With increasingly fierce competition, providing a good and memorable shopping experience for consumers is the focus for sellers in e-commerce. The customer is the king who must be served as well as possible. One way to provide excellent service to customers is to use the tracking feature on shipments which can make consumers trust you more.


Providing added value such as tracking receipt numbers, delivery notifications, and estimated delivery times will really help sellers. The use of these features as added value can provide benefits such as customer retention and also attract new customers. You must have a delivery partner that has a tracking feature on shipments.


What is shipping tracking?

Shipping tracking is a feature that allows sellers to be able to find out the status of their shipments and also makes it easier for them to communicate with customers. This feature is usually provided by the delivery partner used in the delivery.


The shipping tracking feature usually has a feature that displays the estimated delivery time, tracking the delivery status, and so on. These features play an important role in enhancing the satisfaction of the shopping experience for consumers. Providing information updates about their ordered items is the purpose of the shipping tracking feature.


Why is it important to use the shipping tracking feature?

Having a shipping tracking feature has become a separate requirement for sellers. Here are some of the benefits of using this feature:


Reduce costs

You must already know that serving the various needs and complaints of customers requires a lot of time and costs. You have to pay a fee for customer service or use a chatbot to reply to all messages from customers.


With the shipping tracking feature, customers can immediately see and get updates and information about their orders. Information regarding shipments will be conveyed to customers automatically during the delivery process. This will certainly make it easier for you and your customers, and can reduce costs while improving the shopping experience for consumers.


Meet the needs and expectations of consumers

Shoppers are used to visibility on their orders. Ordering online requires a delivery tracking system, therefore the use of this system has become a separate obligation for sellers, especially if they don’t want to lose out to competitors and large retail stores.


If a business is unable to answer consumer needs and expectations, customers may turn to competitors or others. By providing a shipping tracking service, you can continue to provide consumers with up-to-date information regarding the delivery of their ordered goods. You are also able to meet their expectations, customers will certainly be satisfied and will not hesitate to make purchases again, they can even promote your business to their friends.


Provides control over order fulfillment

Apart from serving customers in terms of buying and selling, you also have to ensure that the goods that have been purchased by customers arrive properly. Therefore, it is very important for you to use a shipping partner that has a shipping tracking feature so you can have control over your order fulfillment. This can prevent many complaints from customers.




Delivery partner recommendation with shipping tracking feature

Today, tracking shipments seems to have become the backbone of online stores and e-commerce. Here we provide recommendations for shipping partners with shipping tracking features for you.



As one of the largest delivery services in Indonesia, JNE has a fairly well integrated delivery system and service. To track your shipment with JNE, you only need to enter the special site they provide, then you just need to enter your delivery receipt number and you can get updates about your shipment.



Just like JNE, SiCepat also has a special site that has been provided to track your shipment. You can track more than one shipment by entering the receipt number of your shipment. The appearance of the delivery tracking site on SiCepat is also more attractive and has a more pleasing user interface.



AnterAja is a shipping service that has just started operating in 2019. Even though it is relatively new, AnterAja is able to provide good service to its users. AnterAja also has a special site to track shipments. You can enter the delivery receipt number or booking code to be able to track your shipment, the tracking site also allows you to be able to track up to 10 different shipments.



Ninja Xpress also has a site made for tracking shipments, but Ninja Xpress also has a special page for international tracking. In addition, Ninja Xpress also has a mobile-based application that can also be used to track shipments.



As a logistics and delivery aggregator, NimbusPost also has a page for shipment tracking features. Sellers can get updates regarding their shipments via SMS, WhatsApp, or email. NimbusPost can also provide updates from many courier partners, so you can track many shipments at once in one system.


What’s the best courier service for you?

Many courier services provide shipment tracking features. NimbusPost is the best service you can use, you can track shipments from more than 20 delivery service partners automatically. NimbusPost is the best choice for your shipping partner, visit the NimbusPost website for more information.