Non-delivery reports (NDR) or reports regarding non-delivery of goods can result in a return origin. Here we will understand, what is a non-delivery report and its relationship with return origin.

Many sellers already know what the risks are from undelivered shipments. There are several factors that cause delivery failures such as incomplete address details, inappropriate addresses, recipients who cannot be contacted, or even packages rejected by the recipient for various reasons. In some cases, you as the seller must still pay for the delivery service for the item even if the item is not successfully delivered to the buyer’s address.

So that you don’t have to experience adverse things like that, get to know more about non-delivery reports and return origin here!


What is a non-delivery report?

Non delivery report is a term used in the shipping industry to provide a report that a package or shipment has not been delivered to the recipient’s address for various reasons. 


How do you manage non-delivery reports ?

When a Non delivery report is issued by the shipping partner chosen by the seller to send the shipment, the seller can choose to re-deliver or choose a return origin. If you choose to resend, you will need to provide the recipient’s address, contact details and more. Usually, the courier will try to resend three times. If after the third re-delivery it still fails, then the shipment will be returned to origin status.

With the development of existing technology, technology-based logistics aggregator platforms such as NimbusPost have features to help sellers send their goods. With real time access to be able to find out the status of their undelivered shipments. After the seller receives an update regarding their shipment in the available panel, the seller can immediately make a decision regarding the shipment.


Is return origin a big deal for sellers?

Origin returns are something that sellers of goods really avoid. Of course, all sellers want their shipments to arrive safely to the buyer’s address, however, in fact, there are many shipping problems that can lead to non-delivery of the package and even lead to a return to origin. As a side note, origin returns are more common in cash on delivery (COD) services. Many buyers refuse parcels for many reasons. This of course makes the seller a loss.

You can prevent this from happening by collaborating with delivery partners who are able to utilize technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and big data management to manage shipments. Thus minimizing the occurrence of return origin on your shipment.




How do non-delivery reports and return origins affect you as a seller?

Non-Delivery Reports

The non-delivery report feature helps you to find out whether your shipment was successfully sent and received by the buyer or not. If your shipment fails to be delivered, you will immediately get an update regarding the latest status of your shipment via the shipping partner you have chosen. Usually, you are given about 12 hours to resend or update data and information from the recipient of the package. Usually the courier will re-send it three times before finally returning the item to the seller with the return origin status.


return origin

Return origin is a condition in which the package is returned to the origin of the shipment. Origin of delivery can mean a warehouse of goods or to other places determined by the seller.

Returning goods to the origin of delivery also has the potential to cause new problems. Sellers don’t want to lock up their inventory because of non-delivery reports , this problem can also disrupt the flow of money from your business. The seller also has to bear the existing shipping costs and of course this is very detrimental for the seller.Therefore it is very important to always provide periodic updates for sellers and buyers regarding the ongoing status of goods shipments. With the right information and data, sellers can send their items with greater peace of mind and if things don’t work out, sellers can schedule resends quickly. Conversely, buyers can also get accurate package delivery information thereby preventing the possibility of packages not being delivered properly.

It is very important for online or e-commerce businesses to minimize the return origin of your shipments, besides your business becoming more advanced, customers will also be satisfied with the service you provide. Collaborate with delivery platforms that can make non-delivery reports in a timely manner, and minimize the possibility of return origin.