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Nimbus eCom+

Nimbus eCom+ makes cross-border shipping economical and easier than ever. No matter where you sell your products, we will help you reach your customers across the globe at the most competitive rates. Integrate your platform in a single click and start shipping across the border with minimum documentation.

Our tech-enabled shipping platform facilitates 42000+ eCommerce businesses with flawless global trade. Optimize your international courier and distribution operations with us and stand apart from the crowd.

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A 4-Step Route to eCommerce Success

Nimbus eCom+ simplifies international trading for eCommerce entrepreneurs by
eliminating the need to clear customs and handle the complex paperwork.

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Key Features

We bring a set of advanced platform features to create a hassle-free overseas shipping journey for
you. Start your journey with a free sign up and experience flawless shipping in a few clicks.

One-click Integration

Integrate your eCom store with our advanced logistics platform in a few clicks and leverage the automatic order importing facility in real-time to skip the manual order updates.

Advanced NDR Panel

Get full control over RTOs with an advanced NDR panel. Take immediate action on non-delivery reports in real-time and prevent the return of packages.

Unified Tracking

Staying up to date with your shipments is essential for smooth supply chain management. Leverage our unified tracking feature in real-time for a transparent shipping experience.

Why Ship With Nimbus eCom+?

We make international eCommerce journeys convenient and assist eCommerce brands to
do hassle-free business across 36+ countries uninterruptedly.

Quick Onboarding

in just 4 steps to begin cross-border shipping within minutes.

Minimum Documentation

to fast-track your international shipping process.

Competitive Rates

to ensure an economical shipping experience.

Zero Hidden Charges

for maximum transparency.

Insurance Coverage

against lost shipments to ensure package safety.

A Key Account Manager

is assigned to facilitate hassle-free shipping management.

Speedy Delivery

at lightning speed for maximum customer satisfaction.

Automated Instantaneous Updates

about shipments for enhanced business credibility.

24x7 Support

to ensure non-stop order fulfilment.

Duty-free Delivery

for a profitable shipping experience.


Our Presence

Trust us with your products’ shipping across 36+ countries at the most economical rates.












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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I ship internationally?

    Yes! You can go local to global with us. NimbusGlobal offers international shipping across 196+ countries from India.

  • The selected route will decide how long it will take to deliver a parcel. While for Nimbus eCom+ Deferred International Plan, deliveries can take up to 10-14 days, it can take from 7 to 10 days via expedited plan. With Nimbus Priority+, deliveries may take 4 to 9 days depending upon the destination.

  • We calculate the shipping price based on the greater of the two - actual weight or the volumetric weight of the shipments. Volumetric weight depends on the volume (size) of the shipment. It is easily calculated by multiplying a parcel’s length, width, and height (in cm) and dividing that figure by 5000. If the volumetric weight is more, then the shipping charge will be calculated based on that.

  • The cost of shipping a package internationally depends on a few factors, including the destination country. Using the Nimbus eCom+ Deferred and Expedited plan is the best way to find the lowest price.

  • As per the rules and regulations, we require your GST number, PAN, Aadhar, Import/Export Certificate, and AD Code. Apart from that, we may require extra documentation as per the nature of the shipment.

  • Shipments must be customs cleared. Customs clearance processing times differ from country to country. For some countries, duties and taxes may be due apart from VAT. Customs may hold your shipment because they require more information. In this case, they will contact your consignee.

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