capabilities are robust, evaluating inbound and outbound orders to optimize transportation planning.

Furthermore, it integrates seamlessly with various ERP systems and other software, providing retailers with a scalable and flexible solution. By adopting IBM Sterling TMS, retailers can enhance their logistical processes, ensuring timely and cost-effective deliveries.


GT Nexus Transportation Management System


The GT Nexus TMS is an incredibly efficient solution for eCommerce businesses. This cloud-based platform is celebrated for its impressive global trade and logistics capabilities. Its real-time shipment visibility and event management help streamline tracking and forecasting, which is vital for eCommerce businesses aiming to meet high customer expectations for fast, reliable deliveries. GT Nexus also boasts comprehensive integration features, effortlessly merging with existing systems to enhance operational workflows.

Moreover, its robust order management system evaluates inbound and outbound orders meticulously, providing an optimal transportation plan. Choosing GT Nexus means gaining a dynamic, scalable tool that can adjust to the growing needs of an eCommerce business.


Appian Logistics Software Suite


Appian Logistics Software Suite stands as a multi-modal TMS solution ideal for eCommerce businesses of all sizes. Its robust features are designed to streamline transportation operations. With its platform’s unique capabilities, like route planning and optimization, eCommerce businesses can achieve cost savings and efficiency in delivery. The software suite also offers enhanced visibility into supply chains, enabling retailers to track and manage orders seamlessly. Its superior integration features allow it to merge effortlessly with existing systems, making implementation a breeze. With Appian’s responsive customer support, businesses can anticipate assistance that meets their evolving needs. Appian Logistics Software Suite truly brings transformative solutions to the complex world of eCommerce logistics.




Alpega is a globally renowned TMS solution that effectively caters to the diverse requirements of eCommerce businesses. Its strength lies in its scalable, modular design, making it a versatile choice for e-commerce companies of varying sizes. Alpega’s offerings span strategic planning, freight exchange, and real-time visibility, effectively enhancing operational efficiency and reducing transportation costs.

What sets Alpega apart is its cloud-based structure that ensures seamless connectivity with business partners for improved collaboration. In addition, Alpega supports numerous transportation modes and complies with a wide range of international shipping regulations, easing the logistics of global commerce. For businesses seeking a versatile, reliable, and efficient TMS, Alpega is a commendable choice.


Blue Yonder


With a firm foothold in the supply chain industry, Blue Yonder stands as an efficient TMS solution for e-commerce businesses seeking to streamline their logistics operations. What distinguishes Blue Yonder is its cutting-edge use of machine learning technologies. These capabilities allow businesses to make data-driven, proactive decisions, thereby optimizing costs, improving service levels, and minimising risks.

Blue Yonder’s solution covers the full spectrum of transportation planning, execution, and delivery. The platform supports multiple modes of transport, effectively handling complex logistics scenarios. With an intuitive user interface and robust reporting features, Blue Yonder offers valuable insights, enabling businesses to fine-tune their transportation strategies for maximized profitability and customer satisfaction.




E2open offers a comprehensive cloud-based TMS solution designed to streamline the complexity of transportation operations for eCommerce businesses. With its robust functionality, the platform ensures end-to-end visibility of the supply chain and transportation process, from order creation to delivery. E2open excels in its multi-modal and multi-geography coverage, making it an excellent choice for businesses with international operations.

The platform’s powerful features, like real-time tracking, data analytics, and predictive insights, help businesses make smarter, informed decisions. E2open’s capability to integrate with existing enterprise systems makes the transition seamless, enhancing operational efficiency, reducing costs, and ultimately leading to improved customer satisfaction.


HighJump Transportation Management System


HighJump TMS is a comprehensive, end-to-end system specially designed to manage and optimize the transportation operations of eCommerce businesses. What sets it apart is its advanced algorithm-based optimization engine that efficiently routes, rates, and schedules your shipments, driving down logistics costs while enhancing customer service.

Its real-time visibility into shipments and easy-to-use dashboards give you the control you need to make informed decisions swiftly. HighJump TMS integrates seamlessly with other business systems, ensuring a smooth transition and improved operational efficiency. This robust platform is an excellent choice for businesses that require a high degree of customization and scalability to grow and adapt to market demands.


