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In the past five years, consumers have increased the use of phones, laptops, and other gadgets to fulfil their essential needs. As a result, the delivery system of online on-demand products is evolving drastically. The demand for hyperlocal delivery is gradually increasing, with people downloading apps and shopping online daily.

Demand is a straightforward terminology in economics but it holds great importance in practical life. In today’s blog, we will understand what a hyperlocal delivery is and what benefits it entails. In addition, we will also list the top ten hyperlocal delivery partners working at your service in India.

Before beginning with our run-down of top eCommerce delivery partners, let us briefly understand the synopsis of hyperlocal delivery.


What is Hyperlocal Delivery?

Suppose customers on your hypermarket or supermarket ask you to offer home-delivery services, and you do not have the resources like a delivery boy, storage unit, mobile app, etc. to fulfil their demands. To bridge this gap, you decide to appoint a delivery boy to parcel the orders within a specific location. This initiative of yours will be called hyperlocal delivery, implying you are fulfilling same-day and on-demand products orders to satisfy the end-user. Now, let us understand hyperlocal delivery in technical terms.

Hyperlocal delivery is fundamentally a process when a seller’s products directly reach the customers. Here, a delivery agent plays an integral part because he/she is accountable for visiting the seller’s site, picking up the products, and delivering them to the end customers. In this manner, many sellers generally prefer hyperlocal deliveries because of the functionality and ease they offer.





Best 10 Courier Partners for Hyperlocal Deliveries in India

As the increasing demand for home deliveries is explained in the above section, it is time to know our top ten hyperlocal delivery partners in India. We have picked the following delivery partners are selected because all of them have a full-fledged team of delivery persons, spacious warehouses, and local suppliers to fulfil your orders within 2-4 hours. Let us now take a look at the list.

1. Dunzo

Established in 2014, Dunzo is a go-to partner for on-demand hyperlocal deliveries in India. It has over 6000 delivery agents in seven Indian states to fulfil up to two-lakh monthly orders. In addition, it is popular for offering 45-mins guaranteed delivery services in specific cases. You only need to download the Dunzo app, sign in, and search the serviceable locales to process a delivery.

2. Shadowfax

More than 100 renowned Indian eCommerce companies and enterprises use Shadowfax to process on-demand delivery solutions. You can select same-day delivery based on time-slots to manage your orders within the promised duration. Besides, using Shadowfax’s express hyperlocal delivery, you can fulfil the orders within 45 minutes.

3. Blowhorn

If you need an intra-city delivery solution, no service provider can beat Blowhorn. It has technologically savvy vehicles to fulfil on-demand orders of varying loads. Besides, more than 30000 drivers work daily to fulfil 85% of the same-day delivery orders. Blowhorn delivers up to 50 million monthly orders to the end customers directly from sellers. 

4. Wefast

Although Wefast is a 2016 established company, it specialises in fulfilling on-demand eCommerce deliveries. It has delivery agents who ride logistics transports and even walk to fulfill your orders in the promised time. Wefast also offers API integration through which you can automate your order deliveries and sales. However, it charges a fixed amount for a particular city or location. 

5. Grab

Grab is the first recognised hyperlocal delivery partner in India for offering same-day and on-demand deliveries. It has bike-riding delivery agents who pick up any orders within 15-20 minutes and take up to 2 hours to deliver them to the customer’s doorstep. In addition, Grab also offers intra-city delivery solutions where the orders are transported in four-wheeler vehicles.

6. Pidge

Pidge is a new hyperlocal delivery partner but is working in five cities. You can select same-day delivery solutions without worrying about the location radius. Moreover, it also offers tamper-proof, special handling, and temperature-controlled deliveries on your request.

7. Dropr

Dropr has been collaborating with sellers and corporates since 2019. Although it offers the same benefits as any standard hyperlocal delivery, it has a real-time order tracking interface for corporate, as well as individual sellers.

8. XpressBees

Smart transportation for B2C and B2B orders is the forte of XpressBees. Although it is still working on optimising the hyperlocal delivery systems, its end-to-end delivery solutions are satisfactory among the users. 

9. Lalamove

Lalamove is popular in India, Singapore, Hong Kong, and other countries. It offers 24×7 booking and on-demand door-step delivery/pick-up. Apart from general online products, you can also transport your bikes and mini trucks using their intra-city transportation solution. Lalamove has extensive delivery options to match your business requirements. 

10. Bikxie

Faridabad and Gurugram are the two main hyperlocal delivery locations of Bikxie. Nonetheless, it is planning to expand its reach soon. It uses taxis and bikes to transport various eCommerce orders in multiple cities within the promised time.





Is it your time to choose a hyperlocal delivery partner?

If you are a seller and want to boost your sales, hyperlocal delivery solutions are the best option. The courier partners can offer cost-effective delivery packages and API integration features to handle your on-demand orders effectively.

If you have queries concerning shipping aggregator or logistics services, NimbusPost is here for you! You should select a hyperlocal delivery partner if it meets the above-listed requirements. Besides, you may also find other delivery partners that may not be listed in this blog.

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