In the age of digitalization, eCommerce businesses have to follow a delivery culture. i.e. on-time delivery to their customers at their doorsteps. As the logistics and shipping industry is progressing immensely, many courier companies are adding advanced features to ease their clients regarding courier delivery. Thus, the package tracking feature is one of the add-ons, it helps you to track your order status and customer’s location.

Know The Order Tracking Feature and Its Working Mechanism

Tracking a courier or parcel involves a tedious process of localizing products or parcels at the time of sorting and delivery. The new and innovative tracking feature helps you to locate your parcel and provides you with information related to delivery status, estimated delivery speed, estimated delivery time, etc.

The package tracking feature enables the business stakeholders to manage their deliveries for eCommerce products by providing them with propelled dynamics of delivery. It enhances delivery schedules, repeat sales, and the generation of higher revenues. In addition, it features route optimization, real-time alerts, and data analytics. The package tracking feature alternatively helps eCommerce businesses to know when the particular orders will reach the customers.




How Package Tracking Will Boost Your Ecommerce Business?

The major benefit of choosing the creative courier tracking system is that you can check your order number. More order tracking features are coming your way. Now, refer to the below characteristics to boost up your ecommerce business:

Route Optimization

A package tracking system helps you to optimize the best routes for your product delivery. It also helps your customers to track the exact location of their ordered product and the delivery person. Thus, it allows customers to estimate when the product will reach their place.

Reminders and Alerts

The tracker enables you to get exact details of your product by sending alerts or reminders about your product delivery.


A delivery tracking feature allows clients and their customers to have full transparency regarding their respective product delivery. It increases the overall logistics process efficiency of ecommerce businesses.

Top Courier Companies That Help You Track Your Order Status:

Ecommerce shipping is mandatory for all who want to ship or parcel their products to their customers! However, choosing the best courier partner that provides you with the tracking system at the lowest costs is a big hassle. No worries! If you are searching for courier companies that use tracking systems, we have got you covered.


Do you want to go for a ecommerce shipping solution that offers comprehensive services on a single platform? NimbusPost is your answer. The logistics partner established its reputation by bringing 17+ local and national courier options on its platform to deliver products on time and safely. The logistics partner is best known for its features like the shipping rate calculator, NDR panel, cloud-calling for COD orders, real-time tracking, etc. With all such features and benefits, it proves to be the most-suited logistics platform for ecommerce sellers.



Blue Dart

Blue Dart is a premium courier partner, acquired by DHL. The company works to serve its clients with a track record of fast delivery and low cost. Blue Dart started its operations first in Chennai, later growing to be the quickest courier service in India. The brand helps you ship your orders via express delivery mode and has a tracking feature to track your orders in real-time. Among its major benefits, one is that the brand will help you out with the best pickup facility and on-time delivery.


Delhivery is one of the most reliable carrier partners that are known for offering the fastest online delivery services. It is getting popular for its diverse logistics offerings. Delivering customers the right product at their doorstep in the minimum timeline is what Delhivery is progressing ahead of. This is one of the greatest courier partners who deliver products, same day, the next day as per your customer’s convenience. The most useful feature again is its order tracking feature.


DHL, the name that is getting appreciation from its clients for being the fastest courier partner in India. However, for domestic shipments, DHL works under the brand Blue dart. Without spending an extra cost, you can ship your products with the express delivery option of DHL. And, the tracking feature is also there to track your products at every stage. DHL offers two special shipping options to its clients, i.e., Express delivery and Pickup facility. 


FedEx is one of the most trustworthy brands known for its hassle-free shipping process. Yes, the courier brand mostly works for eCommerce shipments. The company stands out for its outstanding reputation and assists eCommerce merchants in shipping their parcels at minimum prices. It offers on-time delivery, COD services, and faster delivery of products. Apart from all the features, it helps its clients with tracking features.

It’s Time For Your Ecommerce Brand To Go For A Tracking Feature!

With all the above options, you will not have to wait for long to send your courier delivery to your customer’s on-time at their doorstep. But, if you want to choose the best courier brand, go for NimbusPost, a name that will not disappoint you as you get updates about order numbers by its tracking feature and more benefits. The renowned courier partner has almost delivered shipments in 27,000+ locations across India and is ready to help you out with the on-time delivery of your products.

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