INTTRA Desktop and Data Services


Recognized as a leading ocean shipping network, INTTRA Desktop, and Data Services have set a benchmark in Transportation Management Systems. This particular TMS comes loaded with robust features designed to address the unique logistical needs of eCommerce businesses. Its seamless capabilities to manage bookings, shipping instruction, and tracking effectively reduce manual efforts and improve overall productivity.

With a network encompassing over 50,000 active users, 25,000 shippers, and 60 carriers across 200 countries, INTTRA fosters a truly global reach, making it an ideal choice for e-commerce businesses with international operations. It delivers real-time visibility of shipments and provides precise and up-to-date data, allowing businesses to make data-driven decisions and reduce the risk of shipping errors.


Four Soft Product Portfolio


Renowned for its superior functionalities, the Four Soft Product Portfolio serves as a powerful tool to optimize and streamline logistics and supply chain operations for eCommerce businesses. The company’s product range is designed with the intent to accommodate the dynamic demands of the eCommerce sector. Their offerings include various solutions for freight forwarding, warehouse management, transportation management, and customs brokerage. As an innovative and forward-thinking TMS provider, Four Soft understands the importance of scalability and customizability in their systems, ensuring that their services grow alongside your business.




In conclusion, a well-chosen TMS can be a game-changer for your retail business. It’s a vital tool that can transform your eCommerce logistics and supply chain operations from a potential headache into a strategic advantage. Invest the time in selecting the best TMS for your business – it’s a decision that has the potential to pay significant dividends in terms of efficiency, customer satisfaction, and bottom-line profitability.




What is the importance of a transportation management system?

A Transportation Management System (TMS) is crucial due to its:

  • Streamlines all facets of the transportation process, reducing inefficiencies and bottlenecks.
  • Helps to lower freight expenses through optimization and analytics.
  • Provides real-time tracking and improved delivery time, leading to customer satisfaction.
  • Promotes more efficient and environmentally friendly routes and modes of transportation.
  • Offers valuable insights for decision-making through detailed reporting and analytics.

What are the methods of transportation management?

Transportation Management involves several methods to optimize and streamline the logistics and supply chain operations:

  • Route Optimisation: Determines the most cost-effective and efficient route for deliveries.
  • Load Optimisation: Combines shipments to maximise space and weight utilisation in vehicles.
  • Carrier Selection: Chooses the best carriers based on factors like cost, reliability, and service quality.
  • Freight Auditing: Verifies freight bills for accuracy to prevent overcharging.
  • Performance Tracking: Monitors key performance indicators (KPIs) to evaluate the efficiency of transportation processes.

What are the benefits of TMS in logistics?

A Transportation Management System (TMS) provides several key benefits in logistics, including:

  • TMS optimizes routing plans and load consolidation, reducing fuel usage and overall transportation time.
  • It helps identify cost-effective shipping options and reduces administrative overheads.
  • TMS provides real-time tracking, ensuring complete transparency in the transportation process.
  • Improved delivery times and real-time updates enhance customer satisfaction.
  • TMS generates valuable data insights, helping in strategic decision-making for improving supply chain performance.

What is SAP in transportation?

SAP in transportation refers to the SAP Transportation Management System (SAP TM), an application that facilitates all activities and processes involved in the physical transportation of goods. Key aspects of SAP in transportation include:

  • Comprehensive transportation planning and processing
  • Freight cost management and settlement
  • Real-time visibility and monitoring of transportation processes
  • Integration with other SAP modules like SAP ERP, SAP Supply Chain Management, and SAP Event Management
  • Supports both domestic and international trade and caters to various modes of transport, including road, rail, ocean, and air
  • Enables sustainable transportation strategies through environmental impact analysis and monitoring

What are the objectives of transportation management?

The objectives of a Transportation Management System (TMS) include:

  • Improving supply chain efficiency by optimizing routes and load planning.
  • Reducing transportation costs through strategic carrier selection and improved freight audit and payment procedures.
  • Enhancing customer service by ensuring timely and accurate delivery of goods.
  • Boosting visibility across the supply chain with real-time tracking of shipments.
  • Facilitating better decision-making through data-driven insights and analytics.

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