There are many ways a business can do to attract new customers, one of which is using email marketing. According to statista , there are around 319.6 million emails sent and received every day around the world. There are many tips regarding email marketing that can be learned on the internet. However, sometimes in our efforts to find ways to connect with consumers, we forget the basics of email marketing.

For that we will discuss the basics of email marketing here.


What are the four types of email marketing?


Newsletter emails

This method is a great way to connect with customers because it has good and quality content. You can use newsletter emails to get visitors to visit your site and build a relationship with you. Observe these few rules for creating compelling email newsletters

  1. Add attractive images to your email
  2. Use CTA (Call to Action) buttons
  3. Make sure the content is not too long


Welcome and thank you email

This email is sent to leads, potential customers, or visitors who have filled out the form on the landing page on your site. Give an email as a thank you for filling out the registration form or starting a subscription. In the welcome email you create, tell the customer what you will give them and show them that the upcoming email will be of great value to them.


Promotional e-mails

As the name implies, promotional emails are sent to consumers to promote a product. This type of email is very good for introducing new products to consumers while driving sales. Promotional emails usually contain discounts, coupons, and offers that can entice consumers to buy a product. Unfortunately, this email sometimes falls into the spam category. To avoid this, use compelling subject lines, images, stories, that relate to customers and place call to action (CTA) buttons properly.


Email product reviews or email updates

Product-related emails are usually flagged as spam because consumers are not particularly interested in product-related emails. To prevent this, make sure the product emails you send are simple and straightforward, use interesting language and sentences, and don’t use confusing jargon.

Emails regarding product updates are important to introduce new products to consumers or to provide new information about product changes to consumers.


Elements of the 5T’s in email marketing



This element is intended to foster consumer desire to open email. The element of tease marketing provides exclusivity to consumers which is an effective strategy to drive sales. You can use elements of tease marketing, to increase the open rate of your email.

Use sentences that attract consumers to open emails. Do not make false promises and exaggerated claims. Tell us about the advantages and features you have in the email, and use interesting pictures or visuals to look at.



Emails that already have personalization will be bigger to open compared to regular emails. Customers will feel more connected if they receive emails that match their preferences.

In order to provide personalized information, track your audience’s activity, then collect information about their needs and preferences, and tailor it to your business.



The email you send must provide useful information for customers. Emails that are able to provide complete information and are able to answer consumer needs will be more engaging and can build consumer trust in the brand. Avoid sending emails that are too directed towards product sales (hard selling) to consumers, provide informative emails to consumers. This is preferred by consumers.



If you don’t do analysis and testing, it will be difficult for you to grow in business and in life. For example, don’t rely solely on information about something that can increase your open rate or an email copy that can increase your conversion rate. Do a test of consumer reactions first, then you do optimization.

A/B testing is a great way to test email marketing campaigns for your e-commerce. Send two different variations of the email, and see which one has the better reaction.



The last element is the track. Track which email copy can drive more engagement and sales. This can help optimize email marketing campaigns carried out by e-commerce. Use trackable URL links to analyze campaign results with Google analytics.



What email marketing strategies are suitable for e-commerce?


Start with a welcome email

When you get new prospects signing up, greet them with a welcome email and tell them about your brand. Tell them about the email content that you will send in the future, also provide various attractive discounts, promotions or offers and also give consumers a gift for subscribing to the email.


Use personalization to differentiate consumers

Personalized email marketing can be your go-to engine for sales if done right. Personalized emails have a higher conversion rate than those that are not. You can customize your sent email based on:

  1. Age, gender, demographics, and income
  2. Patterns of customer habits, preferences, and actions.


Use the cart abandonment email

Customer shopping cart abandonment emails are very important to increase your business income. This email is addressed to those who have logged in and added a product to their cart but just left. In this email, the subject and CTA that you provide are crucial for consumers to be able to return to their cart. 

Try to create personalized abandon cart emails with consumers and also provide breaks between one email and the next, don’t send lots of emails straight into your prospect customer’s inbox. 

A research from Experion, the best time for e-commerce to send email is between 6 – 8 am or 8 pm to midnight.


Give gifts and special offers for regular customers

Always make sure your regular customers feel special by giving them a variety of exclusive gifts and offers. This method can build customer trust in the brand and also add your brand value to them. The prizes you give don’t have to be in the form of coupons or discounts. You can also give them vacation packages or the opportunity to meet brand ambassadors.





Now you know that there are many processes going on behind the scenes in the world of e-commerce. Whether you are a startup or a large corporation, email marketing is a strategy that you must use to achieve success, and if done correctly, it will pay off handsomely for you. To be able to do it right and achieve success, you must have a mature and clear plan to set the goals you want to achieve.

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