Do you need to ship items that are prone to damage? Here we will tell you about everything you should know before sending goods that are prone to damage. Often sellers are in a hurry to send goods that they are vulnerable to damage, especially if the goods are of great value.

Items that are prone to damage often suffer damage even when they experience the slightest impact. You must ensure that the item is not damaged during the shipping process and arrives at the customer in good condition.

Even though it sounds quite complicated, there are many couriers that you can rely on to deliver your vulnerable goods safely. Come on, see how to send damaged goods safely to your customers!


What is included in the category of goods that are susceptible to damage?

Before we continue, let’s first understand what is an item that is susceptible to damage.

Regardless of the product, if the item you are sending looks fragile and easily damaged, it is very likely that the item will be damaged. There are some items that are stronger than they appear.

Items such as works of art and antiques are of course included in the category of goods that are prone to damage, but several types of goods such as electronics and musical instruments can also be categorized as goods that are prone to damage.


How to properly and correctly pack goods that are prone to damage or of high value?

Delivering goods that are vulnerable to damage safely is the duty of the delivery service. But, we also have to pack these items properly and correctly to minimize the risk of damage to these items on the way.

There are many ways you can pack these items properly and correctly. For example, you can pack an item with a shipping destination that is quite far with water-resistant packaging. You can also send items that are prone to damage by packing them with a layer of bubble wrap and cardboard. What you shouldn’t do is ship items that are prone to damage by placing them in an iron box.



Recommendations for goods delivery services that are vulnerable to damage



JNE is one of the largest shipping services in Indonesia. With the many features and conveniences offered, such as easy payments, tracking features that are constantly updated, and a variety of shipping meter options, it’s no wonder that many sellers choose JNE as their shipping option for delivering various goods.



SiCepat is also the choice for many sellers to deliver their goods to buyers. This delivery service offers many promos to its consumers, the delivery services provided by SiCepat are also varied and are able to answer the needs of many sellers to deliver goods. SiCepat also has a call center that is quite responsive when there are problems in shipping goods.



AnterAja is the choice of many business actors as a choice of freight forwarding services. They are able to provide lower prices compared to their competitors. Even though it was only founded in 2019, AnterAja is able to compete with many other delivery service companies. In fact, AnterAja has also become a shipping partner for one of the leading e-commerce companies in Indonesia.



SAP Express is a shipping service that is quite popular in Indonesia. One of the advantages possessed by SAP Express is the convenience of COD or cash on delivery services .



The shipping services mentioned above are some examples of shipping services that you can choose to deliver goods that are prone to damage. 

Tentunya akan lebih mudah apabila kamu bisa menemukan beragam pilihan jasa pengiriman dalam satu platform. NimbusPost adalah sebuah platform pengiriman berbasis teknologi dengan lebih dari 20 pilihan kurir.  Kamu hanya perlu mendaftar secara gratis dan bisa langsung memilih jasa pengiriman yang kamu inginkan, kamu juga bisa membandingkan harga antara satu kurir dengan kurir lainnya di platform ini, sangat mudah dan menghemat waktu bukan?

In addition to the many available courier options, NimbusPost also has real-time access which allows you to monitor the status of the delivery of goods if there are delivery problems that prevent the goods from reaching their destination. There is also a cloud-calling feature that can confirm orders before shipping, this feature is very useful for minimizing fictitious orders, especially when sending cash on delivery .