Increasing sales and increasing customer satisfaction is the desire of all entrepreneurs and other professionals. Has your business experienced an increase in the number of orders but in the end you are overwhelmed with these orders and cannot deliver them on time? Do you want shipping affairs in your business to run smoother and understand more about shipping aggregators?

Good logistics and delivery really help an online-based business to be able to meet the daily targets they want and make the business more advanced. It’s time for your business to have good logistics and delivery to be more productive.

Running an online-based business is sometimes filled with uncertainty, today you can get a very large number of orders and the next day you receive a small number of orders. To overcome this instability, some entrepreneurs use technology to be able to get more profits. 

E-commerce businesses that receive a large number of orders are often overwhelmed with managing and shipping their orders, this can impact their reputation and relationship with customers. Shipping aggregators can help deliver goods quickly with competitive shipping rates.

By taking advantage of developments in delivery partner technology, a business can provide a more shopping experience to customers. Now, let’s see what a shipping aggregator is and its benefits for your business!


What is a shipping aggregator?

A shipping aggregator or logistics aggregator is a platform that works with many shipping service companies that offer their services to sellers to optimize the delivery of their goods. NimbusPost is a shipping aggregator that offers you the best-priced shipping solutions. Shipping aggregators work with a variety of shipping services and can provide many courier options to deliver their shipments.


What are the functions of a shipping aggregator?

If you get an order of 500 – 1000 per month, you need a shipping aggregator to help deliver these items to various destinations with many courier options to choose from. Some of the other functions of a shipping aggregator are as follows:

  • Wide delivery range
  • Integration with marketplaces and e-commerce platforms
  • Various courier options 
  • Reducing origin return rate with fast delivery’
  • Dashboard feature for shipping management
  • Easy payment
  • Competitive shipping costs
  • Fast cash on delivery (COD) delivery



How important are shipping aggregators for e-commerce based businesses?

The logistics industry has developed very rapidly in the last 10 years. Shipping aggregator may be a new term, but the aggregator model is evolving rapidly. NimbusPost as a logistics aggregator gives you many choices of goods delivery services by more than 20 selected courier partners. By partnering with a shipping aggregator, you can streamline your shipments and focus on growing your business further.



Advantages of using shipping aggregator services

You already get an idea of ​​the importance of shipping aggregator services. Now, what are the advantages of using a shipping aggregator service? 


Wider delivery range.

You can reach a wider delivery area because there are far more choices of couriers.


More courier options.

You can choose from more than 20 selected courier partners and a variety of shipping services that have been provided according to your shipping needs.


Integration to marketplaces.

The integration feature to the marketplace makes it easy for you to synchronize orders and deliveries from your store on the marketplace




Shipment return management.

You can manage undelivered shipments directly through the aggregator platform.


Gain multifunctional platform access.

You can get access to a multifunctional platform that will help you in managing your shipments. In addition to sending goods, you can also monitor and process further if there is a delivery failure.


Easy payment options.

Using a shipping aggregator makes it easier for you to make payments. You can easily make payments for multiple couriers on one platform.


Free of charge .

In general, logistics aggregators do not provide additional costs for warehouses and warehouses. So you can save more on shipping costs for your goods.


Inventory management.

There are also aggregators that offer inventory and warehousing services. You can take advantage of this offer to better manage your stock of merchandise.


Other features that you can get


Delivery recommendations.

Your logistics aggregator platform can recommend the most suitable shipping service for you. This recommendation is given by considering the distance traveled, the location of the goods pick-up, and others.


Data driven and AI platform.

By using technological assistance such as data management systems based on automation and artificial intelligence that assist users in determining and choosing the best decisions for shipping.


Business analysis.

You will also get shipping details that you can use as a source of data so that you can grow your business in the future.


Automation of non-delivery reports

Shipping aggregators can track your shipment and will immediately process it if there is a problem with delivery.




Do you need a shipping aggregator service?

The logistics and transportation industry will continue to grow rapidly over the next 10 years. It is highly recommended for your business to partner with a logistics aggregator. NimbusPost is a logistics aggregator platform with more than 20 choices of delivery partners who are ready to deliver your shipments to more than 1 million addresses in Indonesia.