Have you recently received a shipment that was split? Did you, for example, get various products from Amazon in separate parcels over several days after placing multiple orders? If that is the case, you have gotten divided shipments. When there are multiple products in an order, they are fulfilled or delivered from separate places. Therefore, split shipment or shipping solution frequently happens automatically, which can be advantageous. For starters, it does remove the requirement for order consolidation, which may be costly. Second, customers receive their orders more quickly. There are, however, additional factors to consider. Let us examine a split shipment and what it represents for both customers and you.


What is Split Shipment?

A split shipment occurs when an online order comes with numerous products and is completed in separate shipments. Even though your customer only placed one purchase, they typically receive different deliveries on various days.


Why are Shipments Divided?

You may divide shipments for a variety of reasons. The most usual scenario is that each SKU is warehoused at a distinct location. Some are stored in a distribution center, while others are in the retailer’s inventory. Rather than waiting for all products to be consolidated in one location, they are transported separately, resulting in repeated delivery. The benefit is that the orders are delivered to the customer faster via the best shipping solutions.

Other factors that may cause shipments to be split include the carrier and mode of transit. There may not be capable on a given cargo container or airline to accommodate a large order. If some products are available but others are not, the available products may be dispatched first.


Do Customers Ever Split Packages On Purpose?

It is especially common during the holiday season when people are shopping for gifts on the internet. The customers may order several products for different addresses and people without making split orders, thanks to savvy businesses.


What are the Benefits of Split Shipments?

The majority of eCommerce businesses divide shipments for the following reasons:

      • A bigger box has a different dimensional weight
      • Arriving at various times on different vehicles, aircraft, ships, or trucks
      • Available in a variety of warehouses and locations
      • Items that are oddly shaped and may not fit together in a box
      • Items that are out of stock
      • Size and packaging are different
      • The order is split into two halves




Advantages of Split Shipment (Shipping Solution)

The split shipment or eCommerce shipping solution has several advantages for you, some of which can also benefit your customers.

1. Reduce Your Transportation Expenses

The majority of eCommerce businesses hold all of their products in a single warehouse. However, if your business grows, maintaining various items in one warehouse may become tough. You will need to manage logistics with different warehouses in this situation. When maintaining your warehouses, split shipments might save you money on logistical and transportation issues.

2. Customers Receive their Orders Quicker

When a buyer orders an out-of-stock product, they are likely to assume that it will not be delivered straight away. Even if you cannot ship everything right away, splitting the package will ensure that customers get a portion of their order on schedule.

3. Products are Sent Separately

Each product is packed as per its dimensional weight by eCommerce businesses. Due to surcharges for oversized and heavyweight shipping, large packages are costlier than lighter and smaller ones. You may send various orders to different addresses from here. For all new shipments, the majority of individuals will generate unique orders. However, it may be more convenient for bulk orders to input a distinct address for each shipment.

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There is more to learn before deciding to divide your shipments. However, if you are worried about your shipment’s arrival time or meeting a deadline, we have listed above some of the advantages of split shipping or shipping solution. NimbusPost’s team is responsible for a significant quantity of shipping volume. We are always delighted to assist you with inquiries concerning shipping, warehousing, inventory management, fulfillment, and other topics. Contact NimbusPost if you have any queries concerning split shipments.

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