Logistics aggregators are a critical component of the eCommerce industry’s success. As the global industrial maps continue to evolve, logistics partners are becoming increasingly important. When we consider this notion, there is not much of a distinction between logistic aggregators and third-party logistics businesses. Let us take a look at some of the most important characteristics of a logistics aggregator.


What is a Logistics Aggregator and How Does it Work?


Logistics aggregators are simply businesses integrated with many carrier agents with whom an eCommerce company may establish a shipping partnership. They provide a standardized and simplified platform for tracking shipping orders and communicating with a diverse network of courier companies. One of the most difficult challenges encountered by eCommerce businesses, particularly during periods of rapid growth, is handling high orders while also integrating swiftly with various courier partners. Whenever orders increase dramatically, which is generally between 1000 and 2000 orders every day, logistics aggregators can help an eCommerce seller to overcome such challenges.


Role of Logistics Aggregators


As the logistics industry continues to develop and expand at an ever-increasing rate with each passing year, it is increasingly important to recognize and appreciate its significance for the eCommerce industry. It provides a team of agents responsible for overseeing all aspects of the transportation and storage facilities. The agents sort the items according to their subcategories and store them in the appropriate warehouses as needed to meet customer demand. They are also in charge of packing and transporting the goods to their intended location when the customer places an order. In this manner, a logistics aggregator assumes complete responsibility for ensuring that the product is delivered to its final consumers safely. As soon as the task is completed, the logistics aggregator is paid a fee for the services that they have given thus far.


A large number of start-up firms serve as logistics partners for the eCommerce sector. It is because the eCommerce sector is reliant on third-party logistics aggregators. Their businesses would certainly fail if the courier services that transport their goods from one location to another didn’t assist them. They are also in charge of managing many fulfilment centers and warehouses, where items are held until they are delivered to the intended consumers, among other responsibilities. They are in charge of ensuring that deliveries are packaged properly, stored safely, and transported safely. The company provides all of the assistance necessary to keep clients content and delighted with the services they receive and prompt and effective delivery.





The Advantages of Using a Logistics Aggregator


No eCommerce company can manage to ship orders on its own forever. To enhance your profit margins while also increasing client happiness, you must work with reliable partners. Third-party logistics may be a valuable service provider. It frees up resources such as labor and time, which can then be employed for production or delivering better service to your clients. They will supply your organization with a variety of services such as expedited deliveries, on-time pick-ups, skilled employees, and numerous payment methods, as well as complete return services, safe packing, and many more. So many successful eCommerce businesses are turning to logistics aggregators to increase their organizational efficiency while also optimizing their supply chain management.


1. Extensive Reach


Logistics aggregators make it possible to transport goods across long distances. It not only allows you to grow your business, but it also allows you to build a large number of loyal clients. With a logistics aggregator by your side, you may reach out to thousands of consumers at once.


2. Multiple Courier Options


Many logistics aggregators have a network of at least ten other aggregators at their disposal. A variety of logistics aggregators are available through different platforms. You have the option of selecting the most appropriate aggregator for your company. You have the choice of choosing the most suitable supplier for your pick-ups and deliveries, as well as choosing the most cost-effective alternative.


3. API Integration with Marketplaces and eCommerce Channels


APIs allow you to interface with websites and marketplaces quickly, and they are quite flexible. The APIs assist in retrieving information from your website to save orders to make shipping possible and accessible from the many platforms. This aids in the preservation of your orders and the avoidance of any potential losses from occurring.


4. Hassle-free Ordering and Returning of Products


It is simple for logistics aggregators to obtain and handle all of the orders since they have many service partners. One of the first steps you must take is to identify a qualified business partner to conduct your business operations. Because the platform is completely unified, you may place return orders in the following step without going through a second step. If you are using a single carrier, you should never restrict return orders since the accessibility of pin codes might be very difficult for them to manage.


5. Multiple Payment Options


Often, eCommerce companies don’t have a variety of payment choices to accommodate customers’ needs. However, a logistics aggregator can offer several different payment alternatives to choose from. You have the option of selecting between cash on delivery or prepaid options, depending on the circumstances of your transaction.







With each passing year, logistics aggregators are becoming more and more relevant. Since NimbusPost is a logistics aggregator, it is expanding rapidly and is quickly becoming a necessary component of growth. If you own an eCommerce business, you should consider using it by signing up for free. They will not only assist your company in meeting its delivery deadlines, but they will also assist you in building client loyalty. With ongoing technological advancement, your firm will also need to enable faster deliveries effectively. So, shipping aggregators like NimbusPost can aid in optimizing your logistics operations, leading to the expansion and development of your company.

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