Due to the problems that Covid-19 caused after 2020, more people started shopping online. And, the trend is only catching pace in 2022. While the online store owners saw a rise in the business, it was equally challenging to keep up with the surging market demands. For offline businesses, 2021 was a strange year. However, online businesses became the saviour for many offline businesses too. We can say that eCommerce will continue to grow and may become a norm as the year goes on. It is mainly because people enjoy the ease that online shopping offers. Let’s talk about the importance of eCommerce packaging practices that create a good customer experience.


Introduction to eCommerce Packaging


When people talk about eCommerce packaging, they refer to the boxes you use to ship the products to your buyers. While ease of shopping is a good enough reason for online shoppers, they also want a good unpacking experience.

Many eCommerce brands are now fully customizing their packaging boxes to set themselves apart from the competition. This strategy of customized packaging shows how creative and unique the brands are.

There are many different factors to think about when looking at what eCommerce packaging is. The most important factor is to think about how well the packaging will protect the product. In the end, isn’t that what all types of packaging are for?

The best way to pack the products is with strong materials, which can be sourced from nearby packaging supply stores. Also, eCommerce packaging is made for the product and the route it will take. Don’t worry, everything you need to know is written down below.

How Important is eCommerce Packaging?

When you sell products online, partnering with the right packaging companies can help your business stand out. Making the wrong choice can lead to various problems, from broken products to weaker brand connections and less customer loyalty.

Hassle-free packaging has become a go-to practice for many online sellers, making packaging that doesn’t waste much material. In addition, it is easy to open and gives ample protection during transit without making costs go up.

It seems like a lot to fit into one unique packaging. However, you may want to work with eCommerce packaging experts during the product packaging design process.

Working with an expert in eCommerce packaging can help get advice on the right materials to use. The following are some factors that demonstrate the importance of packaging:

1. Protection

The most important reason to have eCommerce packaging is that it protects your product, which is the foremost goal. As a result, your business won’t have to worry about distribution and shipping. You will also have numerous happy customers whose products arrive ready to use and undamaged.

Furthermore, products that are well-protected add value to the business brand. Hence, there is zero risk of exchanges or refunds. It makes a strong impression that is good for your brand overall.

2. Marketing

If you make the right investments, various types of packaging can give you a good return from a marketing POV (point of view). You can give customers a memorable unboxing experience that they can always remember with the right design. It is important to build customer trust in your brand.

Proper product packaging will set you apart from the competition and help customers tell your products apart. It gets your customers ready and excited for the product delivery.

In the end, all of these factors will help you build a long-lasting relationship with your customers.

Steps of eCommerce Packaging

Packaging is now as essential as the product itself when making a first impression. If you are planning and researching, you can find ways and packaging supply stores for your packaging to match your brand’s image and products. In addition, custom eCommerce packaging can help you build a strong brand identity that will make your customers happy.

If you’ve already started thinking about how to pack your products packaging companies and shipping partners like NimbusPost can help you figure out which options will be suitable for your product!

Moreover, you can make standard-sized packaging look fancier, using the following materials:

  • Ribbons
  • Labels
  • Sleeves

Before you do anything else, you need to understand your main goal for the packaging. However, a fully custom eCommerce packaging that is printed only for your brand helps your business stand out and connect with your customers better.




Tips for Efficient eCommerce Packaging Practices


  • Set yourself up for a successful eCommerce packaging design based on your budget. As a result, the product packaging cost won’t go over your budget and cut into your profits.
  • Adding value to a product by protecting, enhancing, and promoting it can help make your brand more visible, leading to more sales.
  • Think about how many products you think you’ll sell in a certain time. The product’s profit value plays an important role. Analyzing these two factors will give you a good idea of your eCommerce packaging, shipping, and design options. As a result, you can make an informed and well-rounded decision about the types of packaging
  • Who is the target market, and how are your competitors’ products packaged? It is a big part of what makes your brand or product stand out. These aspects can help you figure out what kind of packaging you require for your first run and how much you need.
  • Custom eCommerce packaging can make a lasting impression on the customers and make them think that your products are of higher value and quality. Once that’s done, you can start thinking about how you’ll put the product in the box, which will affect how it’s built.


The Best Packaging Materials for eCommerce


Poly mailers and corrugated boxes are the most common packaging used in eCommerce. Corrugated packaging is structured from recycled materials. It comes in many shapes, thicknesses, and sizes to be used for various products. In addition, your branding designs and artwork will help you decide which material stock to use. You can check out the following choices:

  • Natural White (Offset and Digital): For printing in large areas and colours.
  • Digital Bleached White: Colors come out a little brighter to look like offset printing.
  • Kraft (Offset and Digital): It has a rustic and natural look that goes well with black printing. Also, it doesn’t need to be coated.

1. Options for Material Thickness


Packaging companies can usually tell you how thick the paper should be based on the product weight and the box size. You should select a material with the right thickness for your products to make your customers happy.


2. Discussing Packaging Styles


Now that you know more about the thicknesses and materials you can use, you can begin looking for the best structure to hold your product.

Think about how much safety you need and how much your item weighs. Items that are bigger and heavier usually need more protection to make it through handling and shipping. Here are some of the ways to ship items bought through online stores:


1. Corrugated Boxes with Roll-end Tab Locks


Corrugated boxes with roll-end tab locks are made of corrugated paper. They have a good seal and are easy to open. These boxes can be printed on and finished in many different ways.


2. Corrugated Box with Standard Slots


Most shipping boxes are made of corrugated cardboard with slots. It is perfect for heavy and large items that need extra care and support when they are shipped.

When you put a corrugated box with standard slots together, you must tape it manually. It is easy to do and doesn’t take much time.


3. Poly Mailers


The shipping poly mailer is a flexible packaging made from polyethylene LDPE or paper. It is also the same thing as a padded envelope. The poly mailer is a popular choice for online businesses that ship low to medium-sized and weight products. It is because poly mailers are light and can be used for many different products.

Poly mailers aren’t great for sending heavy items because they might not sufficiently support and protect them. Nonetheless, they are cost-effective, waterproof, and hard to tear. These also come with a self-sticking strip that makes it easy to close them.

Poly mailers can be bought with a flat-packed bag or padded interior, doing the packing and putting them together easily.



The Bottom Line


Don’t let the process stress you out; instead, look at it as a chance to connect with your audience. When you know what your market wants, you can package your products in a way that will help you sell them and bring in new customers.

Once you’re finalized the packaging material for your products, start shipping with NimbusPost, India’s leading logistics partner to deliver the orders fastest to your customers.


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