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We Are NimbusGlobal
A Fully Integrated Cross-border Logistics Platform

We make cross-border trading a hassle-free experience for eCommerce sellers, e-tailers, exporters, importers, marketplaces, as well as individuals wishing to ship products to and from international locations. Leverage our extensive international shipping network across 196+ countries to deliver cargos and couriers in the shortest duration. Pick the cross-border solution you need today.

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Nimbus Ecom+

Are you planning to expand your footprint in international markets? Sell without hesitation because NimbusGlobal will handle the complete customs clearance procedure, enabling hassle-free cross-border shipping for B2C businesses via leading Express Overseas Couriers and Destination Courier Postal Services.

  • Easily ship orders from India to 36 countries, including the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and more.

  • Ship orders at the most competitive rates with zero hidden charges and earn a huge margin on international sales.

  • Integrate your eCommerce platform in one click and deliver international orders fastest in just four days with minimum documentation.

  • Stay updated about the whereabouts of your package in real-time through a unified tracking number.

Nimbus Priority+

NimbusGlobal goes the extra mile to assist you in scaling your international business. Now confidently manage your worldwide deliveries and enjoy quick onboarding, one-click store integration, unified tracking, and offer maximum customer satisfaction.

  • Experience flawless international shipping services with complete customs handling, instant AWB generation, fast-track shipments, and more.

  • Handle cross-border shipping from India to the USA, Canada, Australia, Dubai, Japan, South Africa, Europe, Saudi Arabia, and everywhere across 196+ countries with zero hassle.

  • Leverage our courier recommendation engine to choose the most appropriate courier partner for each order from the best carrier options including DHL, FedEx, Aramex, UPS, and more.

  • Maintain a flawless supply chain through timely inventory distribution at the most economical shipping rates.

Nimbus Priority+
Nimbus D2D AC+

Trust NimbusGlobal for your door-to-door air cargo delivery needs across all major overseas destinations. Enjoy benefits such as real-time cargo visibility, flexible pricing, storage facility, and more to fulfil your specific requirements.

  • Our door-to-door shipping service is the perfect solution for long-distance shipments. Leverage our strong network of destinations and airports to deliver cargo conveniently and fastest anywhere around the world.

  • Our D2D AC+ services eliminate the need for local warehousing. With our proficient cargo handling, cargo inspection, and customs clearance, delivering goods door-to-door is a matter of hours.

  • Delivery coverage across Germany, Dubai, UK, Singapore, Kenya, and all hub locations through CHA, IATA, WCA, and LMP.

  • Airline transportation minimizes the risk of theft and damage during transit. Airports indulging in special procedures to take care of consignments promise superior handling of your cargo.

Nimbus WF+

Store inventory near your customers in our spacious warehouses located across the USA, UK, Indonesia, and Dubai, and always ensure on-time deliveries. We help you with simplified international inventory storage and distribution into the local markets.

  • Get maximum inventory accuracy and a streamlined supply chain by leveraging our advanced WMS that is designed specifically to fit eCommerce order fulfilment requirements.

  • Storing inventory in our spacious and fully-equipped warehouses near your customers will reduce the transit distance, thereby reducing your overall shipping expense.

  • Improve your customers’ shipping experience by delivering shipments in just two days. Delivering products at a faster speed by storing them near customers will significantly bring down your RTO percentage.

  • While we manage your inventory, packaging, and shipping needs, you can focus on improving your core expertise to scale your business uninterruptedly.

Nimbus Priority+
Nimbus FF+

We plan and coordinate the movement of your commodities across international borders. Get port-to-port freight forwarding services at the most competitive rates, and handle your overseas business impeccably.

  • Our experts possess rich knowledge of customs standards and protocols, which vary in every country and even from port to port. We specialize in agile problem solving or handling the snags that might arise during the freight forwarding process.

  • We ensure your products reach the intended market within the pre-defined timeline. We coordinate everything ahead of time to adhere to the consignment delivery timeline.

  • Our freight forwarding experts have the best negotiation skills that you can leverage to get the best price for your cargo handling, thereby reducing your import-export expenses.

  • Combining the same kinds of consignments brings down the transportation cost to a great extent. After a careful analysis of different cargos, we consolidate small cargos which helps in getting a cost-effective deal for you.



Why Choose NimbusGlobal?
Grow Your Business In International Markets
  • Hassle-free Clearance
  • Zero Set Up & Subscription Fee
  • Shipping Starts at ₹215/50gm
  • 11+ Service Partners
  • Serviceability Across 196+ Countries
  • Minimum Documentation
  • 24×7 Support
  • Two-day Deliveries
  • Cargo & Courier Services
  • Save Up To 25%* On Shipments
  • Key Account Manager Service
  • Customized Shipping Labels
  • Insurance Coverage


How We Simplify Your International Shipping Journey

We clear customs, offer advanced platform features and enable unprecedented
visibility into shipments of importers, exporters, and freight forwarders.

Easy-to-use Dashboard
Easy-to-use Dashboard

Get multi-carrier shipping, reduce shipping-related customer calls, drive repeat purchases, smartly handle shipping delays, and more at the tip of your fingers from an easy-to-use dashboard.

Easy-to-use Dashboard
Courier Recommendation Engine

Leverage our AI-enabled courier recommendation engine to always pick the right decision based on metrics like estimated delivery time, freight rate, and customer satisfaction level.

Real-time Package Updates
Real-time Package Updates

Get automated email, SMS, and WhatsApp updates about your package in real-time. You can also track the location of your package through your tracking number.

Advanced NDR Panel
Advanced NDR Panel

Get full control of undelivered shipments through automated NDR follow-ups. Take immediate action over non-delivered shipments in real-time for minimized RTO.

Unified End-to-End Tracking
Unified End-to-End Tracking

Get a single, unified tracking whether your shipment is in the base country, destination country, or at a last-mile hub & eliminate tracking hassle.

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Client Testimonials for International Courier Services
Client Testimonials for International Courier Services

Leading Brands Trust Us for Global Expansion. Let’s Hear It From Them.

Client Testimonials for International Courier Services
Client Testimonials for International Courier Services


Frequently Asked Questions
Can I ship internationally?
Yes! You can go local to global with us. NimbusGlobal offers international shipping across 196+ countries from India.
How long does international delivery take?
The selected route will decide how long it will take to deliver a parcel. While for Nimbus eCom+ Deferred International Plan, deliveries can take up to 10-14 days, it can take from 7 to 10 days via expedited plan. With Nimbus Priority+, deliveries may take 4 to 9 days depending upon the destination.
How do we calculate the shipping cost?
We calculate the shipping price based on the greater of the two – actual weight or the volumetric weight of the shipments. Volumetric weight depends on the volume (size) of the shipment. It is easily calculated by multiplying a parcel’s length, width, and height (in cm) and dividing that figure by 5000. If the volumetric weight is more, then the shipping charge will be calculated based on that.
What is the cheapest way to ship internationally?
The cost of shipping a package internationally depends on a few factors, including the destination country. Using the Nimbus eCom+ Deferred and Expedited plan is the best way to find the lowest price.
What is needed for international shipping?
As per the rules and regulations, we require your GST number, PAN, Aadhar, Import/Export Certificate, and AD Code. Apart from that, we may require extra documentation as per the nature of the shipment.
What happens if customs is holding our shipment?
Shipments must be customs cleared. Customs clearance processing times differ from country to country. For some countries, duties and taxes may be due apart from VAT. Customs may hold your shipment because they require more information. In this case, they will contact your consignee.

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