Have you ever sent an item but it turned out that the item could not be delivered to the buyer’s address? The entire delivery fleet carries out loading and unloading routinely, if it turns out that your package has the status “Not Delivered”, then this article is perfect for you to read. Come on, let’s see together about undeliverable shipments!

What is an undelivered post?

All packages that do not arrive at the delivery address due to reasons such as unclear addresses, failures and problems in the delivery process, damage during delivery, and so on, will be considered as failed shipments.

How can you find out if your package is not delivered?

Currently, almost all goods delivery services have a system to track orders. If you want to check the status or track the whereabouts of your package, you can track your package using the existing receipt number.

If your package has not been sent, the status that will appear on your package will also state that your package has not been sent. There may be different terms used between delivery services in conveying this, sometimes the information that appears is “unregistered package” or “unregistered cargo”.

It is very likely that if your package is not registered, then the package will never reach the buyer’s address.



Why can’t your package be delivered?

There was damage to the item

A delivery failure has occurred

Customs and excise issues

Damage or errors on cargo labels


There is also a possibility that your package may not be delivered because the recipient is not there or refuses the package that has been sent. There are many explanations regarding your undelivered package, some of which are as follows:

There was damage to the item

In the process of shipping goods, the process of loading and unloading occurs at several points of sorting goods. There, various items are sorted and reorganized. Due to several external factors such as weather conditions which can damage the existing packaging and then also damage the existing goods. The delivery partner may repackage the cargo which is damaged in the packing. However, if the goods are damaged, there is no point in repacking the goods.

Incorrect delivery address

Sometimes, the address provided by the customer is not always correct or accurate. If the courier partner cannot find the address listed, the package will be sent back to the sender. In some cases, if the buyer cannot be contacted or access to the location is too difficult, the package will not be able to be delivered. Sometimes, packages are sent to a different address than the address listed on the label.

The package was damaged during the delivery process

Often, some packages are damaged during the shipping process. Damage to the package can occur due to several factors, for example the package is hit, exposed to liquid, or crushed by other packages.

Damage to labels

Damage to the label can occur due to carelessness in the process of sending the package which causes it to be damaged or unreadable, so that the package cannot be scanned and processed further. 

The consignee rejects the package

Usually, the buyer or recipient of the package will get information about their package. However, sometimes the recipient does not receive or receive information about the upcoming package, the recipient may reject the package for several reasons, such as the wrong delivery address or the wrong delivery address.


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Conclusions and solutions

There are several factors that make your package delivery take longer than the estimated delivery time. It could be due to weather factors, time and date of delivery, and many others. Having detailed, measurable and good delivery plans is one of the keys to success in an online-based business.

One way to ensure that your delivery package arrives safely and safely to the buyer is to choose a trusted logistics partner to take care of your shipping needs.

You can also use logistics aggregator services like NimbusPost. NimbusPost allows you to choose from more than 20 shipping service options to suit your needs.