What are the differences between hypermarkets and supermarkets?

Although both are places to shop for various kinds of household needs, hypermarkets and supermarkets have differences.

What are hypermarkets?

Hypermarket is a large retail center which is a collection of many department stores and supermarkets. Hypermarkets carry the one-stop-shop concept where you can buy various kinds of your needs such as groceries, medicines, clothes, and many others.

Having a hypermarket makes it easy for you to buy the things you need in one place. You don’t need to visit many places to buy your needs, just one place is enough. You can buy electronics to cosmetics at hypermarkets, sometimes the prices are much cheaper.

Hypermarkets are large retail stores which are then separated into various shopping areas. This shopping center offers a wide variety of products ranging from household appliances, groceries, and many other daily needs available under one roof.


What are Supermarkets?

Supermarket is a shopping center that provides many products for consumers that have been organized into various sections.

Supermarkets have a slightly different shopping concept. Here you can freely go through the many aisles while carrying a trolley or shopping basket and pick up the items you want right away. At first, supermarkets were unable to sell meat and other fresh food ingredients. But now, supermarkets sell fresh meat, vegetables and fruits. Supermarkets do not only sell fresh or canned food, but also sell various household needs such as house cleaners, medicines, kitchen equipment, baby needs, and pets.

Supermarkets offer lower prices and many attractive offers and discounts. In fact, sometimes they lower the price as cheaply as possible or sell their merchandise at a loss to attract customers. To prevent losses, supermarkets usually receive a large supply of goods from large distributors or directly from manufacturers.

Supermarkets usually sell a large selection of similar items from different manufacturers or brands. The goal is to make it easier for customers to compare between these items before buying them. There is also a label that shows the price of the item so that customers can adjust the item they want to buy with the money they have.


The difference between supermarkets and hypermarkets (2022)

Area Hypermarkets and Supermarkets

In general, hypermarkets are much larger than supermarkets. Although hypermarkets have a large selection of products, hypermarkets also have many department stores that sell selected products.

Meanwhile, a supermarket is a shopping center that offers a wide variety of goods under one roof. The size of a supermarket is determined by how many types of goods are sold.

Prices of goods, discounts and offers in Hypermarkets and Supermarkets

Hypermarkets sell goods at prices that tend to be lower. This is what attracts some people to shop at hypermarkets. Meanwhile, supermarkets offer prices that are quite competitive with shops and other retail centers around them.

Interior View of Hypermarket and Supermarket

The interior appearance of the supermarket is made as attractive as possible with eye-catching pictures and color combinations. Some supermarkets even use design principles that aim to increase sales.

While the interior appearance of hypermarkets is not that special, sometimes hypermarkets even look more like a warehouse than a shopping center, this is because they do not have a separate focus on the interior appearance.



Service and shopping experience

Faktor pembeda lainnya antara hypermarket dan supermarket adalah dari segi pelayanan. Hypermarket cenderung tidak memberikan pelayanan konsumen dengan sentuhan personal yang biasa dilakukan oleh supermarket. Hal ini dikarenakan kondisi di hypermarket dimana cenderung lebih menyerupai gudang dan tidak terlalu mendukung untuk memberikan pelayanan dengan sentuhan personal.

Berbanding terbalik dengan hypermarket, supermarket sangat mengedepankan pelayanan dengan sentuhan personal. Hal ini dilakukan untuk menarik banyak pelanggan untuk berbelanja disana.

Diskon dan penawaran saat perayaan hari besar

Ketika ada hari besar, antusiasme dan euphoria perayaan hari besar tersebut akan bisa dirasakan di supermarket. biasanya , supermarket akan memberikan diskon atau penawaran spesial yang berkaitan dengan hari besar tersebut. Dekorasi di supermarket juga akan menyesuaikan sesuai dengan tema perayaan. Namun antusiasme tersebut tidak akan terlalu bisa dirasakan di hypermarket. Biasanya hypermarket tidak memiliki strategi penjualan dan promosi khusus untuk perayaan hari besar.

Dekorasi tambahan pada toko

Hypermarket tidak memiliki tambahan dekorasi tambahan jika dibandingkan dengan supermarket. Hal ini disebabkan karena hypermarket memang lebih berfokus untuk menyediakan barang dengan harga yang murah kepada konsumen. Sebaliknya, supermarket memiliki dekorasi yang jauh lebih menarik. Hal ini dilakukan oleh supermarket agar pelanggan lebih tertarik untuk membeli suatu barang, sehingga mereka menghabiskan lebih banyak uang disana.


Menjamurnya hypermarket di seluruh dunia secara tidak langsung juga merubah gaya dan tren belanja tradisional. Namun, tidak semua ahli ekonomi sependapat dengan model bisnis tersebut.



Rangkuman mengenai perbedaan hypermarket dan supermarket

Hypermarket adalah outlet ritel besar yang menjual banyak jenis barang dengan harga yang cenderung lebih murah. Sedangkan supermarket adalah tempat dimana pelanggan bisa membeli banyak produk dengan harga pasaran dengan pengalaman berbelanja yang lebih menarik.

Supermarket memberikan pelayanan dengan sentuhan yang lebih personal dan lebih ramah untuk menarik banyak pelanggan. Sedangkan hypermarket tidak melakukan hal tersebut.

Supermarket meningkatkan pembelian dengan cara menarik pelanggan untuk membeli lebih banyak barang dengan berbagai cara penjualan dan branding. Sedangkan hypermarket berfokus untuk memberikan harga terbaik kepada para pelanggan nya.

Supermarkets also put forward attractive interior decorations to reach more customers. Meanwhile, hypermarkets do not focus on interior decoration. In fact, it tends to look more like a warehouse than a shopping center.

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