Starting an online business or e-commerce seems easy enough. Anyone can sell anything to anyone, you don’t need a college degree to get started.

But after you run the online business, you then realize that it’s not as easy as you imagined. Small mistakes often occur which ultimately have an impact on many sectors including sales. Therefore, we will discuss 10 mistakes in building e-commerce that you should avoid.


Poor web interface display

A bad interface on the website will make potential customers move to another store. As a smart seller, you need to be able to connect with consumers using a complete and powerful user experience. Your business website must also be optimized for devices such as cellphones, tablets and other devices. Also provide clear product images or photos, and navigation that is simple and easy to understand.


Wrong product price

The price of the product is directly proportional to the customer you are after. Before you set the price for a product, you must do research in the form of estimated spending on the target market, estimated expenses for them, their lifestyle costs, and also what products they need and the demand for these products in the market. After you find the answer, then you will know what the right price is for your product.

Most sellers make the mistake of setting the same price as competitors. This makes sense, but what if customers are dissatisfied with competitors’ products and want to pay more for the products you offer?


Reckless logistics

Try to think about what consumers want – quality products at reasonable prices and get to them quickly and safely. Many new businesses don’t prioritize logistics, even though it is a great opportunity for them to be able to get new customers, 7 out of 10 customers consider safe and fast delivery as one of the factors of trust in a business.

If logistics matters are quite difficult for you, try using a logistics aggregator like NimbusPost which allows you to freely choose a logistics partner with a variety of shipping services according to your shipping needs.


Choose the wrong platform

Many online businesses choose the wrong platform to start their business. Many platforms charge a low price upfront but don’t include additional discounts or additional fees that are notified later

You can consider these things before choosing a platform for your business:

  • User convenience
  • Product management system
  • Choice of existing payment systems
  • Cost of ownership
  • safety factor


Improper marketing strategy

Marketing is a core component in a business. No matter how good the product you have, if it is not marketed properly, sooner or later it will fail. In e-commerce, many businesses focus on marketing, but the strategies used are still conventional or too profit-oriented. So, use a marketing strategy that can connect you with consumers and tell them how the product you have can benefit them.




Problems with product pages

AI-generated content, incomplete product descriptions, low-resolution images and videos can lead to a poor user experience for customers and can lead to lower search engine rankings.

Online trading places great importance on visuals because consumers cannot physically feel the goods. Customers will be reluctant to visit the store and make a purchase if you post poor quality photos or videos.


Ignoring content marketing and SEO

Content marketing is a strategy to attract and engage consumers through content (articles, blogs, videos and podcasts). Paid marketing is also possible, but content marketing and SEO are strategies that can attract traffic organically for a long time.

The main difference between paid marketing and content marketing is that paid marketing can bring immediate results, whereas content marketing takes time and is organic, but generates passive traffic.


Not adapting to trends

There is a saying in the digital world that says “A strategy that worked last year may not work this year”. In the world of online business, trends are often uncertain because there are always new trends emerging, and businesses must be able to adapt to changes.


Social commerce and mobile commerce

Social commerce and mobile commerce are two essential parts of e-commerce that must be anticipated by sellers to be able to get potential customers. Mobile commerce is a very valuable asset because many consumers choose to make purchases from their mobile phones. Making your e-commerce have a mobile friendly display can make them more comfortable shopping. You can also provide applications to provide various assistance and recommendations that can increase value to consumers.


Meanwhile, social media platforms play a huge role in our lives today. You have to take advantage of the platform to be able to connect with consumers.


The check-out and payment process took too long

A check-out system that is too complicated can result in consumers discouraging them from buying an item. In this day and age, consumers want something instant, and they don’t like to wait too long. Most e-commerce have four to five ways to make payments, two to three steps is also enough, but if it’s more than that it will seem inconvenient.

Another criticism often received is that customers cannot pay with their payment preferences. This can also discourage customers from buying from you.


Why do so many e-commerce fail?

You can be successful in e-commerce when you know the difference between “owning an e-commerce store” and “owning an e-commerce store that treats customers like kings”. If you fail to understand this, you will have difficulties in your entrepreneurial activities. Maybe you also make the same mistake in terms of customer service, which ultimately makes your business go down.

Online marketplace is a place with very tight competition between one seller and another. Just take a look at your product category, you will find at least two or three competitors serving the same customers. Therefore, consumers have a lot of choices. If they have a bad experience at one store, they may go to another, give a bad review, and not even recommend your store to anyone else. 





Customizing an e-commerce to be the way you want it is not easy. You will face difficulties and many other obstacles along the way, but actually you have one solution to that problem, which is your passion to be able to make better customers. Be a proactive person, analyze the problem and find a solution. You have to remember that you are also dealing with a problem that is quite complicated and not easy.

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