Every eCommerce business faces product returns and exchanges once in a while. Nonetheless, sometimes, you may decide to choose an easy way and deny processing returns. But this would harm your company’s market value and take away a large number of customers. So, to ensure your business goodwill and to gain complete customer satisfaction, you would have to process product returns and exchanges whenever required.

Your courier partner plays a vital role in the efficient working of your eCommerce business. However, it should guarantee timely shipment to your customers. More than that, your courier service provider should also be efficient in handling reverse logistics.

In case of any damages or quality issues, customers usually request returns or exchanges. Therefore, you should choose a courier partner who is experienced in returning the products to their original place.



What Does Reverse Logistics Mean

E-commerce businesses focus on delivering their customers’ products well before the deadlines. But in case of returns, they need to collect the delivered products back from the customers. Afterward, they need to send those products to their original or manufacturing locations.

In simple words, reverse logistics refers to picking the products from the customers and delivering them back to their point of origin. The customers are considered to be the final destinations for the products. And, reverse logistics deals with taking the products back from the customers and delivering them to their manufacturers.





The Best Courier Partners For Reverse Logistics

Being a smart business person, you should always tie-up with the best courier partner in the industry. Your courier Partner should guarantee safe forward logistics and reverse logistics for your business. Names of some of India’s best courier partners for reverse logistics are listed below.


1. Blue Dart

Blue Dart is a well-known name for carrying out hundreds of trustworthy deliveries every day. It has its headquarters in Mumbai. It delivers across more than 17000 pin codes. Blue Dart efficiently carries out forward shipments and reverse logistics in nearly 220 countries and territories around the world.



2. Ecom Express

Ecom Express manages timely deliveries and trustworthy reverse logistics. It runs its operations by using end-to-end technology. It connects to 17000 pin codes and extends its services to nearly 1600 cities. It promises to get the products back from the end customers within 72 hours of requesting.



3. Delhivery

Delhivery is a renowned and efficient courier partner for reverse logistics. It runs a separate returns module. It extends its services to more than 17000 happy customers. The courier partner is well-known for its fast shipments and returns pickups within minimum costs for its clients. It connects sellers and customers across more than 7000 pin codes. Thus, it guarantees the fastest returns from numerous delivery locations. Besides, it also has a no-damage assurance for the delivered packages.



4. Shadowfax

Shadowfax is a very popular brand name among courier service providers. It offers a wide delivery coverage in more than 70 cities. It operates through 400+ vehicles. This platform provides fast shipping and easy reverse logistics for Indian brands. Its services include the food, grocery, e-commerce, and healthcare sectors of the country. Shadowfax operates a multi-modal platform and engages more than 15000 delivery partners.



5. NimbusPost

Nimbuspost is a leading name in the logistics industry for efficiently managing forward and reverse logistics and offering advanced features and benefits to its users. It serves eCommerce sellers’ shipping needs across 29000+ pin codes with help of 27+ national, local, and international courier partners. Operating through an automated logistics management system, NimbusPost is considered the most technologically advanced shipping aggregator for offering free signup, Amazon integration, an advanced NDR panel, and the fastest COD delivery remittance.



6. Shiprocket

Shiprocket operates through an automated NDR panel that minimizes manual shipping efforts. It aims to provide fast reverse logistics by using segregated panels. Shiprocket connects sellers with very well-known courier partners. It offers domestic as well as international courier services. This way, it becomes a seamless delivery partner and pickup- service provider for its clients.



7. TCI Express

TCI Express is one of the most efficient and trustworthy delivery solutions in India. It extends its services to nearly 40000 delivery points. In addition, it has made a separate section for reverse logistics. Its reverse logistics section has more than 3000 designated pickup points. Not only for fast return pickups but TCI Express is also known for centralized monitoring and continuous tracking of its reverse logistics operations.



8. Safexpress

Safexpress is commonly known as the ‘Market Leader’ and the ‘Knowledge Leader’ in the logistics industry. It started its operations in 1997 and has grown commendably till today. Safexpress uses special technical ways while carrying out its operations. As a result, it enables all its stakeholders, partners, and associates to have a complete view of forwarding shipping and returns processes.



9. Bizlog

Bizlog offers some of the most innovative reverse logistics solutions. It provides commendable return services in 35 cities. Moreover, it is planning to extend its services to 50+ cities very soon. It offers services like decreased TAT, speedy replacements, and packaging facilities for return orders. Bizlog extends its services to manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and eCommerce businesses for forward and reverses logistics needs.





Hire The Most Reliable Courier Partner For Reverse Logistics

In today’s changing scenario of e-commerce businesses, product returns and exchanges are sure to happen. So choose a courier partner that guarantees to provide reverse logistics as well. Look out for a courier service provider who can efficiently handle all your deliveries and returns and minimize the RTO.

Some well-known courier partners for reverse logistics are mentioned above. While independent courier partners are known to offer decent courier services, NimbusPost among others can fit your needs most appropriately as it brings together 27+ courier partners on its platform. Besides its lowest shipping rates, automated cloud calls, end-to-end transparency, and others advantages set it apart from its competitors.

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