Doctors, nurses, and clinicians working in labs come to our mind when we hear the term white gloves. However, in logistics, this term has nothing to do with the medical or laboratory field. The trending slang, white glove service is a just way of shipment. This buzzword has now become a specified term in the logistics industry. It is used to define a service related to the safe and secure packaging of the products. You must have noticed each logistics company stating that they use the safest and the best shipment methods. However, people often encounter a failure in the shipment of their products. This breach in the logistics industry results from a multitude of factors.

White glove service can save and fill in the industrial gap. The companies evolving and adopting white glove services are in a better position. Ventures working with a white glove attitude will likely receive satisfactory responses from the customers.


Is White Glove Service Necessary?

Let’s look at what the end customers have to say to answer the question. As much as 95% of consumers in a study asserted that they would be loyal to the companies which provide a quality service. No doubt, responsibly handling customers’ products is considered a quality service.

Also, the behavior of a logistics company is linked to the reputation of the core company selling products. The customers do not put much thought into the process and the parties involved. If something goes wrong with their product, they mostly blame the product selling company. Thus, logistics has a lot to do with its own and the manufacturers’ reputation. No business wishes to drown their money into a shipment service that cannot take care of the customers’ products.


Know White Glove Service

Is white glove service a bunch of people wearing white gloves packing/delivering the products to doorsteps or the technicians wearing them for ensuring germ protection? It is none of that. To give you a good understanding of the term, here is what goes by the definition. White-glove service is a high-end shipping service that pays close regard to the smallest elements, particularly when it comes to things that need to be handled carefully during shipment. It is used for specialty products like unbuilt furnishing, paintings, cakes, pricey materials, light fittings, or rare antiquities that are priceless, delicate, or climate-sensitive.

You can consider it a transportation service performed with utmost care. It brings better customer satisfaction and is appreciated more. Among the crews, white-glove service providers have trustworthy, experienced, and competent employees specializing in end-to-end handling of all types of mobile items.



How Is It Different?

It is different from the regular shipment services in many ways. Here is why it is preferable:


  1. Special Packing

The foundation of a great shipment service is secure packaging. As mentioned above, white-glove packaging is often used for specialty goods that are complicated to pack. The complications of shipment increase when a tender item like cake is onboard. Thus, to deliver items as fragile as a cake or light fittings, it is important that premium packaging is done. Having white-glove service by your side is a blessing in these challenging times. With every other industry moving online, we need upgraded shipment services that customize the product delivery.

3PLs-third party logistic providers also offer corrugated containers, special shipment packaging, and specially designed crates for delivery under white glove service.


  1. Minor Details, Check!

White-glove service experts ensure that every possible detail is paid heed right from packaging to delivery. Who doesn’t like to receive a parcel that is packed well and keeps the internal product safe? The white-glove service does not have amateurs on board. Rather, they have trained professionals who follow protocols and all necessary guidelines for smooth shipment.

The shipment vehicles are monitored at each step, and packages are placed with care, eliminating the risk of damage.


  1. Respecting Time

The logistics professionals work on strict deadlines to deliver the products just in time to the customers. Moreover, you would not have to worry about picking up the parcel at a certain time. This service is known for its convenient shipment. You can get your package delivered at any time that suits you.


  1. Effortless Tracking

White glove service provides real-time tracking freight to the customers. Sitting at a place, you can easily watch and track down your order. This service is transparent and does not keep any detail hidden for the sake of curious customers. Equipped with the latest technology and artificial intelligence, the white-glove service will give you accurate details of your package.


  1. Zero Hassle

With white-glove service at your side, you do not have to face any challenges of post-delivery. It allows the customer to avail of the premium facility to get their product installed. For big furniture and other delicate items, you don’t have to worry about it being set up the right way.



Are You White Glove Service Ready?

In a competitive environment where we have doorstep cab service, getting the right shipment service for the convenience and comfort of your customers is necessary. While doing so, you can also work on the customer retention aspect for the better growth of your business.

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